[Gmm25] The Writer Project : Lhong Fai : Baifern Pimchanok / Linn Mashannoad / March Chutavut


sarNie Egg
Mai also went freelance around the same time as Baifern so that's why Mai gets to work with Mario again. But Mario solely belongs to CH3, so the only way for Mario to work with Baifern again is if CH3 reaches out to her (but not signed with them of course, since I believe her presence as a CH3 actress will be very limited compared to the freedom she has now), or they can work in another movie (CH3 doesn't own Mario when it comes to movie choices). Aren't they supposed to be doing Crazy Little Thing sequel?
Yes ! I still waiting for part 2 of first love movie . Really want to see both of them work together again