Fixed miss hmong pagents..

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sarNie Egg
don't u just hated i know alot of u guys will agree with me... all the miss hmong pagents up and down california are all fixed.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some how in all the pagents the girls who win are the girls who their mom or dad is either apart of and donated a whole bunch of money or sponsors lao family. Or the main cheating method is your parents bff with the panel of judges...................

sorry hmong new year pagents coordinator your asses got snitched out...... so next year if u girls decide to run have do one of the three cheating reasons i spoke of and you'll definitely make it to the final 5... with out a doubt.... maybe you'll just win...


sarNie Granny
who really cares......they always make different wrong decisions each time....but some judges r good grader some r just cheaters.....can't really expect much from them....


sarNie Adult
hmmm, this is really bugging me also...i believe there are, or there should be, countless complaints already so the pageant, if there's any, next year should and must be fair

geeze, all the parents should just freaking stay out of the freaking competition and stop trying to cheat...all you get is the title and the big a$$ crown...and after that no one cares or even knows what the winner does to benefit the hmong community...geeze, whats wrong with those judges too...
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