[GMM25] 2gether The Series (GMMTV): Bright Vachirawit / Win Metawin


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Dont know why I'm so excited for this one, more so than DBK. I guess I'm a sucker for the storyline and Bright lol.


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This airs on GMM25 starting February 21st, 2200H. Trailer will be released tomorrow.

I wonder what will happen to the Sunday 2010H timeslot once "One Night Steal" finishes airing this Sunday. Will "Turn Left Turn Right" air earlier, or will there be a GMMTV break for now on that timeslot (as it's been theirs almost the entire time starting 2015)? Or will there be another GMMTV series airing soon - my bet would be "WHO ARE YOU?"
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This is GMMTV's first weeknight series in GMM25 (excluding re-runs). For the longest time, they've traditionally held the Sunday 2000H timeslot. But they started airing on Saturday nights last year ("Our Skyy" which premiered on LINE TV was the first, followed by "Theory of Love"). They even had a Saturday/Sunday night drama with "The Sand Princess", which I think was treated more like a GMM25 lakorn.

Over at One31, they often had the Saturday or Sunday night timeslot. But from September 2018 to December 2019, they held the Friday night timeslot. GMMTV had 2 dramas that aired on a Monday night - "Fabulous 30 The Series" and "Teenage Mom the Series" (which was also a LINE TV exclusive before it aired in One31).