Fansign Game!

Muddie Murda

I don't know how bad this game will go, but I'll give it a shot ^_^

Basically, you just make a fansign or something for the person above you. Then the person after you will have to make a fansign for you. You can write their name on a piece of paper, on your face/body, table, or whatever.

Do NOT photoshop the words in the picture. You HAVE to write it out and then take a picture of it.
You can do whatever the hell you want to the picture (like blur yo face out if you're so scured) but do have their name and your name (your name optional) clear or readable.

Hmmm...and please keep this rated PG-13. Keep your UNDIES and BOXERS ABOVE your pelvis....PLEASEEEEEEEEEE.

Let me start!! :D



sarNie Granny
haha believe it or not . When i went to this t-shirt print store they ask me do i want a sample t-shirt adn back den we didn't have a picture yet but i want to see their work before i order from them so i wrote wat was off the top of my head on a paper and give it to the guy LOL . This t-shirt was make back in Nov 2006 . It been wash many time . YOu can see it kind of peeling off lolll.>>>>>

ooooOOo dat soo cute !! hey !! i was goin send u "the hair"

Muddie Murda

wait, so this tshirt real? like a real designed printed shirt??! lol that's funny and SARN GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS. :( Don't send me the hair.... :( lol


sarNie Adult the sign suppose to be for whoever it is that's above me or for the last person who posted with a picture??

Muddie Murda

Umm, yea we're talking too much in here. hhahaha You can make it for the person who last did the fansign.
:D Sarath's probably waiting for another fansign made for her!

I need to make one T_T


sarNie Adult
I was gonna do one for sarath but Lek beat me to it.

So I call dibs on Lek!

------------edit-------------- you go Lek.... I tried my best. lol.



Bao is officially the SWEETEST CHICKA on my list atm!!! i love it bao, i was so excited to show everyone..hehe TY TY so much again..... yay!!! ehmm attention, next persons gotta do something good for bao, look @ what she's did, no one can top that :)


THAT SIGN IS SO COOL! you drew her pic too! everywuns is very cool..
can you not afford paper?! <_<! LOL JK <3 <3


sarNie Adult
lol lek...your welcome again. And make me blush .. lol. But yeaa...the next person shouldnt try to "top" me...there's nothing to top. I'll be happy so long as I get a sign. :D

kev...i think my pretty nails would match your pretty hands. (p.s. Im gonna cut them soon..dont worry. haha) drawing book was in front of me and it was one of those just clicked. lol.