Dung Duang Tawan(Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Adult
Jaja is heckaaaaaaaaaaaaaa annoying. arrg. get off romes nuts already. lmao. im jk(= i feel sorry for the dads =( they're so cool. lol. i feeel worst for jakajan's dad, he hecka trusts her but she let him down like that, wat an asss. Dek jai taekkkkk!


sarNie Hatchling
i feel bad for both Jaja's dad & Jakajan's dad.. especially Jaja's dad. he has to put up with her immaturity & she be takin his money. i would smack the ISH outta her! gosh, she is SOOO ANNOYING and everytime she does something nice, her dad thinks its going towards him but really she's doing it for Rome. I feel sooo bad for him lol. as for Jakajan, she's hella stupid herself, sooo needy & i can't believe she lets Tao disrespect her father & she even has the nerves to ask her dad to massage Tao's back.. i would smack her too! lol. gosh, makes me sooo mad!!


sarNie Adult
in my opinion....i think that this is a very boring lakorn...gets o my nerves.....

i dislike the way vicky and all the dad's act...really annoting..:(


sarNie Adult
no its actually not that bad :] i enjoy watching it. its sad. teaches you stuff too. lol i agree with leelee, jakajan should soooooooooooooooo be slapped for making her dad massage tao's back. wtf kinna crap is that! arrrg! well rome & vicky are too cute :] happpy ending? whooooooO!


You're Average Person :)
i couldn't agree more!!!!
jaja is supppperrrr annoying
like geez rome doesn't even like her

and jakajan.. i feel so bad for her dad


sarNie Coma
how many epi does this lakorn had left?..should it be ending next week. i only watch til tape 3 and stoped


sarNie Adult
I've quit on this lakorn too. This and KTR is boring.
I think I can only watch Rome lakorn, when Rita is the n'ek :rolleyes:
But Noon is just as good as Rita too now :p


sarNie Adult
i think its good in its own way....since this is more of a chewit lakorn.....verse ur typical thai lakorn.....


sarNie Granny
liked the lakorn...rome and vicky are so cute together...their acting with each other is so sweet...hope they have another lakorn together^^


sarNie Adult
I KNOW! they should definitely have another lakorn together. this lakorn was sweet :D happy ending. woot woot!


sarNie Coma
vicky should work with ken and rome again. their lakorn together wasnt all that great and no sweet scenes!..this lakorn is life drama while the one with ken is action


sarNie Adult
Was this drama worth of watching? i'm thinking about buying this drama.
Happy ending?


Lakorn Obsesser
I never had a chance to finish this lakorn because it starting getting on my nerves after a few episodes.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Jakjann was so selfish and horrible to her family. So annoying. The lakorn itself was good, a good life lesson for a father's love. I just wished they would show more of a relationship between Rome and Vicky, the ending for them was kinda left blank which makes me wonder.