sarNie Adult
Ah yai yai...I might have to check this out gals! Sounds very interesting. My mother has a bunch of Cambo movies, she would always be interested in this.


Sarnie Royalty
:huh: Is everyone excitement about korean series get dubb in Khmer?
Does this mean up until now korean series was never dubb in Khmer?


sarNie Hatchling
sunisa said:
I think that is so cool.If I could go to Cambodia,I would go right now!Do u think that they might have it on VCD or DVD in several years? <_< :rolleyes:
If the movie is popular they will have it, like for example have you ever seen thai lakorn Koo kum, some store they still have it. For Full house I'm sure they will save in vcd for a long time he hehe :) :) :)


BlueMoon said:
oh that's nice if they dubbed it themselves because it would be "Lost in Translation" .. u know what I mean dubbed in Thai and redubbed in Khmer...I rather they just dubb it straight from korean language.

I might try to get it for u guys....not promising anything here :) but I might try

5 star might have it blue moon. You should go ask her. They take direct translation from cambodia too... I wonder how it'll sound in khmer.... Hmmm...

It would be interesting.


sarNie Adult
In my opinion, just watch it with sub title its better... I just don't like how khmer people in cambodia translate their movies.


thanks Kkrystal but I'm gonna ask my uncle

Russe I understand watching anything in their original language is always better.


sarNie Hatchling
im watchin this series in korean.. its bettter to watch it in korean


Lakornaddict ;)
sarN2 said:
i can't read khmer/english soo wat does the tittle in khmer say mean ? i know it to long to be Full HOuse haaha

BlueMoon said:
I think Valy is saying "Bomnol Patih Chompek Saneh"...sorry I can't translate it into English it's kinda hard...somebody else try.

I think VCD are cheaper they don't really use Dvd if they do it's Pal format.
I believe the Khmer title says something bout argh this is hard lol something bout owe-ing love because of debt of the house hope its helpin lol :loool:


N i n j a
A friend of mine went to Cambodia and he mentioned something about them dubbing Korean series. Haven't they been doin' it for quite a while now?


gurls i just got back from cambo. n i tried so hard looking for the serie so i can buy it. but then they r sold out. so yeah it wud be nice if anyone of u can u/l it =)


sarNie Egg
I already watch this series but in Korean with English subtitles. It's really good. I truly recommended it!


Thank you. I will try it. Sarn was telling me, she is hooked on Korean series. My friend Natty is hooked on them too.


sarNie Hatchling
yay... im goign to cambodia this summer and wtch imma spend all my money on moveis and cd!. ahahha omg.. what a waste to spend ur vacation watching moveis but this will be my firs ttime goign there im so happy i cant wait till summer.! FULL HSOUE IM COMIGN AGIAN!hhaa


Sorry peeps I keep forgetting to ask my uncle...he's goes there every months or so...but I luv Full House...I saw it last summer...dude I was hooked...kept thinking about it at work...I saw it in Korean w/ English subbed...OMG...I luv it so much...but I haven't seen anything else...yet.

I went into it thinking wats the big deal..right...cuz I haven't seen a Chinese series since 1999 I believe...it's gotta be like Chinese...but it was different....their storyline is a little bite of Thai and American and Chinese,etc....beside the language sounds better than Cantonese...lol....


sarNie Egg
That'd be cool if they started dubbing and translating the other movies too. I saw full house already so I don't think I'll do through the trouble to get it. I mean I'll rent it if its available for my mom to watch.

But on the other hand if 'My Girl' got translated in khmer I'd buy it in a sec.

You girls let me know if it ever does...he..he.


I wanted the people who dubbed the voice for chinese series (TVB) to dubbed Full House. Ohh well, it should sound funny haha They better have a good male lead voice for Bi! Or else i'll be mad