Favorite Storyline/Plots in Lakorns and Dramas?

Discussion in 'Thai' started by SuzieJ, Nov 12, 2018.

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    But it’s not the religion we’re dissecting lol it’s more about the glitz and glam, the romantic feel, the creativity!! Grrrrrr!! Y’all just don’t get it do you?? Lol. I need a new feel, away from the cheating/husband stealing drama since forever.:nut: The holidays feel, the festivity, the gifting season, the romance to center around that time of the year.

    If not, fall is also very pretty in Northern Thailand. I love it when they bundle up and wear boots and get all fashionable for fall. Lol. Oh god, am I thinking too western for Thailand, maybe?? Lol. :p

    Nvm then. Just stick to their country lakorn and cheating spouse cliche drama lol
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  2. xodxo

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    Ditto somebody got maids??? What????? Lol
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  3. But with Koreans dramas I hate how it’s always about the cold too! Lol. Seriously I agree with @xodxo about that lead girl in BBF. Oh my goodness. I tried watching LMH in there and had to drop it because the lead girl was just not flattering at all. The girl who played her best friend was cuter. Plus all these side girl characters were much cuter than the lead. Dang I’m sorry to her fans but I just cringed too much. :(
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  4. No I got you girl. I’m with you. I’m tired of cheating husbands and stuff. I want a new feel too. It’s beautiful with the gifts, songs, and holidays! ;)
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  5. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Yep reason why I discontinued BBF no matter who chummy looking LMH was lol couldn’t get past her sorry ya
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  6. Uh is it me or all the lead Korean girls generally have bangs and pale looking? So boring. Lol.
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    Not personal no but i do hire cleaning maids 2-3x a month. I'm not that messy but lordy do i hate cleaning. Thank goodness someone invented a dishwasher!! :risas3:
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    No i get you but you're asking for a holiday/celebration/scenaries that majority of the country are not familiar with. I think there's a better chance of like asking for the more chilly climate romance in northern Thailand. See i think that would so set the mood for like the type of romance lakorns i want with no OTT drama and comedy but girl I've been watching lakorns longer than some of these nangeks been alive and sad to say, not much have changed!! You'd think with the new young producers they would stop with the abuse and stuff? Nope, it's ingrained.
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  9. Ah I see. Cool. ;)
  10. Wow huh? Lol. I guess so.
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    I cringed at BOF too but I held on and finished it. I actually like Koo Hye Sun. Her other dramas are better. Watch the one with her husband, Blood. It's cute and adorable with a bit of vampire drama.

    Back on topic:
    Storylines I love,
    - RomCom
    - Slap/Kiss - something like when p'ek kidnaps n'ek for revenge.
    - Gender Bender, don't judge me ladies. >_< Hana Kimi, Budsaba (kob & Ake 'not sure if title is right'), You're Beautiful, To The Beautiful You, all of the others...
    - HS sweethearts meeting again as adults.

    Plots I'm not fond of: P'ek sleeping with all the female cast. Or husband/wife snatching. N'ek being a loser and crying all the time. A weak P'ek that listens to his mom all the darn time.
  12. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Yea that’s too sad that’s why I said they need to branch out, get creative, draw inspiration from the Koreans, Chinese, etc... grrrrr lol


    I think they’ll get there, to the Korean level, but prob not right away. Maybe give them another decade or so, when we are all gray LOL :p
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  13. tweedaly

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    I totally forgot to mention I'm a sucker for lakorns where p'ek and n'ek are childhood friends and when they grow up they fall in love with each other. Jai Rao, I need a Ken and Aff reunion.
  14. Ahh! This was my first ever Thai lakorn! I fell in love with Ken T and Aff! He was the most handsome and she was so beautiful! Lol. Til today no Thai actor measures up to Ken T in my book yet. But I love Taew equally to how I did towards Aff back then. Funny how these two resembles each other physically too! ;) I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking of Ken T. What a hottie. He’s aging gracefully too. Too bad he’s pass his prime. :)
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