sarNie Egg
what type of drugs have u tried before??

i smoke weed everyday.....

oOHh yeah and i tried extacy before i cant count how many times i've done it haha but i've done alot but now i've calmed down i only do it when i go to raves now. but i dont think i'm addicted to it i didnt want it everyday i did it like almost every weekend. its more of a happy drug which u get addicted to the feeling but its a mixture of all types of drugs in it.

so yeahhhh where i'm living now (utah) they have alot of crystal meth addicts even my cousins are doing it but i wouldnt ever try that shiit! i've seen what it does to people nott goood at all i tried to stop my cousins but failed....but still trying!

whats your guy's stories??


um crystal meth? eww u see their faces? holy moly...

ummm they still have raves now a days... i think that is soo old school.


Sexy Back
use to smoke weed and drop e but not anymore i guess it was just a phrase i was going thro


sarNie Adult
i smoke and sometimes with friends i use weed its good lol funny when i get stoned loool never really took anything else tho


sarNie Adult
I've never done weed.. although plenty of opportunities.. I just didn't think it would something I could control since I have enough vices already and I'm already a slave to alot of things (like PCs for example).

Either way.. that crystal meth is scary shit. That stuff isn't something anyone should do.


sarNie Hatchling
I've done Ecstasy, Shrooms... that's pretty much the only 'hardcore' drugs that I ever did. I used to smoke weed everyday but stopped now for the new years. And I'm not planning to go back... it was fun for a little while but I grew out of it.


sarNie Egg
dang alot of people tried e before huh! to the people that have were u guys into techno/trance music? i listened to like freestyle before i tried it now i like techno music alot more hahah even when i'm not thizzin i just like to bump it.

e is dangerous though because i hear alot of stories of people having seizures and i actually witnessed one! it was hella scary! one recent story i heard hahah its a bit nasty but this girl was suckin dis guy off and she had a seizure and bit it off.

^i wanna try shrooms! hahah people tell me alot of stories it seems fun! but i heard people get bad trips off it. they tell me like when u go tot he bathroom and look in the mirror u get all stuck there just lookin at yourself??


lol... ur story was funny but quite scary!! :eek:

haha i know alot of ppl who does E, i guess i grew up with all of them popping E and driving them around til they finish off their session... it's quite odd.

i naturally listen to techno and freestyle, and discovered my friends that began to pop would enjoy listening to my music haha... it's strange they soon just liked it automatically too... but my friend tells me he wants to pop everytime he hears trance/techno, so if u're looking for out... u gotta listen to something else hehe :p

ray shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! u know u don't rave urself!


sarNie Egg
hahah thats pretty kool just drivin around especially when u got a system hahaha gives you a massage and shiit. did u ever thizz and drive?? my eyes gets attracted to the lights hahha....

yeahh when i listen to some techno it makes me wanna thizz sooo bad hahah and do some light shows or somethin hahha

how many illz have u dropped in one night? not at the same time but when your thizz comes down?

the most i've done is 5 in one night til the morning hahah and the most i've done at the same time was 2 seems like i cant just have one....