Dao Duang Mai (A New Star) [CH.1 UPDATED!]


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Hey everyone! I'm a new member and I absolutely love this forum especially the fanfiction section. Seeing all these Yadech fanfics just makes me tempting to write one. So here we go!!! This is going to be a first so don't go too hard on me. :D

FanFiction: Dao Duang Mai (The New Star)
Genre: Drama, Romance

Yaya Urassaya- as one of Nadech’s childhood friends whom he has a crush on and later becomes a hot, rising model

Nadech Kugimiya- a Thai/Japanese young man whose father left him before he was born, dreams to be singer

Mint Natwara- the daughter of a wealthy record label owner who falls for Nadech

Mario Maurer- engaged to Mint but unable to gain her love and later falls for Yaya

Marie Broenner- a hot model/actress who secretly has a crush on Kao

Kao Jirayu- a photographer and Mario’s younger brother who also falls for Yaya

Phet Thakrit- one of Nadech’s childhood friends who help him become a singer and later also becomes his manager; he too has a crush on Yaya

Tai Penpak Sirikul- Nadech’s mother

Nadech is a poor young man whose father is Japanese and mother is Thai. His father left him before he was born and since then was raised by his mother. Ever since he was young, Nadech was a very filial child. He dreams to be a singer so he can get his mother out of poverty. Nadech’s best friends, Yaya and Phet, support him all the way. Together, they would write music and compose songs. One day, Phet finds Nadech a job at a local bar as a temporary singer. There, he is discovered by, Khun Chai Wongwasana (Mint’s father), who is a record label owner. Khun Chai Wongwasana sees potential in Nadech so he does all he can to promote a new star for his company. Nadech rushes home to tell his mother and Yaya the news and at the same time, Yaya also has good news to share with Nadech. Later, Nadech becomes a famous singer and Yaya becomes a hot, new rising model. Phet, on the other hand, is also hired by Khun Chai Wongwasana’s company to be Nadech’s manager. Nadech and Yaya soon learns that being a star isn’t all about being rich and famous but there are also complications and competition. One by one, other guys begin to fall for Yaya putting Nadech in a state of jealousy. The battle of the new stars gets even more complicated and dirty as more and more people become involved.


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An example of Chapter One...

Chapter One
As usual, Nadech woke up early to help his dear mother to prepare the necessary ingredients, meats, and vegetables for her food cart. His mother is a food vendor and a very well known one. Even though they are poor, Nadech is happy with his life but at the same time, feels sorry for his mother.
Nadech’s father is Japanese but Nadech have never seen him before. He left Nadech before Nadech was even born. Perhaps, he doesn’t even know that Nadech exists in the world.

“…bprode sohng krai maa rak chun tee…”
Nadech sang as he set up his mother’s food cart. Besides helping his mother out, Nadech loved to sing. Sometimes, he would even put up a little show for his mother’s customers.
“Are you done yet honey?”
“Krub, mae,” replied Nadech.
Nadech pushed the cart to the door for his mother.
“Khob jai na look,” she said.
“Ja mae,” answered Nadech. “Are you ready to go?”
She nodded and Nadech pushed the cart out of the door while his mother locked up the house behind them. They turned a corner and parked the cart at the usual spot. There, Nadech set up the two sets of tables and chairs he had brought along with them.
“All set, Mom,” he called to his mother.
“Ja ae! What’s cooking today?”
Nadech looked up and smiled. His best friend, Yaya, was standing in front of the food cart smiling brightly at his mother. Nadech walked up to them.
“Me,” he said.
“What?” asked Yaya.
“You asked what’s cooking so I answered me,” said Nadech.
He was still smiling and behind his mother’s back, he winked at the now blushing Yaya.
“Baa,” said Yaya, in a loud whisper.
She turned to Nadech’s mother.
“Do you need me to help with anything?” asked Yaya.
“Mai bpen rai ja,” replied Nadech’s mother. “Khob jai na ja noo.”
“My mother doesn’t need your help but I do,” said Nadech, sitting down in one of the chairs.
Not wanting to be rude in front of Nadech’s mother, Yaya asked what Nadech needed help with.
“I need someone to help fulfill my heart,” replied Nadech.
Yaya blushed again. She turned around so Nadech wouldn’t see her pink cheeks.
“Jai ja kard laew aoey,” sang Nadech, at the top of his lungs.

So what do you think so far?


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Continued please!! Nadech seems like hes really in love with Yaya, i.....i.....i think im hearing something like a slap and kiss scene coming in later on the story hahaha love slap and kiss scenes!!!


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Hey everyone I'm back from vacation! I'm going to continue this and update the rest of Chapter One as soon as possible. Thanks for reading na ka!


FF Writer!! Love it!
Its okay take your time we can wait!!!


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^Kiki- Thanks!

Also wanted to mention that I might be adding supporting characters along the way so if you have suggestions of anyone you would like for me to add to make the story more dramatic or hotter, feel free to speak your mind!


FF Writer!! Love it!
^Kiki- Thanks!

Also wanted to mention that I might be adding supporting characters along the way so if you have suggestions of anyone you would like for me to add to make the story more dramatic or hotter, feel free to speak your mind!
HAha they call me Kia, haha nice to meet you. I know your new right?? Well I don't know who to mention actually I have two ff I'm working on and there already dramatic for me to handle. If to give you some advice anything involving Yadech than its going to be dramatic haha I don't know if you've read my ff but always have sweet scenes to surprisingly tragedy or something like that helps also to make the story either hotter or dramatic!! Keep it up...


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^Oh sorry Kia! Yep, as you can tell I am new to asianfuse. Nice to meet you two and no, I haven't stumbled upon any of your fanfics yet. I'm still learning to navigate this website. I was so pissed that it was down yesterday! And thanks for the advice!


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“Alright, that’s enough Nadech,” said Nadech’s mother. “If you’re going to sing like that, mind as well don’t sing at all.”
“Mae, mae krub, you should give me some motivation,” said Nadech.
Yaya snorted and said goodbye to Nadech and his mother.
“I have to go to school now na ka,” said Yaya.
“Ja, have a nice day na noo,” said Nadech’s mother.
After Yaya disappeared, Nadech’s mother turned to look at him.
“Don’t make a sad face like that,” she told him. “I’m sorry that I’m incapable of putting you in school.”
Nadech got up and hugged his mother.
“Mae krub, don’t say that,” said Nadech. “Even though I’m not in school, I can’t still help you out here. Besides, Yaya and Phet always shares some of their lessons with me. Don’t feel bad na krub mae.”
Still, Nadech’s mother felt like a bad mother. She had always blamed herself for not being able to send Nadech to college.

“I have something very important to announce to everyone,” began Khun Chai Wongwasana. “As everyone knows, our pop star Mac Weeradon, has come a long way and has proved to be very successful. At this time, I would like to announce the arrangement of Mac’s first huge concert as a promotion.”
Everyone in the meeting room clapped.
After Khun Chai Wongwasana explained what he expected out of everyone, the meeting ended and everyone left the meeting room in high spirits. Mint, Mario, and Khun Chai Wongwasana were the last ones to leave. While still in the meeting room, Khun Chai Wongwasana turned to Mint and Mario.
“I want you two to go ahead and book and survey the largest theater,” said Khun Chai Wongwasana. “Better yet, get that done today before anyone else gets to it.”
“Krub,” replied Mario.
Mint nodded and smiled at her father.
“Dee mak,” said Khun Chai Wongwasana, and he left the meeting room.
Mario turned to Mint.
“Shall we go now?” he asked her.
“If you want to go, then go on right ahead,” said Mint. “I’m not going with you.”
“Mint,” said Mario, tugging her arm softly. “Can’t you just give me a chance? After all, we are engaged.”
“But I don’t love you,” said Mint confidently.
She walked out the meeting room leaving the sad faced Mario behind her.

“Hey, Aie Dech! Aie Dech!”
Nadech was chopping some vegetables when he heard his best friend, Phet, call his name. Judging by Phet’s voice and tone, Nadech expected some cheerful news.
Phet reached the food cart and gasped for breath. Behind him was the panting Yaya. As usual, Phet and Yaya visited Nadech after school but this time, they seemed like they were really anxious to see him.
“Are you two okay?” asked Nadech’s mother. “It seems like you were really in a hurry.”
“Krub,” replied Phet.
Phet snapped in front of Nadech’s face to get his attention.
“Arai wa?” asked Nadech.
“You won’t believe this,” said Phet.
“Mac Weeradon is having a concert!” exclaimed Yaya.
“Oho, jing ler?!” asked Nadech excitedly.
“Of course!” exclaimed Phet. “Otherwise, Yaya and I wouldn’t rush up here to tell you like that.”
“The concert is right after our graduation,” said Yaya. “Do you want to go with us?”
Nadech’s facial expression suddenly changed.
“I can’t,” said Nadech. “The concert is all the way in Krungthep. I can’t just leave my mother here alone.”
Phet and Yaya exchanged looks.
“Mai pen rai,” said Nadech’s mother, stepping in the conversation.
She could tell her son really wanted to go.
“If you want to go, go,” she told Nadech.
“Arai na mae?” asked Nadech.
He shook his head.
“I’m not going to leave you,” said Nadech.
“I’m fine son,” she said. “You deserve a break. Just go have fun with Yaya and Phet.”
Even though his mother gave him the green light, Nadech was still unsure. He would feel really bad to leave his mother behind.

That night, Yaya and Phet joined Nadech and his mother for dinner at their house. Yaya and Phet both loved Nadech’s mother’s cooking and always enjoyed every bit of it. They also always regarded Nadech’s mother as their mother. Besides, they were next door neighbors so it was convenient for one to visit another.
Oddly, dinner that night was silent.
“Will you guys lighten up?” asked Nadech’s mother. “I don’t see how this is a hard situation for you three. Nadech, I know you want to go to the concert. Stop worrying about me and just go enjoy yourself.”
“Chai si,” said Yaya. “My parents will surely help look after your mother.”
“Mine too,” said Phet. “My father will do the same.”
Nadech shook his head.
“Son, if you don’t go, you will miss out on a lot of things not just the concert,” said Nadech’s mother. “You should go see what Krungthep has to offer. There are many opportunities in the big city unlike here. Who knows, you all might run into some luck.”
“Uh chai,” said Phet. “Perhaps, you could pursue your music career.”
“Phet’s right,” agreed Nadech’s mother. “Would you walk past an opportunity? Do you want to live like this forever?”
Nadech finally understood. His mother was right. What if he did run into an opportunity? Perhaps, he could get his mother out of her current state of living. He does want her to have a better life after all.
“I’m going,” said Nadech finally.

After dinner, Phet showed Nadech the new song he had just finished composing. Yaya looked over Nadech’s shoulder and tried to make a tune out of it.
“Hey listen man,” began Phet. “We have a few weeks until the concert. By that time, you would’ve saved up plenty of money that would probably be more than enough to last for the concert and sightseeing in Krungthep. As for Yaya and I, we’d be already done with school and we could put our knowledge to use in Krungthep. It’s a win-win situation.”
“But I don’t have a good education like you guys,” said Nadech.
“But you have talent,” said Yaya, patting Nadech on the back. “You can sing and dance.”
“Chai peuan,” agreed Phet.
Nadech smiled.
“Alright, whatever you guys say,” said Nadech.
“Just don’t forget us if you do become a famous singer,” said Phet.
The friends laughed and sang loudly into the night.

It was only a few days away from his concert and Mac was overloaded with joy and excitement. After the excessive training that day, Mac decided to privately meet with a couple of friends at Club 99 for a celebration. He treated everyone to unlimited drinks and Mac himself, had one drink after another.
After two or three hours, Mac’s friends bid their farewells and thanked him for the drinks. The all departed to their own ways and Mac staggered out into the parking lot to his car. Half awake and half drunk, Mac got behind the wheel…


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Please update soon haha Im bored and am tired of writing now so I came to read again thanks!!


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Hey peeps, I'm thinking about dropping this one. I like the plot of Poo Dee Gammalor better.