[Film] The Forbidden Kingdom


The Forbidden Kingdom


"Shanghai Youth Daily reports that Forbidden Kingdom has begun production on May 2 in Dunhuang and is currently moving location to Hengdian. Most scenes in Dunhuang involves martial arts scenes and to keep things under wrap, they chose to shoot the desert scenes at a location that is 2 hrs journey from town. One scene is a battle scene between Li Bing Bing against Jet Li and Jackie Chan on horseback. As with all Hollywood productions, stunt doubles are being hired for the cast to ensure safety, and the major scenes in Dunhuang have been completed, only left with some action scenes involving stunt doubles. Liu Yi Fei observes that Hollywood production is more regulated in that it follows fixed timetable - no overtime work and all are given one day's off per week."



sarNie Hatchling
OMG...Jet Li and Jackie Chan is going to play a movie together? I can't wait to watch it. Is Jet Li the bad guy and Jackie the good guy? Or are they both the good guys?


sarNie OldFart
OMG OMG OMG...are you serious??? Jet Li, Jacky Chan, and Liu Yi Fei!!! I like all of them!! Is this a movie or a series???


sarNie Hatchling
:clap: :clap: :yahoo: :yahoo: :spin: :spin: OMG! i love them three actor especially jet li and crystal lui yi fei... so excited to see it! can't wait! AHHHH!!!!


sarNie Elites
its supposed to based on the monkey king legend...jet li is gonna be the monkey king...


sarNie Elites
Who is Liu Yi Fei? Any pix of him?
Can't wait to see jet/jackie!!!
liu yi fei is a girl..she was the xiao long nu in the recent condor heroes, she was also in chinese paladin with hu ge


sarNie Juvenile
Oh shit, liu is a girl. My back! Sorry..... ^_^
I thought liu was a boy. I didn't know
Thanks for clearing up thing.


sarNie Egg
movie sucked. the boy is ugly. only good part is the fight between jet li and jackie chan which didn't even finish.


my uncle just went and borrow the dvd from blockbuster, and it wasn't that good. i think that dicky cheng can play a better role as the monkey kin than jet li. is it just me or crystal look kinda dark in here. i remember she use to be white skinish when she's in chinese paladin.


Staff member
omg the movie is such a dissapiontment to me.. white boy was just so plain annoying and such a big whiner sheesh.... only cool parts were jet li n jackie chan.. n i thought it was not necessary for the white boy to be practicing kung fu at the end.. @_@ .. i thought jet li played the monkey king well.. but my fav actor who played monkey king gotta be stephen chow n dickie.. n i thought that they shouldve made liu yi fei killed li bing bing instead of jackie..