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Let’s share of fitness and exercise tips!

I used to be a runner/gym rat/hiker before I had my son in 2018, but now that’s changed, and now it’s a struggle to get back in shape, due to my reoccurring knee problem and on occasion back problem (gotta thank my son for that and the epidural!). HOWEVER, I’m still trying, but it definitely is harder now that I’m older.

I feel super old, but I do walking videos LOL, I liked them so much I went out and bought them. They’re easy for my knee and gets your blood pumping. And on occasion I’ll run, but I can’t run like I used to, and I miss it so much!

So what are some of your go fitness and exercises?


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I usually just watch a different workout video each day and then have a rest day a week. My workout routine is pretty mellow, not too strenuous. Other than that, I usually go on walks and bike during the weekends. I'm not sure how accurate the smartphone footstep counting is, but I usually try to get 3-5 miles in each day lol :)


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A little about me. I used to be more athletic in high school because I was a cheerleader but it’s been almost ten years now since I’ve been a cheerleader. I actually was the flyer so was super strict with my weight. I do have scoliosis so my body is a bit messed up. Have knee problems and back problems and I’m only 26 lol. At times, I do take breaks from working out. I took the whole last week off due to back pain.

Well now I’m a kindergarten teacher now so my energy goes to my 5-6 year olds. My go to work outs after work are hit work outs 4-5 days a week! Do different ones a day to hit different body parts. I find this is the best work outs for me to maintain my weight and health. I had a great work out routine when the pandemic hit since my school had us teaching at home. Now I’ve been back with my students since September and will admit I am so tired after work and really force myself to work out. I don’t work out till late so I can relax before but I do get my 4-5 days in. When summer hits, my routine will definitely go back to be consistent since I won’t have students.
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Like a Phoenix from the ashes, I will rise.
There is a great app available for free called C25K. It has helped me to run for more than 8 mins straight!!!! Before using the app, I could barely run like a minute straight lol. Of course my pace isn’t too fast yet but I hope to keep increasing it. Also, I run on the treadmill, hope to be able to run marathons one day.


Like a Phoenix from the ashes, I will rise.
There was just on the news, an older man who had cancer but survived, ran his like 29th marathon!!!! Man, that is awesome. Very inspiring.


Like a Phoenix from the ashes, I will rise.
While walking/jogging, I’m learning I love watching those motivational videos by successful people like Steve Harvey! Here’s one I could watch over and over. It’s about Jumping!!!!

I also enjoy Ted talks:)


Like a Phoenix from the ashes, I will rise.
New Years resolution for next year: make Exercising a priority. I’ve been taking care of others and forgot to take care of myself. One thing that makes me want to live a healthier lifestyle is thinking abt my future children. I hope getting to a healthier weight will help me live longer with my children.