Emi Suzuki

Discussion in 'Japanese' started by Nameless, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    I just think she's hot B) .



    Here's the graphic I did of her.

  2. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

    nice work...1st she looks so skinny..
  3. koishii

    koishii sarNie Fansubber

    Very cute.
  4. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    yea she is damnit!!! i wanan look like that =(
  5. STIMA

    STIMA Guest

    ugh. you think shes hot? hella ugly JP lol yeah shes HOT!! =D i love her hair in the Fred Bare one.
  6. thai freak

    thai freak sarNie Egg

    wah she's cute >.< I wish i was purdy like dat T_T
  7. sueko

    sueko sarNie Egg

    omigod, she's to the extreme skinnie!!! her arm is like pencil :shock:
    she's like the walking skeleton... :eek: besides her body, her facial features is very kawaii.. :)
  8. Preahya

    Preahya sarNie Hatchling

    she the pinky girl....got more attention due to being the lead in the *sakura* video by tejimeshi(something like that).
    She*s cute but the models from VIVI are hotter than her!!!
  9. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo THE KT OF SARNIES

    wait on second note shes a little too skinny
  10. hakage

    hakage sarNie Egg

    shes FAT! :lmao: shes hot but not her teeth...
  11. Pee

    Pee sarNie Elites

    ahh! nameless nice graphic u did on her ^^
  12. Rakniran

    Rakniran Guest

    oh yeah ,she is hot
  13. dfemc

    dfemc sarNie Adult

    hot girls...what to do what to do.
  14. ash_o0

    ash_o0 sarNie Egg

    cute girl but I have to agree, she is too skinny!
  15. kaopat

    kaopat sarNie Egg

    i love her! she does hav model material...

  16. genkers

    genkers sarNie Juvenile

    she the leader of the girls in gal circle right?
  17. milacute04

    milacute04 sarNie Egg

    she looks really pretty but her arm looks unhealthy..

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