[GMM 25] My Dear Loser Series :


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Edged of 17?? Haha, the title reminds me of the American movie starring Hailee Steinfield and Woody Harrelson.


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Official trailer for Edge of 17 is out, and it's so cute! :)

Edge of 17 will start on 9 July (every Sunday) at 8.30pm on channel GMM25.


Nanon Korapat as Oh
Jane Ramida as Peach
Plustor Pronpiphat as Copper
Pluem Purin as In
Chimon Wachirawit as San
Puimek Napasorn as Ainam

Seems like Plustor plays a school star who's a bully and there might be a BL relationship between Pluem and Chimon's characters.
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Official poster for Edge of 17:


@dancy, Are we going to use this thread for all 3 parts? Because I've put most of the info for Edge of 17 here already lol.


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lol Nanon is so in character. Actually, from following his IG, the guy is just a goofball. :p