[GMM25] The Three Gentlebros (GMMTV): Mam Kathaleeya / Luke Plowden / Tay Tawan / Gun Atthaphan / Mook Worranit / Punpun Sutatta


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I can't get into Mook. I seen 3 of her lakorn and did like it. Ugly duckling, kiss me and at 1st hate. Her acting is the same...they are all the same person in 3 different series

But I feel she's a bland actress with not much improvement.

Love her singing....but find she has a whiney...squeaky voice
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`my dragon's blood is blue`
Ooo Luke and Mook reuniting! I'll watch for them. I think they had pretty decent chemistry. I loved their bts even more.


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Off topic but in that interview, this stood out-Mai has that much power to just call up a producer and ask them to pair her up with someone? I guess Bright can be happy Mai wanted to star with him...

On topic, this seems like a parody of the evil mom-in-law trope. Or at least I hope it's a parody/comedic take.


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Bimbeam's part was indeed cut when the trailer was shown during One31/GMM25 event launch for 2nd half of 2022 earlier today.