Does Kenichi Matsuyama have a gf??????

Discussion in 'Japanese' started by may-lyn, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. may-lyn

    may-lyn sarNie Hatchling

    Hey guys!!!!!!!!
    I was wondering if Kenichi Matsuyama (L from death note)
    had a gf???
  2. thuynmt

    thuynmt sarNie Fansubber

    Yes, and that girl is me. :lol:

    Please no! He's so hot!
  3. may-lyn

    may-lyn sarNie Hatchling

    AHH!!!!! LOL NO!!!!!!!!!
    I dont think so!!!! he's mine!jk jk jk jk! hehehe

    haha^^ lo i hope he doesnt have would devastate me..
  4. thuynmt

    thuynmt sarNie Fansubber

    I heard from somewhere that he has a crush on the girl who played as Light's girlfriend in Death Note.
  5. 7270

    7270 7270

    agh yesh. misa-misa.

  6. may-lyn

    may-lyn sarNie Hatchling he has a crush on misa misa????
    did he ever ask her out??

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