[GMM25] Wednesday Club (GMMTV / Keng Kwang Gang): Various actors


sarNie Oldmaid
No organiser announced, but this has Snap25 Production feels ("P.S. I Hate You" and their other upcoming series "The Jungle")


Ohm Pawat
Nani Hirunkit
Joong Archen
Kay Lertsittichai
Phuwin Tangsakyuen
Jane Ramida
Piploy Kanyarat



sarNie Oldmaid
^ 3 guys here have acted on BL series (Ohm, Joong and Phuwin), but I don't see any BL angle here. Strangely, they're tagging this as such over at MDL.


sarNie Oldmaid
Mr. Koo promoted this in his IG (alongside his 2 other works "Loneliness Society" and "Faceless Love"), but he's not directing this one. It'll be K Chainarong (who's been directing some recent Club Friday stories).


sarNie Adult
Oh god, that guy. Time to lower my expectations. He's more suited towards directing porn. :BangHead: