First Annual Miss Cambodian Calendar Model Search for 2013


sarNie Hatchling

I am one of the organizers for our First Annual Miss Cambodian Calendar Model Search. Open to Ontario residents only and in Canada.

Please check out our website: or follow us on Twitter @mccm3.

Vote for your favourite model now! One vote per IP address.

For more details or information please check us on FB group page Miss Cambodian Calendar Model Search.


sarNie Adult
How is it possible to have her win as Ms. Cambodia when she has fake boobs with blonde hair. It should have been based on originality and more traditional like. Props to her winning, but why did she win? Was it her boobs and the blonde hair that originated on white people?


sarNie Hatchling
Hello Areeya,

Thank you for viewing our sneak peek of the event that occurred on Sunday May 6th, 2012. It was to find our top 12 models for our First Annual Miss Calendar Model

If you have visited our website it details the mission and objective of our Calendar Model Search criteria. It is overall the combination of beauty, confidence, enthusiasm during the event itself as well all of our contestants have been putting a lot of time and effort behind the scenes. All of this accumulates the point system in choosing the winner. In the end the Winner was chosen based all all of these variables. As it is a competition there are bound to be top winners but in the end I personally believe the judges and our team chose the best spokesperson and model for our MCCM company. We already know that in Canada in particular it takes courage and high self-esteem to even register and join in this competition as it is long overdue that new generation of beautiful Khmer Canadian women needs to make a name for ourselves in the Corporate Model/Fashion industry.. Beauty is subject to different viewpoints of many viewers, judges and attendees at the event and even as yourself you have your personal point of view of your ideals of beauty. 100 people, 100 opinions.

We are excited about the calendar to be rolled out before the Summer begins. Stay tuned as they will be available for sale online within Canada, US and Internationally. We will be vehemently be promoting our rich and ancient culture and of course adding a flair of Modern dimension of our Khmer women now.