[GMM25] Rai Sanaeha: Nike Nitidon/Pat Chayanit/Pok Piyatida/Pin Kejmanee/Natthew/YingYing Sarucha

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    lol Pok & Nike again. I really like Pat and Apple though.
  3. 72701

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    What's the beef between Pok and little sister? I know her guy left her for her sister, but there's a flashback that Pok didn't like her little sister from when they were kids. Is it because everyone treated little sister better, because she's pretty?
  4. thunder143

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    can someone please tell me the story all about?? it looks like because her man was stolen from her and other tragedies(?) she turned into a crazy vengeful woman??

    from the IG account of apple, i saw her with tay at the party and she accidentally shot him?? what's the reason behind of that??
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    @thunder143 The guy Pok loves, marries her little sister. From the disappointment and heartbreak, she's been crazy ever since. Now enters this young guy at work who tricks her into giving him money and buying him things, claiming he loves her and all that. When he finds a new sugar momma who's able to give him more money, he leaves Pok. That makes her even more crazy. For some reason, she's blaming all her unhappiness on Pok's mom.

    Pat is her niece and wants to make ammends for her mom's bad relationship with Pok. Nike is the family friend's kid and looks a lot like Pok's love. Pok wants Nike and wants to destroy Pat and her family.

    Pat and Tay's family wanted their kids to get together. Pat has no interest in him. Tay wants to get with Pat, but Apple is pregnant with his kid. Apple goes to his mom's birthday party with the gun, wanting to shoot Pat, but she ends up shooting Tay instead. Apple was already developing mental illness, so that incident made it even worse. She's kinda like Pok in that way. I don't feel bad for Tay. He left his baby momma for a woman he just met and lied to her instead of just breaking things off.

    Pok probably grew up with severe self-esteem issues , possibly because of growing up alongside a beautiful younger sister. Her parents and the people in their lives may have treated them differently as well.

    So now we see whether Pat is able to save her aunt, Pok. And how much damage Pok is gonna inflict on her family before the end.
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  6. thunder143

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    thanks....!!! :) btw, who is apple's family here??? and recently in the updated ig i found that apple is in some kind of a mental institute?? she is in a place with some kind of medical patient's outfit sitting on a bench... then that crazy woman, pok, talked to her about some things and a guy(probably nike, not really familiar with that) also visited her and she hugged him??? what's their relationship...??
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    @thunder143 Apple's only family is the girl that you often see with her. Her sister hopes that once Apple has the baby, she will come to her senses. Pok says she'll get revenge for them both. She really doesn't care about anyone but herself. She hugs Nike thinking he is the little brother (Apple's dead lover), and Nike just lets her believe that.

    I think Apple is just guest starring here. You won't really see much of her anymore.
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  8. thunder143

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    did she lose the baby after that shooting incident??
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    @thunder143 No. She didn't lose the baby.

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  10. thunder143

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    her sister?? who among them is her sister...??
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    Everyone sort of overreacts in here, so it's hard to actually watch.
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    @Liddysopretty Agree. Storyline is kinda petty for me. I can't feel sympathy for the main lead (Pok) and the niece is too nice. Pity because I really like the cast.

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