First Met Marriage


sarNie Hatchling

Starring: Ja J. and Art P.
By: JSY Production

There was a girl name PimJaidee ( Ja Jittapa Jampatom ) she is 17 years old, she live with her parent , one sister , and one little brother 10 years old. Her sister name is DokDao, she is 16 years old , and her little brother Sarit, which he is talkative and open mouth. One time when Pim went to the mall she accidentally got push by a girl name Lorie ( Fon Putcharamai Sukpraserd ), and Lorie think that Pim push her so she turn around and push her and while Pim was with her two friend Ying ( Donut Manasnan Panlertwongskul ) and Sinee ( Som Tunsinee Promsut)
and while Lorie is with her boyfriend Santichai (Art Pasut Banyam) and when Lorie push Pim , Chai sister Ying was there too. Then Ying ask Pim “ Are you okay?” and Pim answer “ Um..I’m okay.” Then Chai Saw her sister Ying was there and he ask her, “ Ying, why are you here too?” , then Ying answer “ I was here too, and you?, and P’Chai you better tell your girlfriend to stop!”

Then Chai tell Lorie to say sorry to Pim ,but she don’t even care and just walk away. “ Sorry.” , Chai said to Pim, and then Chai just go and follow Lorie. The next day Ying tell Chai to go take Lorie and tell her to say sorry and Chai tell Ying that “ We already say sorry to her.” , but “ P’Chai your girlfriend did not say sorry to my friend, when she is the one who push her, so you better take her and go say sorry to my friend at her house, right now go!.” , said Ying to Chai. Then Chai went to her girlfriend house, “ No way! I‘ll not go say sorry to her, didn’t you see, P’Chai she push me so I push her back and that’s the right for me to do.” Lorie said to Chai. Then she hug him and he hug her. “ But still you have to go say sorry to her since she is my sister best friend , okay be a good girl okay.” Chai reply. Then Lorie say in her head, “ Damn, I hate that Ying and her friend so much.” Then Lorie answer, “ No, I’ll not go and if you want to go you will go by yourself to her house, I don’t want to go and don’t want to be a good girl, if you just want me to go say sorry!” , then Chai say “ Lorie please go say sorry, so it’ll make my sister feel better.” ,
“ No, if you just care about your sister then forget it!,” Lorie yell at Chai, then Chai just say “ Okay, good then I’ll go say by myself.” , then Chai left.

While Chai left Lorie say “ I hate that stupid sister so much!”. Then Chai go to Pim house and while Pim parent and her sister and brother go shopping at the market. That time Pim was taking shower, so Chai go knock and nobody come so he feel the door knob wasn’t lock so he open, and that time Pim is just out of the shower and going to cover herself. Then Chai say “ Is anybody home?”, then no one answer, and Pim is wondering is it her parent and sister and brother come back and when Pim turn around Chai was their too, so he was looking at Pim and while Pim was rapping herself up, and she turn around and saw Chai so she yell so loud to Chai , “ Ahhhh! Why are you doing here and what are you looking at!” Then that time was the time that her parent come home and so her little brother hear she yelled so he run so fast to the house and saw Chai was their kissing Pim, with her towel only, so Sarit run as fast as he could and go tell his parent that their was a guy in the bathroom with Pim and he was kissing her while she was rapped with a towel so Pim family ran up to the house and saw Chai was hugging Pim so Pim dad yell “ Hey!, who are you and why are you kissing my little girl while she is covering up by a towel!?” , then Pim mom put her hand cover Pim dad eye and tell him let Pim dress first and we will talk again.

Then after Pim dress up, she come to the living room and their was her family and tying up Chai. She was surprised
“ Mom, dad why are you two tying up Chai?” ask Pim. Her mom reply “ Because he kiss you and that time you were the only one in the house and..”, then her father put his hand to cover her mom mouth and he said “ And, you two were kissing and hugging in the bathroom , while you were covered up with a towel only.”, and Pim say “ So what are you going to do dad and mom, so you two will just tied him up like this and let him live in are house?” , then Pim dad reply , “ No, he’s going to marry you.” , “ What! NO!, be, be, because I don’t like him and he don’t like me!, right P’Chai.?” , Pim shouted. Then Pim look at Chai. Chai answer “ Ye, ye, yes, Pim don’t like me so I don’t marry Pim, so do you guys agree?” , Pim dad answer, “ No , even though you two don’t like each other you two will have to marry and you better marry my daughter before no one’s knows about this, and if you run away I will go tell your parent and news reporter that you harassed my daughter then run away, so do you understand me clearly now?” , Pim dad was looking at Chai in a scary face then Chai answer in a scary-cat voice “ Uh,…ye,yes I’ll marry Pim tomorrow so I’ll prepare everything, so can you let me go now?” Then Pim dad said “ No.” , Chai ask “ Why, I’m willing to marry Pim to be my wife.” , Pim dad answer “Because we need to call the state people to come do your marriage paper and my daughter will be your real wife, by the laws, so sit here and my wife already call them so wait and be fresh and don’t say anything just smile, okay.” , Pim dad smile at Pim and Chai. Then after they finished the marriage paper, Pim dad tell Chai to go home and better come tomorrow for their wedding, or else he’s going to be on news.

When Chai gets home he ask his mom and dad in the living room “ Mom , Dad , I’m in trouble.”, then his dad ask, “ What happen and why do you come kneel down at your parent.”, then his parent look at him and his mom ask him to tell them what happen. “ Mom, Dad , I went to apologizes to Ying friend Pim and that time she didn’t lock the door so I go in their house and while I was turning around I saw her rapping herself with a towel then she see me and we yell at each other then her parent just run in the house and to see what is happening, so they tell me to marry her and we already have a marriage contract paper, so mom and dad you have to help me and go do my wedding tomorrow at their house.” , his dad said “ Huh, ya..why would this happen, but don’t worry son we will help you prepare your wedding for tomorrow , so don’t worry , okay and be prepare.” , then his mom and dad were happy because they like how Pim family is a nice family even though they are not that rich.

Then that night in the wedding night Chai was drunk so Pim put Chai lay on the bed and while Pim go take a shower. After Pim take shower, Chai was drunk and sleeping so Pim grab a small towel and a bucket of water to go wash Chai. While Pim was washing Chai, Chai hug, and kiss Pim and Pim slap him so he wake up and Chai ask her why do Pim slap him for no reason. Then Pim said “ No reason, huh, when you try to rape me and you said that, that is not a reason.” , then Chai answer, “ Oh, really, then sorry, but today you better not come touch, or even near me because later we might have a divorce paper, or not, so if we divorce, you will still be perfecto, and I will still be handsome and perfecto like you too, okay.” Pim answer, “ I should be the one that tell you not to be near, or touch me a little bit, and if you do that I’ll kill you and through you to the sharks to eat, you hear me.” , then Chai reply, “ Wow, so scary, I’m so scared.” , then Chai makes a stupid face. Then Pim answer “ Because your supposed to be scared of me.”

Then Pim push Chai to sleep the other side of the bed then Pim and Chai sleep , but Chai and Pim keep looking at each other. The next day, in the morning, Chai were hugging Pim and Pim were holding Chai hand. So Pim open her eye and go hug Chai, and then she close her eye again and then open and she saw herself hugging Chai and Chai were hugging her to. “ AHHHH!, why do you do this to me!” , then Chai wake up and saw himself were hugging Pim and he yell “ Why do you do this to me , and are you trying to rape me, I know I’m handsome and good looking.” , then Pim said “ You say yourself good looking?, you’re hella unpretty and I’m pretty and cute, hey but why do you hugged me” , “ Because I was asleep and that is a good reason so I’m going to the bathroom.” So Chai go to the bathroom and Pim said “ I know that he was trying to do this to me at first, but it worth it(laugh).” , then Chai come out and said “ Are you crazy?”, then Pim through the pillow at Chai and Chai close the door. When they come down to have breakfast, Pim and Ying were looking at each other and giggle, and Chai were looking at them. Chai dad said, “ Upmh, Umkp, lets eat.” Then Chai said that he will send her sister and his wife to school and Ying said
“ Brother that’s a great idea.” ,then Pim was starring at Chai.

Then Chai take them to school and news reporter were all over in the school, when Pim and Ying came out from the car, the news reporter ask Pim, “ So how do you feel about being a rich family a daughter-in-law?” , then Ying answer, “ You know what it was nice and perfect, because Pim is a nice person that’s why she deserved to be my sister-in-law.” , then Chai came out from the car, “ I introduced you, Pim, she is my wife from now on, and after she finished high school for this year, me and my wife, Pim, we will go on a vacation for her graduating and are honeymoon.” Then a few hours passed and Ying and Pim get out of school, so Chai went and pick them up and he saw a guy was holding Pim books for her and were by her side and it makes Chai so jealous. So Chai went out of the car and go to Pim and said to the guy that was holding Pim books for her, “Excuse me, this is my wife and I come to pick her up, so give me her books and this job is not your job, okay.” , then Pim said, “Chai, don’t say that to Si,(Golf Pichaya Nitipaisankul), he just want to help me carry my books and you should thank him.” , then Pim said thank you to Si and Chai said, “ Your welcome and then he grab Pim hand and take her to the car. Then Ying follow them into the car, and Chai said to Pim, “ If I saw you with a guy, or just near a guy then I’ll translate you to another school, or I’ll let you have home school, you understand, and Ying you better not let your sister-in-law be near a guy or you’ll lost her, okay, do you two understand me.” , then they both answer, “Yes, we understand you.” , in a mad voice.

Then one morning, Chai wake up from the sofa in his bedroom and come down and saw his best friend Krit (TengNeung Kratnagan Maneepagaphan), standing in the living room and he go down stair and scare him. Chai go near Krit and slap his shoulder and said “ Hey you!” , and Krit turn around and saw Chai. Then he said, “ Hey Chai, I’m sorry that I can’t come to your wedding, but I bought you something that is good for you and your wife.” , then Chai said “ That’s okay, were best friend already, I won’t be mad at you for not coming, when I know that your busy, so why do you come back, you missed your girlfriend?” , then Krit answer “ No, I finished school.” , then Chai was surprised and said “ That’s good, now I could have someone to play sports with me!” , then Ying come down the stairs and said “ Chai why are you yelling, don’t you know that I need to..(Ying saw Krit and he was handsome, so she said it slowly)…study, and who’s this?” , then Krit said “ Is this your wife. Then Chai answer “ Hell no! , this is my sister Ying, the one that you keep teasing her when she was eating, oh and this is Krit, do you remember, he is Uncle Jormtup son, the one that is are neighbor, but they move, and he come back to see us.” , then Pim come down and said “ Ying what happen down there?” ,then Krit saw Pim and he like her secretly and he said in his mind, “ I hope she is not Chai wife and hope that she is just one of Ying friend.” “ Then Chai said “ This is my wife PimJadee ( that time Chai go to Pim and hug her and Pim was asking what is he doing and he told her to just keep smiling for the guest) , and Pim this is my best friend Krit, that just came back from America.”

Pim answer “ Oh.., um, nice to meet you.” , Krit reply back “ Nice to meet you too, and you are very pretty like a girl I saw before.” , Chai said “ What you saw my wife before?”, Krit answer “I think that the girl, I saw when I go take a look at my old elementary school, I think it might be her.” , Pim said, “ Oh I remember you now, I saw you at the old elementary school and you saw me with the little children playing around with them.” Chai said “ Oh, so you meet my wife before, don’t tell me that you like my wife.”

That day Krit eat lunch with them, and he was starring at Pim all the time. When Krit is going home they send him to the door and Krit tell them that the one who cooked the food is very good. Then Pim smile.

Then they come inside and Chai take Pim hand, they both climb to their bedroom. Pim tell Chai to stop holding her hand because she is hurt, but Chai tell her that don’t even try to take a look at Krit, because she already have a husband. That night Chai was so mad and full of jealousy he turn around and hug Pim, but Pim push him back and Chai keep saying that is it because of Krit that’s why Pim don’t even talk to him today. They both argued and Chai attacked Pim on the bed.

The next day morning, Chai wake up and saw Pim was crying, so he told her to stop, but she told him that for him it’s okay, but for a woman like her is not okay because she might be pregnant. Chai told Pim to stop crying and he’ll take responsibility, but Pim keep yelling at him because she is mad.

Then day after day, Pim keeps feeling sick and through up, so Ying tell her that she might be pregnant, then she went to the hospital by herself and go check if she’s pregnant. The doctor tell Pim that she’s pregnant so she should take care of herself, and that surprised Pim a lot. When she get out in the room, Pim was crying.

That day she come to visit her mom family, and she just starts to cry in front of her mom, and her mom ask her what happen, but she won’t say anything, then she just go back home. Chai asked Pim what happen to her, why is she’s crying, but she just stared at him in a mad face and she just walked away. Chai go block her and he asked her what happen again, and she yelled at him and told him to move away now she just want to stay by herself.

Then Chai was confused. Then they graduate and Pim get her diploma so she’s going to work at Chai father company, where Chai work too. Then she finally noticed that Chai still talk to his girlfriend even though they marry and she always come to see him all the time at work. So Pim just push Lorie and asked her that why is she here. Then Lorie is going to Chai office room, but Pim block her and she say to Lorie that it’s not her business and why do she dare to go into Pim husband office room, and don’t she have manners and let the husband and wife have some romance time together. That make Lorie so mad that she yell and Chai came out and saw Lorie was yelling going to slap Pim, but Lorie saw Chai first so she pretend and tell Chai that Pim slap her.

Pim tell Chai that she didn’t and Lorie just lie to him, but if he believes her then Pim won’t say anything. So Pim walk to her room and Chai followed her and push Lorie away and he tell Pim to not to be mad at him. So he hug her and she tell him to get away, so he kiss her and she was freaked out so Chai go out.

When Pim knows that her baby is getting bigger, she wants to stay, but when she think about the thing when Chai was hugging Lorie and smile all the time to her, Pim wants to run away. Then one day she went into Chai office room and saw that Chai is hugging Lorie from the back and he were talking to her in a lovely way and Pim saw it so she turn around crying, but Chai don’t even noticed.

Pim packed her stuff and ran away, but she tell Ying that she just packed her stuff to the car for Chai and her honeymoon. So Pim run away, when Chai came back from work he ask Ying where in Pim and Ying tell him that he told Pim to packed her stuff for their honeymoon. Chai yelled at Ying that why do she let her packed her stuff, and Chai say that he forgot about the honeymoon and he don’t even told Pim that they are going to a honeymoon.

Ying was in shocked. They go search for her at her mom house, but don’t even see her, they go look at Si house, but don’t even see her just see Sinee there and they ask Sinee do she know where Pim went, but she said she don’t know. Then Chai call Krit and Krit tell him that he also searching for Pim too, but Pim was at Krit hotel, but Krit just don’t want to tell Chai because he promised Pim that he won’t tell.

So one night Krit come to see Pim and Pim were in her sleeping dress , and Krit was looking at her. Pim asked why do he come here for and he tell her that he secretly like her the first time they met. Pim was shocked at that time. Pim tell him that they can’t do that, because she already pregnant with Chai baby, but Krit tell her that he don’t care, he will love the baby and Pim, but Pim said that she still have feelings for Chai, and Krit ask her why she run away from Chai, and she tell him that because Chai still have feelings for Lorie and she always see them together.

That time Chai know where Pim was hiding so he and Ying went to the hotel and knock on the door and Pim open and saw them and they also saw Krit in the room with her too, so Chai come in and beat up Krit and Pim tell them to stop and when Chai is going to hit Krit again, Pim go stop Chai and Chai tell her to get away and push her back, so Krit yell at Chai, Pim is having your baby, why do you push her. Then Krit took Pim to the hospital and Ying go too, and Chai just sit in the room and was shocked by the news he heard from Krit.

So Ying called him that Pim and the baby was okay, Chai rush to the hospital, and Krit punch him on the face and tell him that, that’s what he get for trying to kill his wife and his baby in her stomach and he is lucky that they are okay, or else he will regret it. Then Chai went to see Pim, and he asked the doctor that is there something that happen to Pim why don’t Pim wake up, and the doctor say that something might wrong with her brain because maybe she might suffer stress too much about her life, or something that it might cause her to die, but it’s good that they took her to the hospital before she’ll starting to forget everything in her life and having heart diseases.
By what the doctor says he felt shocked, and the doctor tell him that do not let Pim hurt, or just give the happiness they want to give it to her before her time is over. Chai ask the doctor is the baby okay and he said the baby is okay, and Chai ask how old is the baby and the doctor tell him that it was 3 months old.

Then Pim wake up and saw Chai so she turn her back to him and he said sorry to her and they both talk and understand each other. Ying tell Krit that she has fallen in love the first time she saw Krit came back from America. So Krit and Ying they go out and Si and Sinee go out and the four of them were having fun when Chai and Pim were happy with their baby in Pim stomach. Then Lorie came to the hospital and saw Pim and Chai were together and Pim were having Chai’s baby, then she called some guy to come kidnapped Pim and she’ll try to call Chai to get away from Pim.

Then she called Chai and tell him if he don’t come then she’ll kill herself so Chai tell Pim and Pim say that he could go, and don’t worry about her she already strong enough. Then Chai kiss her and he go. Then a couple minutes later Pim go into the bathroom and when she come out the guys that Lorie tell them to come kidnapped Pim, put Pim into a black bag and pretend to be some genitor cleaning bathroom. Then Chai get there and he saw nothing just Lorie hugging his back and tell him to stay with her, then Lorie phone ring and she answer it, it was the guys that she told them to go kidnapped Pim, and they tell her that they got the woman, then she told them to kill her, but that time Chai heard it and they were saying Pim name and he ask where is Pim and Lorie shut the phone and tell him that she don’t know and he tell her that if she won’t tell him then he’ll kill himself , but Lorie tell him not to and she’ll take him where Pim is at.

Lorie take Chai there and she tell the guys to stop what there doing and she’ll give them the money, but they said that the money is no enough so she’ll give it to them, or the woman in the bag, or her will die. So Chai tell them to stop and he was fighting with one of the guy and when the other guy is shooting at Pim, Lorie go block Pim and police come because some people saw that they were fighting, and the police took the guys that Lorie tell them to kidnapped Pim to the police station, and the ambulance come take Lorie and Pim to the hospital. Then Chai went with Pim in the ambulance and tell Pim that she have to be brave and remember that she still have lots of people that cares for her.

So days later, Lorie get well and she went to Pim room and apologized to her for everything Lorie done to her. Then Lorie came out and saw Chai is coming and she want to talk to Chai. So Chai they talk thoroughly and Chai hug her and he tell her that he will always be her big brother and she will always be his little naughty sister and they laugh. Pim and Lorie get well and they both get out in the hospital and months later, Pim stomach starts to hurt and Chai take her to the hospital and hours later the doctor come out and congrats him that he got a son. Chai was so happy and he ran to see Pim and Pim was tired and sweat and she was happy, so Chai tell her that they got a son then Pim pass out and he called for the doctor and they said they need some more blood to Pim and that time Lorie was there too, so she give some of her blood to Pim to repay her meanness that she have done to Pim.

Pim wake up and saw them were looking at her and the nurse bring the baby to Pim and Pim was holding the baby and Chai was happy and they were picking a name to the baby boy. Then 1 year later, Ying and Krit got marry and have a girl, and Si and Sinee got marry and Sinee was pregnant 6 months old, and Lorie was marry to a rich guy name Man and was pregnant 2 months old. They went on a honeymoon together and they drink and laugh, having fun.

….The End….


RujRasa Fan
Good fanfic. You should use them again but in a longer fanfic. I want to read them all together again. I like the fanfic picture. thanks for the fanfic.


sarNie Hatchling
Good fanfic. You should use them again but in a longer fanfic. I want to read them all together again. I like the fanfic picture. thanks for the fanfic.
Thanx for the comment, and I'll write another one that could be longer, but a different plot..thanx alot...

Write FANFIC STORY @Sherlyi


wow, this is a nice, short and simple fic. i like it.
hopefully you can write a longer one, i think it'll be great. :D