Digital Camera


sarNie Juvenile
haha goodone namie, remember to tell ur kids to stay away from them too... haaha

anyways i'm not all that great with knowing about camera's.........but from what kevin has said i'm good with clicking it... haha with the selection i made, i chose the color PINK... it's so Kawaii....hahaha wanna see???
I have that camera..but mine's's ok...still new...hardly touch it..more of my 2 year old nephew taking his own pix....


sarNie Adult
oh man, those cameras are soooo good

i love the touch screens, my friend got one, and it's not like the chocolate phones where when you touch it, everything goes crazy, but you actually press down and it goes to the next picture...but what i don't like about it is that it takes a while to load the picture...the pixels come out big and then they focus...other than that...amazing and sexy

but yeah, cameras are supposed to go in order. t10 t20 ect.
ok..thanks for the answer...i think i wanna get the one w/ the touch screen...haha...its just i think im going for the T50 one...isnt the T100 a touch screen as well since it came out after T50? but it didnt say anything about touch screen for the T100...