Getting to know Stefan


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Getting to know Stefan

How do you feel about working with Kob Suvanant?
"It's good, after working with her for a while we became close and it was fun, Kob's very playful."

In the lakorn, you'tr very mean, are you like that in real life?
"No, in real life I'm a nice person, very friendly and I don't hold grudges with people."

If you were Pimshanok, would you love the Pa-ek?
" I would because the Pa-ek is a good person, he's very sensitive and sometimes he's a bit lost, that's why this lakorn is called Long Ngao Jun."

"In the beginning, all the Pa-ek had was two friends and he wasn't very happy. The Na-ek had a sister who's always bullying her, all she had to love was her father who never had any time for her. In my opinion i think its possible for these two people to fall in love because the other will fill in all the empty space that they're lacking in life."

In real life have you ever been that angry?
"No, I'm never really angry with anyone and no one ever really made me angry."

How do you feel about being a new hot rising Pa-ek?
"I'm hot? Really?! Is it because of the lakorn? Because if it is I'd very happy because it's good to get good feedbacks foe your hard work."

What's the meaning of Pa-ek in your opinion?
" A Pa-ek? Well from watching a lakorn, whether the Pa-ek always has a reason for his actions whether he's going to rob a bank, kill someone or whaatever, he's always has a reason. There's never a case when you see a bad Pa-ek who goes out and does bad things for no particular reason."

What do you like yo do when you're free from work?
"I like playing soccer, video games or if I have a lot of free time I like going to the beach in Samui or Petchburi."

If the world was going to blow up in seven days, what would you do?
" I don't know, maybe go rob a bank? (laughs). I'm only kidding, that would be foolish of me! Honestly I would probably spend my last days on earth doing the things I really want to do, eat what I want to eat, etc..."

"I would probably want to love my life like normal and I suppose other people would go crazy, but not me. I want to leave a possibilty in my mind that the world might not blow up in seven days."

So What's your heart status right now?
"The same, honestly it's good. Nothing to worry about, we're close to eachother."

Is she (Mamfon) the one for you? :wub:
" I don't know, but I'm not seriuos about this kind of thing, I'm just an average person."

What's your type of a girl?
"Anyone who's a good person."

People say Italian guys are the biggest player, are you?
"No! Honestly, I'm not."

Who do you think is the sexiest girl in your opinion?
"Angelina Jolie, her mouth is really sexy."

Between a player and a nagger who would you pick?
"I'd pick the nag, what am I going to do with a player? I prefer listening to my girlfriend nagging all day long than to put up with her playing on me."

How do you feel about men's nude fashion shoot?
"Nothing, but if you ask me if i want to do one, I would say no, and it's not that I think it's a bad thing. I'm sure everyone who'se done one had a reason and if they like taking that kind of fadhion then I'd day go for it, if you have the confidence."

"And in nude fashion shoot, it's never completely nude, there's always something there to cover up."

You have a firm body, would you do a swimsuit fashion shoot?
"No, I'm too shy and even though I'm a half cast, but my heart is still very much Thai, so no way."

What do you want for the future in the entertainment industry?
"To be better at acting in lakorns and right now I think I'm okay to the point but I want it to be better."

Credit to Interlove ~ SPICY MAGAZINE [MARCH 06]


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Ooo la la!! Who's mamfon?? I meant, is she an actress? hehhehe i want to see his couple pic w/ her if any.


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OMG thanks so much for the article. I am totally loving STEFAN right now. He's so cute! :w000t:


sarNie Hatchling
So Stefan is half Italian? I know it's a silly question. I know he's mixed but no idea about the ethnicity.