oh i didn't see the khmer title in here...i must of skip it.
"Debt house of entangle love" ??

ahahh hard to translate... it's a phrase sort of.

bomnol (debt) patih (house) champek(I'm assuming trap or entangle or it could be another way of saying you owe someone something) saneh(love)


sarNie Hatchling
mango said:
I believe the Khmer title says something bout argh this is hard lol something bout owe-ing love because of debt of the house hope its helpin lol :loool:

Bomnol Ptair Tcham pairq Sneay"

love entangled in debted house

or literal translation is:

debted house owes love

chan pairq means: owe, entangle or to catch in a trap
but when it is put in this phrase, it seems like love began in the debted house.