Ex member of Morning Musume suspended

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    Suspension may see ex-Morning Musume star's career go up in smoke
    Ai Kago -- suspended indefinitely on Thursday night for underage smoking. (Mainichi)

    Ex-Morning Musume member Ai Kago was suspended indefinitely late Thursday night after her talent agency confirmed a scandal sheet had caught her smoking while underage.

    Friday, a weekly photo journal that specializes in paparazzi shots of celebrities, caught 18-year-old Kago puffing away at a restaurant in Tokyo's trendy Ebisu district on Jan. 28, a spokesman for her talent agency said.

    Friday's coverage of the event will hit the stands on Feb. 10.

    Talent agency officials said that they are continuing to discuss Kago's career path with the teenager and her parents. Since leaving Morning Musume, Kago has joined "W," another all-girl group.

    Minors in Japan are banned from smoking. The legal age of adulthood is 20 and smoking before then is outlawed.

    In April last year, another Morning Musume celebrity, Mari Yaguchi, quit the popular group after a weekly photo magazine showed her on a date with an actor. (Mainichi)

    source: http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/entertainment
  2. darvil

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    Ah that sucks. I think Kango is kinda cute :p

    Anyway smoking age is 20 in Japan? its kinda odd that its 18 years in the US here. To make up for it.. their age of consent is kinda young lol.

    Anyway looks like the ones I like get into trouble.. Like Mari

    Don't tell my friends I listen to some of their songs :shock:
  3. Nameless

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    ahahha Darv. It's okay that you listen to their songs.

    Seems like these girls has hit the rebellious stage. Ai Kago, I think she's the one that went on a 'pretend' date with Gackt on a tv show. She was like 13 at the time.

    But then it's not their fault they feel like intoxicating their lungs. :D
  4. neena

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    Geez, that's sad. i've heard many japanese celebs getting suspended lately because of underage smoking and drinking. you need to be careful in the japanese entertainment industry. In Morning Musume, Mari Yuguchi is the only one i know of because she is Oguri Shun's girlfriend.
  5. darvil

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    Yea she was. I actually saw that clip subtitled in english LOL. Now she's in that W group with her buddy.

    I had a crush on Mari! :blink:
  6. chibichaos

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    aww that sucks i really lyk moring usume
    but kago is so cute!! ^_^

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