Gnuern Rissaya (PauJinJong/HM)


sarNie Fansubber
omg! they look cute together..they are having a lakorn together?? cant wait!! thx for sharing


sarNie Elites
oh wow, no way, por and poo? cool. never imagined them together but they look cute in the pic! hehe can't wait to watch this.

and yes, por looks extra yummy in that pic. :p


sarNie Coma
never imagine them..shes way too young..she doesnt really get with young praek do she


Save World Save Life
omg poo going to have a lakorn with p-por cool :D i been waiting to see poo's new lakorn coming out soon!!! love poo fav. teen actress all time :wub:


sarNie Adult
Wow..never imagined this couple..but they do look good together...what a match we never thought of...they suit each other...Por's handsome....and Poo is beautiful in that Chinese outfit with her hair up...


dude and I thought she was flying to the US soon...but yeah another lakorn of Phor and I'm liking Poo so yeah...


sarNie Adult
i knew it that they will have to pair por and poo up one day. :mellow:
but why yui never have to play with por. man.....been waiting all my life :angry:


sarNie Egg
i think he is way toooooooooo old for her. not a fan of her, but i think he too old. i hates it when n'ek is toooo young or p'ek is younger than n'ek. just make me dont want to watch the lakorn.