Elle's Fashion for Life. Feat. Ken, Ananda, Sunny, Chompoo, and more!


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...with Positive Partner Project to fundraise through a huge concert event to support those affected by HIV/AIDS. More details from the source, Lyn's Lakorn Blog, http://iheartlakorns.com/2009/04/elle-fashion-for-life/

....other stars includes: Pancake, Mew, Cindy, Tata, Dome, Nat Myria, singer of Modern Dog, and Mario among others. And for those interested, magazinedee.com has two different shots with Mew and an unknown person as well.

I'll bring over Ken's pic for about 90% of you guys here ^_^

And Sunny's shot for about 0.03% (me! I guess :lol: )

And in addition to Lynn's pics, I found a clip on the photoshoot experience featuring Mew, Moderndog, Tata, Chom, and Pancake.


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hey, so where's ananda? :blink: i came in here cuz of his name. :D
Ask, and you shall recieve :lol:

Elle.co.th has a special featurette on it where Paula and the Frotastic Pae are also featured in the campaign. The website has plans to include more behind the scenes info, interviews, and clips regarding the campaign coming soon B) Can't wait I hope there's more stuff with Sunny and Paula...LOVE THEM.


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dude...ananda and ken looks amazing HOT!!!
Don't u think that ananda kinda of look like orlando bloom :mellow:


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whoa ... ken doesn't look like himself AT ALL !
Yeah, I don't know if you would agree, but when I saw Ken's pic I thought he looked Caucasian :huh:

I can see the resemblance between Ananda and Orlando, but for me Ananda>Orlanda! He's perfectly RIPPED


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Just a follow up....more pics and vids on the event. Pictures are beautiful, I wish more magazines had this level of standards.





? Singer from Bodyslam??? He just looks too fierce to not be included

Chompoo, Pancake, Modern Dog Singer

More pics and vids of the fashion show and commercial campaigns for the event @ the source