Fanfic Storyline/Plot Ideas?


sarNie Hatchling
Recently I've been wanting to write a fanfic starring Porshe and Peung, but I can't seem to think up a good storyline for it at all. So if anyone's willing to help me and post a plot/storyline they come up with for me to use for my fanfic then I'll be very thankful and I'll be sure to give you credit on the actual topic that I post my fanfic at.


-plot shouldn't be too complex since I'm still a beginner at writing fanfics
-plot shouldn't be too simple either (like a group of high school friends falling in love with each other or something)
-plot should be as detailed and creative as possible
-plot should include the p'ek (Porshe) as a cold-hearted guy who treats the n'ek (Peung) badly for some reason (you'll have to come up with that reason) and eventually falls in love with her

Thanks in advance for all those who decide to cooperate!

Note: Feel free to give suggestions of other characters you feel would make the fanfic more entertaining. WITH the exception that they have to be actors and actresses from Ch.5 and 7. Not because I have anything against Ch.3 actors but as you all know, Ch.5 and 7 have been collaborating and mixing around their actors and actresses lately, so I want it to seem like this is one of those lakorns.
Also, I'm aware that I've had two other fanfics that I said I would start on for a while now and have never actually gotten to them and the truth is, I haven't been very motivated to write and in addition, the plots I thought of were much too complicated in the long-run. So I've decided to cancel those two fanfics. Sorry for those who were waiting. I really do apologize for making you wait so long and in the end, not writing it. x(


- Marina ♥
Oooh, I'm really liking Porhse & Peung as a couple.
I really do miss Peung.
Hmm... a storyline .. storyline..
It should be revenge somehow....

I'll keep brainstorming.


sarNie Adult ive read over this and idk...aha lol i was bored so i came upp with a it is....Porshe is a rich guy who is cold hearted and Peung is an average girl who has some friends...her friends arent those kind who are always there for her and they are people who do whatever they want.except she has a best friend and her friend is best aticha i think she is channel 7?no shes channel 5 day one of Peung's best friend boyfriend tried to talk with Peung but Peung knows that he is her friend's boyfriend..she manages to get away but then a misunderstanding(you can do the misunderstanding part) occurs and Best soon hates her..... Peung is sad that her best friend can think that... she soon meets Porshe when fate makes them both meet on a bus...Porshe is forced to take the bus that one day because his parents grounded him for going out all night... Porshe is already pissed off and then Peung ends up sitting on the bus with him because she couldnt find a spot to sit...Porshe gets annoyed when Peung sits next to him..He ignores her...Peung gets sleepy and ends up falling asleep on his shoulder... Porshe is annoyed but then he ignores her anyways and then looks at her..She was a beautiful girl..Peung gets up when the bus missed her stop and left.Porshe feels happy seeing someone so lovely..Ok lets go to how he hates her.. so Best also knows Porshe and she likes Porshe too...Porshe sees pictures of Best and Peung that they took together..Porshe asks her if she knows Peung..Best tells him that Peung was her best friend but Peung stole her boyfriend and they became enemies... Porshe is disgusted that Peung are those kind of girls...He meets her again and misunderstand her because someone was trying to molest her.. Porshe saved her but tells her she is a girl who thinks is all that and wants many guys and he mentions about her stealing a boyfriend..Peung is sad and confuse but thanks him...He doesnt care and thinks that she is only doing that on purpose..he tells her "If you want to do with someone, please dont do it in the public. I hate girls who give their bodies to guys."

ahah ok i think you can go from there..yepp THis is the storyy!!thanks!!


sarNie Oldmaid hard to think on the spot but here goes

Porshe is a cold hearted guy who had a past that still haunts him. His dad was accused of murdering a co-worker and sent to prison. His father made promises to him that he couldn't keep because his father died in prison for what seems to be suicide. Porshe had lost his mother since he was young due to illness. So losing his dad devastated him. Porshe has a younger sister who became diagnosed with Lupus recently and is caring for her while he seeks the truth.

Peung is an only child who is spoiled. She does things for herself. She really doesn't have any true friends except for the servant's son who sees her 'loving side'. He secretly loves her, but can't have her knowing her status. Porshe meets Peung when he changes his identity and lands a job @ her parent's company. He wants to seek revenge on the people who put his father in jail and to find out the truth.

Plot: Peung's mother was one of the witnesses at Porshe's father's trial. Porshe had done research and found Peung's parents suspicious after his father was arrested. They somehow made enough money to buy out all of his father's shares in stock and start their own company that is growing even more popular. Peung's mother had randomly showed up at the parking garage to deliver lunch for her husband and saw Porshe's father peering down at a coworker's body 7 stories down. He looked frightened seeing her and kicked the knife that was on the ground away. Blood stains were on his shirt and floor. The coworker's body had stabbing wounds and a bullet wound. The gun was never found. He 'committed suicide' before the verdict came out.

Porshe believes his father is innocent.