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Gosh! I can't believe YOUTUBE had a limit of favorites, you can only favor 900 vdos :( I've got over the limit and I am deleting alot of vdos from my favors already but it won't decrease from some odd reason! :( Grr. Anyway, just wanted to share this wonderful mv of SOOD TAE JAI JA KWAI KA of Alex and Taew<3. So much better than the ones I made!! :) I didn't make this one, ROTTENCON did. :)

Alex and Taew Fanvid - Yoot Trong Nee Tee Ter (Eng sub)


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youtube has been so weird lately..
i go watch videos on my friend's playlist because theyre on private if theyre not your friends but omg.. im their friends but yet i cant view them still..
and like so many videos are blocked too....


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ceci, smile did not fade from my face while watching your mv. i've watched it so many times now! what program did u use? power director is it? i am still figuring my way using it. a slow learner one would say. hehehehe!!! :p

anyways, i wanna share another WWHJ fanmade MV. It's kind of sad....but I hope one would still enjoy it


Clips: Wong Wian Hua Jai
Song: Matahariku (My Sun) - Indonesian song
Singer: Agnes Monica


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Cikna, your mv makes me sad. Inspiring me to make a sad one of them LOl ..

as for using what program, i still use CYBERLINK POWER DIRECTOR ja. the new one is much better than the old version. I think it's version 8, it have a black color scheme.


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Nopes. For what I know no one ever uploads their mv for dl to anyone since it is their own creation ^^ But there is dl for my FON&AON mv though since I can't upload it on yt! -.-

It's on post#129 ;)