Gijee & Kiki's Wedding?


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I'm not sure.. but did Gijee really get married to her older boyfriend Kiki?  If so, congrats to her.. but wow she's really young though.

credit songkarntae's IG


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whuuut??  :eyetwitch:
Gijee is still soo young. Correct me if i'm wrong but she's 18 (Yes, legal age but..  :nono1: ), right? 
OK! Love, Love, Love~~ 
Congratz to both of them anyways (If it's true)  :whistle:


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I saw their IG pics.. yes they're married..
but yes she's really young though..
once again, I wish them the best :)
I'm curious if she'll still be acting... even though she didn't really get much work anyway.. :(


Seriously?! I don't remember where I saw their wedding photo last week, but I was shocked. Congratulations to them both. Gijee's wedding dress looks.. suitable for her age? :shrug:

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Holy crap, she got preggers a little over a year ago. She looks and sounds still like a kid.