[GMM] Devil Lover "Ploer Jai Hai Nai Pbeesard" (Pitchaya Entertainment)


sarNie Hatchling
produced by Golf Pitchaya. Press conference will be Aprl 10 th, 2015. It will be Sciene-Fi romsntic drama genre
news credit komchadluek


Staff member
He seems very excited about producing it :)  Congrats to him!  I actually really love his creativity so I wonder what he'll give us hehe.
I'm just super curious as to who he'll be casting though.. :)  Thanks for the news.


I have forgotten all about this one until I saw the teaser. I like it according to the teaser. Can't wait to watch it. :)


sarNie Juvenile
i think its interesting but i cant wait for it the story similar to American movie 


sarNie Rebel
I'm going to be honest, I thought Golf was his brother Mike. From the trailer I thought Mike (not knowing whose name was whose) was in here. To me they look so much alike yet they don't at the same time??? I'm going to give this a try.


sarNie Granny
He looks so flower boy! I think they go over board w/ his make up. The storyline seen interesting , it look like they in Japan