[GMM25] Club Friday The Series 7 : Hayt Gert Jak Kwarm Ruk


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This is the second time Oil has played a cheater in Club Friday. At least the first time around, he got what he deserved. I sympathized with Vill's character up until she blamed herself for what happened. I don't think it was her fault. She just got unlucky that she fell for some selfish dude who rationalized that if she hadn't been so controlling, he wouldn't have done what he did. No decent human being would have done what he did.


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Here's the Chinese-subbed EP4 of Home, the last episode of Home. Thanks one more time for the subber teams.

I feel so sorry for Cha, since this is supposed to be based on a true story. That means very likely this egregious fraud did take place for real! But I like Vill's acting (not much overacting) and her cute natural look here. Pimdao is also a gorgeous lady. And I like the actress who plays as Cha's mom. Her voice is tender and soft. Even though I don't know Thai, I like the way she delivers her lines in a soothing tone, very enjoyable to the ears.

Being asked to sign a contract (?), Wee blows up. Cha immediately goes to her mom and is told that Mr. Songgro witnessed Wee hugged a female flight attendant and that everything her mom does is to protect her. Like many others, however, Cha's first response is denial: "We have almost finished decorating the house and are about to get married. Don't tear us apart." In the new house she buys and designs, Cha tries to reassure herself with the dreamy happy life she's going to spend there with Wee in the future. Back to Wee's apartment that night, Cha can't find him. The next morning, Wee's still no-show in the office. Cha goes checking the status by visiting the wedding company herself. The invitation cards, wedding dresses, and hotel booking . . . all on schedule for the wedding ceremony in one week.

Kwan goes to the new house, sitting on the bed as if she owns the house and saying to Cha, "I told you that I like your design, and so here to see how it turns out in real life." Cha stares at her in shock and replies that this is not a model house but rather a private area where she's not allowed in. Cha's mom now gets even more resentful against Wee, who disappears right after he is asked to execute the contract. But Cha believes Wee will be back and says, "We've worked so hard for so long to make our home. I'm tired, too. I'll get married, no matter what happens." When Cha goes to take the invitation cards and wedding dresses, she's told someone else has come earlier and fetched them all, except the bridal portrait that won't be ready until the next day. As usual, she goes back to Wee's apartment. But this time, her key card doesn't work. The security guard tells her that Wee moved out already. Bit by bit, she gleans many of the factual clues and links them with all the warnings she's been refused to take.

So, Wee is to marry, not Cha, but Kwan in stead. Kwan at first is upset and can't understand why Wee has to be so mean and outrageous a liar. He justifies his wrong deed by saying that he's invested his all money in the house and can only own the house by doing so. "Will you marry me if I lose the job and the house?" Eventually, he meets Cha and shamelessly puts all the blames on Cha, "Getting married, buying the house, and changing jobs. You made all the decisions and forced me to do all the things. And this is my reply. No, I won't marry you." "Sorry, P'Wee," Cha cries and seems unable to say anything else in the end.
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Super overdue but better late than never. :D Here's the translation of Toomtam and Mo's interview at EFM ON TV. (cr to @Bieluvr)


Male host:
What did you see in Toomtam and Mo? (as in Why did you choose them?)

Ace: Like I said before, I wanted to work with seven actresses that I haven’t worked with before, hence Mo qualifies. After we casted Mo we thought of Toomtam because they have great chemistry together and they both had not worked with us before. It’ll be the first time their fans get to see them with Club Friday the series. Also I think that the characters are similar to them considering age and it will provide a different image from their roles before for their fans to see.

Male host: After seeing the trailer, I thought that it was a great pair with a lot of chemistry. It makes us believe in the character.

P'Chod: A while ago, before coming here, I was watching it coincidentally…It was so cute. These two are adorable, if their fans watch it, I guarantee that they’ll smile.


Female host: So if you are close friends and have to act all cutesy with each other, don’t you get shy?

Toomtam: I used to secretly like her.

Female host: Seriously?

Toomtam: Just Kidding

(I couldn’t hear what they were saying because they were all talking)

Male host: Is it hard?

Toomtam: Honestly, we’ve worked together as pra nang ever since my Music Video, until now, I feel that it isn’t hard to love this woman. Because personally I have gotten to know this woman, Mo, as very close friends and have seen her true self. I can feel that her true self is cute, very cute. I mean for five years that I’ve known her, I may not have gotten to know her well enough, but at this moment, Mo is adorable, the kind of person that if I love her then I can love her.

Hosts: So adorable, it feels like we’re interviewing a couple during a wedding.


Female host: While watching the trailer, we don’t need to talk about these two because their chemistry is over the top and looks like they love each other a lot, never thought that there would be someone who could break this up until the character Na. It fits to come in between these two for sure.
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