Fad Lhong Hon


sarNie Hatchling
Does anyone have the English subbed version of this lakorn or the detailed summary of this lakorn?


sarNie Oldmaid
Here's my short summary:

N'ek has a mean twin sister whom wants to have whatever she wants not caring about n'ek. P'ek falls in love with n'ek and wants to marry her, but her evil twin sister loves p'ek and will not allow n'ek to be happy with him. During n'ek and p'ek wedding day, the evil twin sister managed to "switch" with the n'ek. The real n'ek was passed out in the room while the evil twin pretends to be the bride and marrys p'ek. P'ek starts to become suspicious because he can tell the two twins apart, he managed to get back with the real n'ek and the evil twin is furious because she also was p'ek "wife". The evil twin tries to kill herself one day, but a scientist drove by and saved her life...so he can benefit by using someone who wants to commit suicide as a "dummy" for his invention to turn things invisible. The evil twin agrees to test out his invention, and it was a success--he turned the evil twin invisible. So she pretended to be a ghost and went to take revenge by haunting n'ek so she can't live happily with p'ek....

There is much more that happens, but I'm too lazy to write it all out hehe. Hope it helped.