Converting soft subs to hard subs

Discussion in 'FanSub' started by nappi23, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. nappi23

    nappi23 sarNie Egg

    how do i convert soft subs to hard subs! Can somebody help me please. Thanks in advance :shocked:
  2. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    all i know is can do it in virtual dub..but you have to have some sound codec for mpeg layer 3..other than that..i have no clue else..i've tried asking darvy once..and he did mention to go to one of the thread that he have up for tutoring..i hope you can look in there..and see if you can figure it out..otherwise..tmpeg works too..but that..i still have yet to figure out how to..

    to be honest nappie..i have no clue..but i knw that these two program works like ''GOOD''..:)..maybe darvy can help you more..:)
  3. sugar

    sugar เฟริสค่ะ

    If your video file is avi then try AVI ReComp.
  4. nappi23

    nappi23 sarNie Egg

    Thanks for the reply guys. I actually looked at the tutorial section but I didn't see it for converting. I'll look again. Thanks again guys. :D
  5. gs

    gs Sexy Back

    there dis prg called sub mux where it turn soft sub into hard sub but it only work in certain files or u can use this video convert called win avi where it turn soft sub into hard sub as well
  6. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

    Incredibly easy to do

    Download Virtualdub

    Open your video file

    Then click on "filters"

    then click on "add"

    then click on "textsub"

    it should be pretty obvious from here on

    you will see choices such as the font.. subtitle colors etc etc
  7. mrparanoid

    mrparanoid sarNie Egg

    virtualdub is definately the easiest prog for this...and the best..
    if you dont get the hang of it pm me i'll help.. can also look at loads of apps and tutorials..

    and filters for virtualdub.. including a virtualdub mod for editing dat files (vcd)

    good luck
  8. sweetyaj

    sweetyaj sarNie Elites

    mmm..i knoe this don't really have anything to do with this subject...but wat program would i use to burn movies off my computer to a cd.please help
  9. Fearless

    Fearless sarNie Adult

    hey Darvil, I downloaded virtualdub and follow your steps but when I click on filters and click on add, I see a list of things but I don't see textsub on it. Did I do something wrong? Or not download the right one?
  10. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

  11. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    once it's done converting..and what if the file is too there another way to save it..or make the file a little smaller than 700 MB? i confusing?...i ask you before..but i still can't figure mind explaining over again for me?..thanks in advance..:)
  12. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

    oh damn I forgot to tell you.

    Since you already did it you can still open the same file and do the same thing.

    Click on "Video" then pick "Compression" on the list.

    Now you will see alot of Codecs in the list. I recommend you to pick something like Divx or Xvid. Chose it and then keep the video bitrate at whatever it says or at 900. (you should play with this value but that is for another time.) Then that would be it.
  13. xn2004

    xn2004 sarNie Egg

    im having a problem with it. im trying but i cant see the picture screen afterward. am i doing something wrong. please help me out.
  14. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

  15. xn2004

    xn2004 sarNie Egg

    thanks so much i will try and see first. but i was wondering how can i know if my resize is correct. i want to burn it and still have the samw goof quaity i started out with. so what is the best New Height and Width for a movie that is like over 700MB and i just want to do it to fit a CD. thanks
  16. rukD2B

    rukD2B Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong

    thanks darvil..i'll try this!!
  17. rukD2B

    rukD2B Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong

    i'm having problems with the audio..its really low that you cant hear and also it's not on the correct you guys kno why?
  18. SunStar

    SunStar sarNie Elites

  19. bleu

    bleu sarNie Egg

    Two of the best hardsubbing tools out there are the Total Video Converter and AllToAVI. The Total Video Converter costs, but AllToAVI is free and works perfect on everything except RMVB. Try them. Update your codec packs. They work great.

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