Forget to zip your zipper?


sarNie Adult
I never thought as I am older it would ever ever happen to me but a few days ago while walkin from my car to my lecture room it happen, i walked to my lecture room with arms wide open, my jeans are not baggy so it kinda spreaded open and I was walking around with air conditioner for my jeans, and I wonder why the girl was looking at me :(

has it happen to anyother peeps? including girls?


sarNie Hatchling
I really don't remember.. we girls or some of girls usually look at ourself in the mirror before we leave the house. So there probably isn't that a much of a chance that we forgot to zip or zippers ^_^
haha. it only happen when i wear this one jean i got from express. like when i sit down the zipper goes down and i wouldn't notice it. haha. but you can't tell though. ^_^


sarNie Adult
hahahaha, damnn i got alotof jeans where it spreads open and yous ee the actual zipper, not the material covering it, =/


sarNie Granny
hahahaha . Omg .....i love to see the expression on a guy face when is told dat their fly is unzip like kodak moment to me . O' ok ok ok ..i admit ...i love to see a downfall on men :p :p


sarNie Oldmaid
Yea..Girls usually always look at themselves a thousand of times before they leave the house (Including me lol) Anyways yea..But somtimes me I tend to forget to zip my jeans when I get out the bathroom lol...I'm a forgetter...Anyways..And I have another story which is when I was in the mall..And this was just last week I believe lol..Well I was in the fitting room trying on the jeans and then when I slipped on my own..I could've sworn I zipped by jeans but I didn' basically I walked out with my jeans un-zipped lol..Luckily my sister saw and she whispered your zippers aren't up lol..I was OMG!


sarNie Adult happened to me once when i was a 6th grader! but OMG! when i was in middle school my english teacher was walking around ans he zipper wasn't zip! so these students were laughing at him and she never knew that her zipper was open the next day same thing happened...


sarNie Adult
I have one shirt that the buttons keep poping out every 2 one day I forget and wore it to a meeting....dang..everyone got a free show! Good thing I got on a victoria secret push up bra on!


sarNie Egg
hhahahaha..the end of the year?? thats gonna happen.....


sarNie Adult
LOL is it me or has sarN been viewing this topic for like 1 hour now, lol i dont no but if you read it twice it means your overthinking,
Penny im sure you look fine lol


sarNie Adult
hahahaha, hey only one way to know, =) Post pic!

haha yeahh sarN seems to love readingup on peopleand zippers, ohh my


sarNie Juvenile
oooh damn.i hate it when it happens to me too, haha.

i try to turn towards the corner and zip it asap! haha =P


Sticky Rice
haha that happened to me before ( like a lot of times) once we were in the bathroom with my frens I came out I guess i forgot to zip..and one of my frend pulled me to the corner and whispered to me....and was like...

"Oh...So..I dont care if you say it out loud"

heh..guess i just dont care... :lmao: