Countries you'd like to visit

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  1. sugar

    sugar เฟริสค่ะ

    1. JAPAN
    2. S. KOREA
    3. CHINA
  2. Captainlover

    Captainlover sarNie Elites

    I want to visit Thailand the most.

    China, Japan, and i want to go to Europe and last South Korea. i will just said most of the countries over seas.
  3. pecco

    pecco sarNie Juvenile

    Hmm---id like to visit---





    And of course Thailand :)
  4. BlueMoon

    BlueMoon SArNWorld STAFF

    Well...I'll add on from Sugar's post...France...Italy...Switzerland....Spain...Great Britain...Argentina...and Australia.

    My friend is currently in Japan she's learning I told her she better translate for me later when she comes back.
  5. anti-hmong

    anti-hmong sarNie Hatchling

    thailand...becuz i was born there
  6. Fenix

    Fenix Nang Fah

    Thailand for sure.
  7. mskinyi

    mskinyi Guest

    as for me.... thailand, cambodia, south korea, japan, and france i guess
  8. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

    ummm Thailand is a big yes.. hell I wouldn't mind living there.

    As for other countries.. I would like to visit Australia, Mongolia, Greece (I'm a big greek fan), Italy (for Rome), China (always facinated me), Japan (obviously), and S. Korea (another obvious one :p ) I would also like to visit certain parts of south america.. mainly ruins and stuff.. not really too interested in their culture.. and finally my home country Burma :lol:
  9. Muddie Murda

    Muddie Murda smile...

    Thailand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thailand 1st!!!!!!!!

    If I go to anywhere else outta country first, i'd cry and refuse and cry more! haha

    Thailand all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    thailand,japan,korea,paris,london,cambodia,italy,and greek

    now where to get the money?? hmm .. im planning to go to thailand next summer ^_^ anyone wanan come?? teheee
  11. khmai_gurl

    khmai_gurl sarNie Egg

    Cambodia the most to see the Angkor Wat and stuff France and then thialand but i don't kno Thai! :unsure:
  12. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    they know english ahah ^_^ learn basic thai you can ask us here if you need help ^_^
  13. khmai_gurl

    khmai_gurl sarNie Egg

    ohh my bad my sis lied she said that some peole won't kno english she's a liar thanks kawaii tenyo!
  14. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    some wont but most will it depends onw here you go in thailand i guess ..
  15. sugar

    sugar เฟริสค่ะ

    It all depends where you go in Thailand, like the tourist-y areas, most people there can speak English heh, well many Thais are taking English so you shouldn't really have a problem ^_^
  16. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    you just repeat what i just said hahah ^_^
  17. Fenix

    Fenix Nang Fah

    I'll go with you if you need someone to go with. The money you can ask your parents for it.

    If you don't know Thai you can still talk to those people by using your hand language and stuff like that. Some Thai students that are learing english still can't really speak it. They are only learning like the basics. And plus they only use it when they are in school. If anyone needs help with some Thai words you can always ask me. I'll try my best to help you guys out.
  18. mokka

    mokka sarNie Adult

    for me, i would love to visit
    china, hong kong, cambodia, italy, australia, france england, Thailand (again), phillipines, and more
  19. juicee

    juicee sarNie Elites

    there are way too many to name, but I'll give it a shot....

    Places I want to go and have't been:
    - Morocco
    - Russia
    - Brazil
    - China
    - Cambodia
    - etc

    Places I've been numerous times, but wouldn't mind going back...
    - Thailand, of course
    - the U.K.
    - France
    - Italy
    - Ireland
    - Spain
    - Greece
    - Bali
    - Hong Kong
    - Bahamas
    - Barbados
    - Japan
    - Germany
    - Australia
    - Czech Republic (mainly Prague)
    - etc

    okay there's a lot more, but i don't feel like listing it all...
  20. juicee

    juicee sarNie Elites

    yeah if ya stick to touristy places they all know english. and yes, thai kids do take the required english in school, but it's kinda like if you took french, english, german, etc in high school, and then years later, you go to that country, it doesn't mean you're gonna be fluent or understand every word. ne ways, you'll be fine though. i've had friends who didn't speak thai and visited thailand and they did fine. in fact, when my cousin and I were younger we would pretend we didn't speak thai - it's pretty funny though - well actually most thai people assume that i don't speak thai. it's always fun to play dumb, then you can listen to what they're saying about you....

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