[GMM25] Raeng Tian : Ploy Cherman/New Wongsakorn/Yardthip Rajpal/Khun Chanon/Gina the Face


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Confirmed by both Yardthip and Ploy.


Yard is Ratikorn who is New's younger sister. She's a spoiled brat. She falls in love with Khun Chanon's character who is currently with Ploy. So she does everything she can to take Khun from Ploy.


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For some reason this is making me think of that one lakorn with Ploy and Jui, but I could be wrong because I did not actually watch it lol


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ONE and GMM has become appealing to veterans because they produce lakorns that deals with all age range and not just one. It allows veterans like Ploy and etc to still get main roles. Whereas at channel 3 or 7 they'd be playing support by now. Well maybe not Ploy, but in general lol.
I feel like Anne should start acting with these channels.


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I feel like Anne should start acting with these channels.
Anne is busy producing lakorns and she has a couple variety/talk shows she's in charge of. I feel like she's pretty much retired from acting. At least for now.

I really liked Khun before but not so much now. He's handsome but he doesn't seem manly at times. - So Ploy and New are leads here?


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Omg, Yard and Ploy reunion?? I loved them in their lakorn with Paul!!! Omg only if Paul was in here. Seems like the roles switched up where Yard is the baddie now! New is okay to me, I'm looking forward to new pairings at a new channel. Exciting!~


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So yard is no longer with ch3? Yea it is weird seeing ch7 and ch3 stars in the same lakorn now. But yea all the veterans are going freelance and working for other channels now. Ch3/ch7 focus mainly on their newbies and younger generation


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The old version used to be on youtube. I watched it maybe a year or so ago? I was going to post on here but now I can't find it, maybe taken down. N'ek was Ying Yor in the old version of Sai Ruk Sai Sawat. I think the actress name is Oui Sutitha.

N'ek's name is Tian-See. She is dumped by her gold-digging boyfriend because she's middle-class and n'rai is rich. She get emotional whole driving and gets into a car accident w/p'ek who is n'rai's brother. He's aware of who she is from the beginning but she doesn't find out how he's connected to her ex till much later. N'ek has to go through rehab to walk again and p'ek is always there to help her w/some tough love. She's turned into a bitter, I hate men type person and p'ek is happy go lucky, always pushing her buttons and flirting with her. They have the typical bickering then fall in love relationship. The truth comes out, her ex won't stop bothering her, p'eks sister gets crazy and tries to harm n'ek etc. That's pretty much it plot wise.