Favorite OST of 2007


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Share your Favorite 2007 OST. The ones you think were good.

Mines would be ..

#1 Tui AF - Fiang Takieng Gub Tawun OST PooGong YodRuk

#2 Bee Namthip - Ying Glied Ying Kit Thung (belive that is the song) OST .. forgot the lakorn name LoL

#3 Big A$$ - Phom Likid OST (forgot the title of the lakorn ..think it was Kom Khon)

#4 Big A$$ - KropKhun (belive that is the song title) OST Kom Khon (I think .. Vee Jui's lakorn)


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def. loved Klin Kaew Klang Jai and Likit Kummathep's OST.'s
from Klin Kaew Klang Jai, Tor - Peur Ter
from Likit Kummathep, Rak mai dai klied mai long..i forget the artist lol


i haven't heard all the OSTs yet. so i'll be a little bias in my pick. :eek:

#1 the ost to the por/aum lakorn -- bupphae leh ruk.
#2 khom khon, although i really just liked the one song. ;)
#3 huajai sila. bie can sing.

i don't know what else has been out at all -- sadness. -_-


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Hua Jai Sila - I love the opening theme!
Krung Thep Ratree - Most of the songs!
Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong - Most of the songs!


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Mafia Tee Ruk- Bplae Wah Kop Koon
Plork Sanae Ha- end song LOVE that song! but don't kno what its called and no one will upload it in Buddie Media! lol
hmm... that's all i can think of at the moment o yea Wimarn Din love that song idk if its 2007 tho... lol


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Tui AF3 - Tagieng Grub Tawan Poo Kong Yord Ruk OST (Tui and Diana)
Boy Sitichai - Kor Thod Tee Mai Jiem Sao Baan Rai Gub Nai Hi So OST (Pepper and Ann A)
Ae Sassikarn - Ruk Mai Dai Glied Mai Lhong Likid Gammathep (Mart and Ann T)
Bie The Star - Hua Jai Korng Tur Hua Jai Sila (Bie and Fang)
Unknown Artist - Chun Gor Mee Jid Jai Maya Pissaward (Pepper and Ann A., Oh and Pang)
Aon-Sing Sarm Karn Preuksa Saward (Chatchai and Namfon P; Aon and Namfon K)
Big Ass - Prom Likid Khon Kom (Vee and Jui; Dan and Nina)
Big Ass - Khon Lhong Tarng Khon Kom (Vee and Jui; Dan and Nina)
Lookpad - Plor Ruk Sang Soon (Chakrit and Fang; Chakrit and Bee N)
Pete the Star - Mark Gwar Ruk Bupphey Reh Ruk (Aum and Por; Ouan and Ploy)
ETC - Natee Sood Tai Bupphey Reh Ruk (Aum and Por; Ouan and Ploy)
Jennifer Kim - Tur Ruk Chun Trong Nai Pluak Sanae Ha (Pong and Mam; Puri and Marrisa
Kat Rattikarn - Mai Luer Tur Mai Luer Krai Jom Jai (Paul and Benz)
Unknown Artist (Forgot LOL) - Niyai Ruk Kard Thorn Ghing Ga Lhong (Ae Issayria; Oh; Tah)
Unknown Artist - Rahard Rissaya Rahard Rissaya (Paul and Noon)

Thats All I can think of for right now LOL for right now that is will come back later
Boopae Lae Ruk (Aum & Por) - Chai Boopae Rueh Plao (Saruthya) & Mark Gwa Ruk (Pete)
Nong Miew Kearl Petch (Pinky & Cee) - Destiny (Pinky & Cee Version)
Dung Duang Haruthai (Kwan & Vier) - Dung Duang Haruthai (Vier Version)


sarNie Granny
^.- Rahut Rissaya (Paul & Noon), Mafia Tee Ruk (Chakrit & Pat), Likit Kammathep (Mart & Ann), Bussaba Leh Ruk (Vee & Kob), Buppae Leh Ruk (Por & Aum), Hua Jai Sila (Bie & Fang), Tookata Ruen Rabam (Paul & Pancake), Tard Ruk Taranong (Captain & Pim),....and so much more but can't think of them right now ^.-


sarNie Granny
Hua Jai Si La
Rahut Rissaya
Tard Ruk Taranong
Roy Adeed Hang Ruk

and more....................................


sarNie Oldmaid
my has to be Bplae Wa Kop Koon and Roo Seuk Yae Ost for Mafia Tee Ruk...and also Potato's song for Ruk Nee...juz cuz i love Potato..