Forever Love (COMPLETED)


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Hey peepos..hah..this was my first fiction I wrote but I couldn't post it on here because Peepos at my skewl was reading now I got it Baks..Yay!!

Aof Chanapol as Tun Thanapol- He is the rich and popular guy whose family owns a mall and the Magnificent Hotel. He hates women that are mean and girls that date guys to get money. He will never forgive the girl who left him for a not so rich guy.

Kwan Usamanee as Mesaya Aticha- She is a pretty young girl that goes to school and works in a restaurant to get her own money. She is strong and protects her loved ones.

Pinky sawika as Dao Usamanee- She is Aof's best friend and she likes him since young and because of Aof's fortune.

Best Aticha as Fah Kenya- She is Mesaya's best friend an dis always there for Mesaya to lean a shoulder on.

Mesaya's dad- After his wife died, he went to gamble and drink and doesn't take care of Mesaya.

Mr. and Mrs. Thanapol- They are Tun's parents that wants him to marry someone high and rich like them and also wants Tun to take over the hotel.

Aunt Pom- She is a maid that raised Mesaya when Mesaya was a baby and adore Mesaya for her kindness.

Tle Thanapol as San Chanapol- He is a player who likes to go clubbing and is Tun's enemy. He dates Tun's ex girlfriend.

Peung Kenya as Wan Sawika- She is Tuns' ex-girlfriend. She once loved Tun, but feel that she was too good for him. So she left him to go to Tle.


sarNie Adult
Chapter 1: Tun gets out of his room and walks downstairs.
Tun: I'm going to the mall to get me some clothes mom.
Mrs. Thanapol: Ok son, go check out the mall and tell your dad and I if there are any problems
Tun got out of th house and got into his car and drove off. His phone rings and he answers it.
Tun: Hello?
A girls' voice: Hello P'Tun
Tun: Hey Dao
Dao: What are u doing Tun?
Tun: I'm about to go to the mall
Dao: Why didn't u invite me too?
Tun: Uhhh....Oh I was going to call u and ask u, but u already called so wanna go??
Dao: Of course, you know that I love shopping and the mall
Tun: Ok I'll come pick u up, get ready
Dao: I'll be waiting
They both hang up the phone. Dao smiles and is happy that she is going with Tun which she liked since they were third grade.

At Mesaya's House: Mesaya is studying for her exam. The phone rings and Mesaya runs to answer it.
Mesaya: hello?
Fah: Hey Mesaya! Wanna go to the mall to pick a dress for the school dance?
Mesaya: I don't know. I might not go
Fah: Let's just go look at the dresses then in case we might buy
Mesaya: Ok when do u wanna go?
Fah: How about right now?
Mesaya: Sure but let me put my notes away ok?
Fah: ok, u wanna meet up?
Mesaya: yeah in front of the sea food restaurant
Fah: Ok then meet u there. Bye!
Tun and Dao gets to the mall. Dao carries a fashion pink purse with shell decorations on it. They walked inside the mall. Mesaya arrives at the mall and waits for Fah in front of the sea food restaurant. Fah saw Mesaya and walked to hug her.
Fah: did u wait long?
Mesaya: No, not at all
Fah: ok then let's go
They both walked inside the mall. Fah saw a beautiful white and pink dress outside the window.
Fah: Oooo.... Mesaya let's go check it out!
Mesaya: Wow! OK
They both walked to the store and up close they both read the name of the store.
Fah and Mesaya: Romeo's Dresses?
Mesaya: What an interesting name
Fah: Yeah really interesting
They both entered inside Romeo's Dresses and started to look at the dresses. Both of them saw 2 dresses. One is pink with ruffles and the other one is baby blue with ruffles. They both rushed to get it. Dao wanted Tun to help her pick a dress.
Dao: Tun please go with me to go get a dress for my friend's party
Tun: Am I here to shop for u or me??
Tun sighs and nods his head. Dao happily smiles and continues to walk with Tun. Dao sees the Romeo's Dresses store. The dresses out the window was so eye catching that she couldn't take her eyes off the dresses.
Dao: Let's go to that store over there
Tun: ok, hurry up. I want to go look for sunglasses
they both walked inside Romeo's Dresses. Mesaya and Fah came out of the fitting room looking cute and beautiful in the blue and pink dress they tried on.
Mesaya: How do I look Fah?
Fah: Omg! You really match that baby blue dress and it looks pretty on u
Mesaya: Oh really? Awww You look gorgeous in that pink dress too
They both got into the fitting room and took off the dress. They were getting ready to pay for it.
Mesaya panicked.
Fah: what is it?
Mesaya: Fah! I forgot my purse in the car.
Fah: What? It's ok. I can pay........
Fah reached in her pocket to get her money.
Fah: Wait...Where's my money??My money fell out of my pocket!
Mesaya: really? Let's go look for it and get my purse
Fah: ok but what about our dresses?
Mesaya: Ummm let's tell one of the workers to reserve this for us until we come back and pay it
Fah: ok
Mesaya walked to one of the workers.
Mesaya: Excuse me, can u please hold these 2 dresses for my friend and I?
Worker: yes, I'll put them on the counter
Mesaya: Thanks
worker: You're welcome
Mesaya and Fah walked out of the store.

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Chapter 2
Dao is looking at the dresses until she saw one that caught her eyes. The dress was pink with ruffles sitting on the counter. Dao walks and get it. Tun follows her.
Dao: Omg, look at this P'TUn! It's so pretty and it's pink my favorite color
Tun: Why don't u try it on?
Dao: Of course I will. You don't need to tell me!
Dao takes the dress and took it to the fitting room. Tun waits outside for her.

Outside of the mall: Mesaya and Fah carefully walks slowly in case the money can be anywhere.
Fah: Where can it be??What if someone finds it??I'm going to get in trouble because I borrowed it from my parents only
Mesaya: Don't say that Fah. I'm sure we'll find it ok??
From far away Mesaya can see something wrapped up and looks like money. She runs to it and it was 80 dollars.
Mesaya: Fah how much did u bring??
Fah: I brought 80 dollars
Mesaya: I think I found it
Fah: really??
Mesaya: Come!
Fah walks to Mesaya and Mesaya shows her the money.
Fah: Yep it is. I like to wrap my money
Mesaya: OK then here
Mesaya gives her the money
Fah: Thanks a lot May
Mesaya: yeah now let's go get my purse in the car
Fah: ok
Mesaya walked to her car and grabbed her purse then walked back to Romeo's Dresses. When they got there Mesaya walked to the counter and saw only her baby blue dress. She gets the dress and walks back to Fah.
Mesaya: Fah, how come I don't see you dress with mine??
Fah: What?? My dress is not with yours??
Mesaya: no, it's not
Fah: Then where did it go??
Dao: OMG!P'Tun, doesn't this pink dress matches me??
Tun: I guess
Mesaya and Fah follows the voice and saw Dao in Fah's dress. Fah is angry.
Fah: Why are you wearing my dress??
Dao: What? Are you stupid or what?? This is my dress not yours
Fah was about to slap Dao but Mesaya stops her.
Mesaya: Don't do that Fah, let's talk nicely
Tun: Dao, are u going to buy that dress or not??
Dao was about to say something but she was interrupted by Fah.
Fah: Oh so this ill mannered girl's name is Dao?? How come she is not as nice and pretty as the daos in the sky???
Dao: What did u say??
Fah: You heard me
Mesaya: That dress right there is my friend's. We already reserved it that's why they put it on the counter!
Dao: But I didn't get it from the counter!
Mesaya: U didn't??
Fah: Stop lying!
Tun: Yes u did. I saw u got it from there right??
Dao: P'Tun!!yeah I got it from the counter!
Fah: It's MINE!
Dao: If it's yours then how come it doesn't have your name on it??
Fah: Take off my dress now!
Dao: what rights do u have to tell me??
Tun: Dao, just take it off and give it to them. You heard them that they reserved it already.
Dao: P'Tun! Why are u on their side??
Tun: I'm not, I want to get out of here as quick as possible!
Mesaya: Please give that dress back because that's the last kind of dress and my friend really likes it
Fah: Mesaya! Don't be nice to that girl who doesn't have any manners. Let's just go and look for a new one. I don't want it anymore because it's full of her germs
Mesaya: Are u sure Fah?
Fah: yeah
Tun: Are u going to buy that Dao?
Dao: WAIT!!!
Mesaya and Fah looks back.. Dao goes into the fitting room and takes it off. She comes out.
Dao: You really want it, do you??
She throws the dress on the ground and steps on it like crazy.
Tun: what are you doing??
Many people were staring at Dao.
Fah: Nee! Why did u step on the dress??
Dao: Because I don't want it anymore since someone trashy like u already touched it
Dao sees the people looking at them.
The people walked away.
Dao: Let's go now P'Tun
Tun apologizes to Dao and Mesaya.
Tun: Sorry and I apologize for my friend too
Dao: P'TUN!!!
Fah: Take your Girlfriend OUT!!
Tun runs to Dao and they got out of the store.
Fah: Let's go home. I don't feel like buying anything
Mesaya: Ok then let me pay for my dress first
Fah: ok then
Mesaya paid and both of them walked out of the store.
Mesaya: Bye Fah
Fah: bye
Tun wanted to go home.
Tun: That was really embarrassment DAO!!I can't believe you will do that! Many people were staring!
Dao: Embarrassing? They deserved that!
Tun: They reserved it!It was theirs! I don't want to shop anymore so I'm going home first. Take your time and you can come home in a taxi later!
Tun walks to his car and drove off.

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great fanfic~
Chapter 2 and I'm already loving it, lol.
Dao is urghh, I already hate her, haha >.<
awwww, Tun apologized. what a sweet guy.

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great fanfic~
Chapter 2 and I'm already loving it, lol.
Dao is urghh, I already hate her, haha >.<
awwww, Tun apologized. what a sweet guy.

&& thanks for adding me on myspace :]
it's great to have a sarn friend on myspace :]

hahahah..LOl..ur welkum..ahah..Of course i'm glad to have u as a friend too on myspace..haha...Will update chapter 3 wenever..hah..Omg..i went to the new year and Ouch my feet Hurts and I was wearing hmong clothes too!!


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Chapter 3
The next day Mesaya's father came to their house yelling for Aunt Pom to come out.
Mesaya's dad: Aunt Pom! Aunt Pom! Come out, I need to talk to u!
Aunt Pom: Who is It???
She goes out the door and was about to yell at him when she saw Mesaya's father.
Aunt Pom: What do U???!!!It's....It's u master. Why are u here??
Mesaya's dad: Where is Mesaya??I need to see her!
Aunt Pom: You can't see her because she's at work right now

At Mesaya's workplace:
Mesaya: What do you want to order sir?
Guy: A cup of water and fried rice
Mesaya: ok coming right up sir
guy: Thank you
Mesaya takes the order to the kitchen restaurant and gives the order to the chefs. One of Mesaya's coworkers told her that someone wants to see her.
Coworker: Nong Mesaya! There is a man who wants to see you
Mesaya: What? A man?? who is it??
coworker: Idk
Mesaya wonders who it is. She went out and saw the man standing impatiently.
Mesaya: Sorry u wanted to see me??
The guy turns around and sees Mesaya.
Mesaya's dad: Mesaya!My daughter!
Mesaya is shocked and mad at the same time.
Mesaya: Who is your daughter huh??WHy are u here??
Md: You are my dear! I miss u so much that's why I came to visit u
Mesaya: I'm not your daughter and you are not my father!
As Mesaya and her dad is talking, Tun drives his car and pass by. He sees Mesaya.
Tun: That girl looks really familiar. Oh she's the one at the mall. But why is she so mean to a beggar??
Tun parks his car by the sidewalk and watches Mesaya and her father.
Mesaya: Get out of this place now! I don't want to see your face again
Mesaya's father pretends to cry.
Md: Please daughter, don't leave me. I need money! Help Me!!
Mesaya: Oh u came here for money huh?? Didn't u forget??U left me when mom died!
Md: I'm sorry
Mesaya: Sorry? For all those years u left me with Aunt Pom almost starving to death?! I will never forgive YOU! Never!
As Mesaya was going to go back into the restaurant her dad hugged her.
Mesaya: Let go of me! I hate U! Let go!!
Md: Please help me
Then Tun couldn't watch any longer and got out of his car and ran to Mesaya and her dad.
Tun: I feel so sad for u who came to beg this heartless girl for help
Mesaya looks at Tun confused.
Mesaya: Don't interfere. You don't know anything
Tun: yes I do, I've been watching you the whole time. This man wants help and you won't help because you are a heartless person
Mesaya slaps Tun.
Mesaya: You don't understand! And how would u know about being poor??u think you're rich and can make fun of me??
Tun: What did u ask this girl for??
Mesaya's father pretends to act all innocent and poor.
Mesaya's father: My wife is dying and I need 30 billion to pay the bills because she has cancer
Mesaya is confused and mad
Tun: here u go( gives Mesaya's dad the money) next time don't come and ask for help from these kind of heartless people ok??
Md: Thank you!!you're nice!!
Mesaya's father takes off with a happy face. Mesaya is angry that her dad lied to her and Tun insulted her.
Mesaya: He lied to you
Tun: What??
Mesaya: He lied about his wife dying
Tun: How do you know??
Mesaya: Because he......(SHe didn't want to admit that he was her father) he.....
Tun: If you don't want to help him, you can just tell me. You don't have to make things up
Mesaya: I'm not! If u don't believe me then don't!!BUt later u will regret that u gave him money! I also don't care too since it's your money!
Tun: I never thought that there will be a person as heartless as u in this world!
Mesaya: What??Heartless??
Tun: yeah so mean that I don't even know if u have sympathy for others!
Mesaya slaps him.
Tun: I thought wrong. U look like a really sweet and good girl but I guess not when I see your true self today!
Tun walks back to his car.
Mesaya walks back into the restaurant and sat down in a table and cried.
Mesaya: Why does this happen to me?
After she cried, she calmed down and went back to work. Some of her coworkers can tell that she has been crying, but she denies it.
Coworker 1: Did you cry?
Coworker 2: Why are your eyes teary??
Coworker 3: Your eyes are red, did u cry??
Mesaya: no, it's probably because I stayed up late last night studying that's why
It was time for Mesaya to go home. She left her workplace.

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Chapter 4
Tun got home and walked upstairs to his bed. He flash backed to when he saw Mesaya the 1st time. He thought she as pretty.
Tun: She is such a heartless person!Even slapped me!
Tun touches his face.
Tun: She will get pay back when I see her again!

At Mesaya's house: Her cell phone rings and she answered it. It was from her workplace.
Mesaya: Hello manager. You want me to be there early?
Manager: Ummm. No sorry but Mesaya our restaurant has too many people working. It's crowded, so we will have to eliminate some workeres ok? So tomorrow on don't come to work anymore.
Mesaya felted like she wanted to cry but knew she wouldn't cry while she's talking to her manager.
Mesaya: Ok I get it manager. Bye!
After she hanged up, she cried and called her best friend Fah. Fah answers it.
Fah: Hello Mesaya??
Mesaya in a crying tone: Fah can you come to my house now??
Fah: Mesaya is there anything wrong??
Mesaya hung up and laid on her bed crying. Aunt Pom knocked on the door
Aunt Pom: Mesaya, come and eat. I cooked you your favorite food.
There was silence and someone was at the door. Aunt Pom went to open the door and saw Fah.
Fah: Where's Mesaya??
Ap: In her room why??
Fah rushes to Mesaya's room and opened the door. Mesaya was crying and saw Fah. She gets up and hug Fah.
Fah: What happened??
Mesaya: I had to quit my job because there were too many people working at my work place
Fah: What??Really??
Mesaya: Yeah
Fah: It's ok Mesaya. There are other jobs out there
Mesaya: I love that job
fah: I know that Mesaya. But we can't do nothing else. Shhh Mesaya. I'll help you look for a job
Fah helped calm Mesaya down. Mesaya stopped crying.
Fah: You have to be strong. Your bad father already left you
Mesaya: Fah, Today I saw him
Fah: WHAT???
Mesaya: I saw him today. He came to my workplace and told me that he missed me. Do you remember the guy we met with the rude guy stepping your dress??
Fah: Of course I DO!
Mesaya: He saw me and my dad and misunderstood that my dad was a beggar begging me for money. The guy came to me and told me I was a heartless person not giving a beggar money. Then my dad lied that my dad is a beggar needing the money to to pay for his wife's hospital bills because she has cancer.
That crazy guy gave him money and my dad walked off with it.
Fah: How come you didn't tell him he got tricked?
Mesaya: I did, but he didn't believe me and said that I was making things up
Fah: I will teach him a lesson when I meet this CRAZY guy!
Mesaya: No, don't Fah. It's a waste of time dealing with those stupid GUYS!
They both walked down to the dining room to eat. After eating, Fah called one of her friend to help look for a job for Mesaya.
Fah: Hello Wan
Wan: Hey Fah
Fah: Can u help me look for a job for my friend since you know a lot of work places and people??
Wan: Oh sure, why not??I'll call u back in a bit if I find one ok??
Fah: thanks
After Wan hangs up, there is someone at the door waiting for her. It was San.They have been dating for 2 years.
San: Hey babe
Wan: HI!!Don't you have work today?
San: Nope. I'm off and I came to see you because I miss you.
San hugs Wan and kisses her on the cheek. Then San's phone rings.
San: maybe my workplace called
He goes and answers it.
San: Hello?
Girl voice: Hi P'San!
San in a whisper voice: Hey babe, I'll come right now!
San: Oh u want me to come now boss??A broken car needs to be repair?? ok then I'm coming now. Bye
San walks to Wan and lies to her that his workplace called him that he needs to go to work.
San: Sorry babe, I want to spend time with u. But I got to go back to work
Wan: Why so soon??
San: I don't know. My boss say it's urgent!
San hugs Wan and they both kissed. San heads out the door and Wan smiles to her self. Wan is thinking to her self why San always leave to work so quick. But she thinks that she is thinking too much.

Will update chapter 5 later..Hope u peepos like this chapter!!XD


Mesaya dad is such a jerk&a liar! Thun is so dumb enough to believe him! San is totally cheating on Wan. It's so obvious!


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Chapter 5
Wan remembers that Tun's family owns a hotel and needs hiring. Wan calls Fah that she found a job for Mesaya.
Wan: Hello Fah??
Fah: Hey Wan
Wan: I know a workplace that your friend can work at
Fah: Really?
Wan: yeah
Fah: Where?
Wan: At the Magnificent Hotel
Fah: Really? Isn't that the richest hotel in Thailand?
Wan: Yes it is, but it isn't going really well because not many workers
fah: That's Great!When can she go to work??
Wan: She needs an interview first
Fah: Ok I will tell her. Thanks!!
Wan: You're welcome. Bye bye
Fah happily and quickly calls Mesaya to tell her about the good news.
Fah: Mesaya?
Mesaya: Yes Fah??
Fah in a really happy voice: My friend found a job for U!!
Mesaya: REALLYY!?
Fah: yep at the magnificent Hotel
Mesaya: Wow! Wait isn't that the richest hotel??
Fah: yeah but it's falling apart because they need more workers
Mesaya: Cool, It'll be my first time in a hotel that rich
Fah: Yep get ready for your interview tomorrow at Magnificent Hotel ok?
Mesaya: I will Fah. Thanks a lot for helping me. You're such a great friend.
Fah: You're welcome. Good luck and Bye!!
Mesaya: Ok bye Fah
Mesaya hangs up the phone and happily walked to her closet door and picked an outift.
Mesaya: Should I wear a skirt or a pants??....I guess I'll just wear a skirt.
She took the skirt and out it on her desk for tomorrow's interview.

At Magnificent Hotel:
Mrs. Thanapol: How come there is no one looking for jobs? We need more workers at the hotel and I told them to put up that sign hiring for more than 1 month
Mr. T: Don't worry, there will be people. They just probably haven't heard about it yet
Mrs. T: Hopefully that's true
The next day Mesaya drives to Magnificent Hotel. Her hair is curled and let down. She wears a professional whit top and black skirt looking cute and ready for an interview. She walks inside to Magnificent Hotel and walks to the counter asking the workers.
Mesaya: Excuse me, but I came for an interview
Worker: Do you have an appointment? What's your name?
Mesaya: No I don't have an appointment and my name is Mesaya
Worker: Sorry you need an appointment first
Mesaya: Can I make one now??
Worker: No, not today because the manager is busy
Mesaya: Ok thank you
Mesaya walks out of the hotel looking sad. Mr. Thanapol saw her and asked the worker why she is in the hotel.
Mr. Thanapol: Nit, who is the girl that just left and why is she here??Why did she leave??
Nit: Oh her name is Mesaya and came for an interview but doesn't have an appointment
Mr. Thanapol: What interview??
Nit: I don't know she says she needs a job. But I told her she can't have an appointment
Mr. Thanapol: Is she looking for a job?
Nit: Yeah general manager
Mr. Thanapol: Why didn't you tell me that someone is looking for a job? We need more workers you know that
Nit: I'm sorry general
Mr. T: Don't apologize. Go get her BACK!
Nit: Right Away general
The worker runs out to look for Mesaya. Mesaya is outside and was about to go into her car. Tun saw her and ran. He grabbed her hand.
Tun: A heartless person like you know how to come to these places??Oh or just come to find money here and sell yourself everywhere?
Mesaya slaps him.
Mesaya: Oh are you saying that only rich people come to these places only? Don't think so high of yourself!and I don't think dirty like U!! Let go of my hand!
Tun: What? Don't you know that......???
Tun was interrupted by Nit, the worker.
Nit: Sorry are you Mesaya??
Mesaya: Yes, what is it??
Mesaya moved her hand and Tun let go.

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sarNie Adult
Chapter 6
Nit: Oh the general manager wants to see you
Mesaya: Oh ok
Mesaya rolls her eyes at Tun.
Mesaya: Excuse me! I got to go!
Tun goes after them. The worker leads Mesaya into Mr. Thanapol's office.
Mr. T: Come in
Mesaya: Hello uhh uhh...sir
Mr. Thanapol: Call me Mr. Thanapol
Mesaya: kap Hello Mr. Thanapol
Mr. T: You came to interview??
Mesaya: yeah but the worker told me that I couldn't have an interview because I didn't make an appointment. I asked her if I can have an appointment but she said the manager was busy
Mr. T: I am the general Manager of this hotel
Mesaya: What??Manager??
Mr. T: yes
Mesaya: So are you... you busy??I'm sorry if I'm bothering you. I can go now
Mr. T: No, It's ok. I'm not doing anything at all. Why do you want to work??
Mesaya: Because I want to learn new things and have experiences in it too
Mr. T: What was your last job?
Mesaya: at the Lovely restaurant
Mr. T: Did u quit?
Mesaya: yeah I had to because the kitchen was too crowded with people and there are enough people working there.
Mr. T: Oh well you are really lucky to find our hotel that needs more workers. How do you know that we need hiring?
Mesaya: My friend asked one of her friend to help me look for a job and her friend told her about this hotel
Mr. T: Ok! You are hired. Come to work tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. And don't be late
Mesaya: really? Thank you! Thank you! You're really nice
Mr. T: You can go now!
Tun was watching his dad and Mesaya talking the whole time. He was mad that his dad accepted a a mean person to work in the hotel. Mesaya walked out and Tun hide watching Mesaya go.
Tun to him self: Don't think that it's going to be this easy Mesaya!
Tun has an evil smile and walks to his dad's office when his father was about to leave.
Mr. T: Oh Tun, what brings you here?
Tun: Oh mom called me that you wanted to see me
Mr. T: Oh I did??I don't think so. Well come sit down
Tun: Why did you accept a girl like her so easily??
Mr. Thanapol: huh? What are you talking about??
Tun: dad! The girl that just walked out now
Mr. T: Oh you mean Mesaya!
Tun: yes that rude girl
Mr. T: So what? Our hotel need workers that's why I accepted her
Tun: What? Our hotel needs workers??
Mr. T: Yes and I want you yo help out too
Tun: Me??
Mr. T: Yes you. Even if you are your mom and my son, it doesn't mean that you won't have to work
Tun: dad! You know I hate working!
Mr. T: Tun! You always go out! Look I'm getting older and soon when you marry you will take over this hotel!
Tun: I never thought about taking over this hotel!
Mr. T: You will have to work for this hotel!!Or else!
Tun: Or else what??
Mr. T: Or else everything from you will be taken away!
Tun: Dad! You can't do this!
Mr. T: I'll take away your car, credit cards, and belongings!
Tun: NO! I won't let you Dad!
Mr. T: It's your decision TUN! I give you time today and tell me the answer tomorrow
Tun: It's too quick
Mr. Thanapol:OK then your choice is to take away all the things you have!
Tun: Dad! Why are you making it so hard?
Mr. Thanapol walks out of his office. Tun is sitting confused.
Mr. Thanapol calls someone.
Mr. Thanapol: Will, come and get Tun's car and cancel his credit cards now!
Will: Ok Master
Tun gets out of his dad's office and walks out of the hotel.
Tun: Let me call Dao
He took out his phone, but it was dead.
Tun: huh? How can this be? I charged it all night!
He walked to his car. But the car was not found anywhere.
Tun: Huh??Where's my car? Oh perhaps I parked it somewhere else!
Tun looked eveywhere, but It was nowhere to be seen. Then he remembered his father's words.
Mr. T: I'll take away your CAR!!!
the words echoed in Tun's mind
Tun: That quick??Noo, it can't be!Dad! I can't believe you will do this!
Tun went to try and use his credit card in case it doesn't work. He walks to Starbuck's Coffee.
Tun: one cup of mocha please
worker: $4.89
Tun hands her the credit card. She swipes it and gives it back to Tun.
Tun: thank you
He grabs for the mocha but the worker takes away the mocha.
Tun: huh??
worker: sory but your credit card doesn't work and seems like it doesn't have any money
Tun: What?I think your machine is having problems. Please retry again!
The worker retried but it still didn't work.
Worker: Still not working
Tun: please try again
worker: Sorry but there is a line at that back of you waiting
Tun looks back. Many people were getting in line.
Tun: Ok, cancel that. Thank you
The worker looked at Tun weirdly and cancels his order. Tun is mad at his dad.

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sarNie Adult
Chapter 7
Dao calls Tun but couldn't reach him.
Dao: How come P'Tun's phone is off?
There was a knock at Dao's door. Dao went to open it and saw Tun. She was happy.
Dao: Tun, why did you come here??
Tun: Can you drop me off at my house??
Dao: Sure, where's your car though??
Tun: My dad took it away
Dao: Your dad??
Tun: Don't ask me anything else. I'll tell you in the car
Dao: Ok let me get my keys first
After Dao gets her keys, they headed to her car. Dao drives to Tun's house.
In Dao's car:
Dao: So what happened Tun?
Tun: My dad took my car and credit cards!
Dao: Why?
Tun: Because he wanted me to work at our hotel
Dao: and you didn't want to??
Tun: Dao! You know I hate working!
They get to Tun's house. Tun gets out.
Tun: nevermind!Even you don't get me!
Dao: TUN! It's not that! I do!
Tun: Thanks and BYE!
Tun walks into his house. He opens the door and his mom was watching t.v. He walks past her, but his mom turned the t.v. Off and told him she wants to talk to him.
Tun: What now??I'm tired!
Mrs. Thanapol: TUN! Why didn't you listen to your father? He is mad at you!
Tun: I should be the one who's mad because dad took everything away from me even my car!
Mrs. T: You know your dad well!
Tun: I thought dad was just lying
Mrs. T: Go to his room, he's waiting!
Tun: kap, khun mae!
Tun goes and knock on his dad's door.
Mr. T: Who is it? Come in!
Tun opens the door and sees his dad sitting down.
Tun: Dad, why did you take all my stuff?
Mr. T: Because you made your decision too slow, so I made it for you
Tun: It's not fair because I didn't agree with you
Mr. T: Aow, so what's your decision??
Tun: Ummmmm...........
Mr. T: See??You can't decide so I made it for you
Tun sighs
Tun: ok...I got it..
Mr. T: If you got it then go out and stop complaining
Tun: No, I mean I got it. That means I will go work at out hotel
Mr. T: Really??Wait, but it's too late now!
Tun: No it's not! You told me to give you the answer tomorrow so I give you my answer today. It's not too late yet
Mr. T: Ok I was just testing if you were paying attention to me
Tun: But you have to agree with me on something
Mr. T: what is it??
Tun: Give me back my car and credit cards
Mr. T: Ok I agree. I will tell Will to do that now
Tun: Ok when do I work then?
Mr. T: starting tomorrow. If you come late, you will be fired and all of your belongings will be taken away!
Tun: Kap, I get it pho!
Tun walks out of his dad's room and walks to his room. He locked his door and went to sleep.

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