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Hey everyone,
I will be going home in a month and I need to get rid of all my Sornram mags such as his lakorn mags... There are other mags beside Sornram but I need to get rid of them. I am not sure of the condition so I am giving them out for FREE... I guess I would have to charge shipping or something but everything I post up will be FREE OF CHARGE because they are after all pretty old. If you guys only want like maybe a couple mags I ship them free but if 3 or more then I guess I might have to charge so the shipping manager wont go A-wall on me.
If I can bring back some movies, I will post them up too... They will all be in tape because I bought them years and years ago and watech them only ONCE. My brother needs the closet for his stuff so let me know if anyone is interested.


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If you're giving the person away, I'll take him home .. will pay for shipping/handling as well j/k

it would be nice to have some photos of it so we know what kind of mag it is (for those that might have a copy of it already)
Cecilia, ur too funnie... I wish I could give the person away... Lol...
I don't have pictures yet for wat I have, I just need to know whose interested so wen I go home in march I bring them back...
hey everyone... i brought back my whole stash of old lakorn mags and others... interested, let me know... it all free though i appreciate paid postage. take as many as u like... getting rid of movies too... not sure which ones tho... first come first serve.. post up pics soon...


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free! count me in, anything for free i'll take, lol. i want sornram with tik kanyarat, do you have that one?
Sorry buddies, I have been super busy with school and work I have exhausted myself to death... just kidding... anyways I was able to take a couple of pics of what mags I have so far. Its first come first serve... Just let me know which numbers you are interested in...

PangMoua - I have only one mag with Noom and Tik K -- Pukong Yod Rak the lakorn mag

Lakorn Mags Uploaded: June 23rd, 2011


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i like these two plz:


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Hey everybody, I'm interested in locating a very old lakorn/movie? I believe it was created in the late 1990's? The story line involved this couple, the girl's a florist, she lives w/ her mother & brother, her lover works in the corporate world, his mother disapproves of his "potential wife". Later his mother persuades his gf to marry their business rival, who had medical issues and later dies @ the hands of the leading couple... something like that?

Anyone w/ knowledge about this film, I'd appreciate the information, thank you :D


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It might be this... ?

Would someone please translate the plot? Thnx