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-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Bedroom-

“First, you’re really coming over for the week?” asked Liphan.

“You probably don’t want me over. I can find another hotel to stay at,” said First.

Liphan was surprised, but excited at the same time that her brother decided to call her first. She was annoyed that he treated her so badly as teenagers, but she has since then forgiven him. She understood why he would be so mean to her. It isn’t his fault that his mom whispers to him and tries to get him to hate her. First coming over to visit would be good for them. Perhaps they can mend their relationship.

“First, you can stay at our old house on the island so that we can be near each other. We can get to know each other better,” said Liphan.

“Yeah,” said First. He hung up the phone and sulked at the feeling he was getting. His sister was nice to him.

Liphan hung up the phone and laid down to rest. She was tired from the events of today. She’s excited about her brother’s visit. She’s excited Beige returned. But, Beige wouldn’t let Liphan know what happened between her and Son.

“I hope to keep this to myself,” said Beige. “When I’m ready, I will let you know.”

Liphan felt upset that her cousin wouldn’t let her know what went on. Meanwhile, one of the workers caught a glimpse of Prince spying on Liphan and Beige. He crept up to Prince and chuckled.

“Eyeing Khun Noo?” asked the worker.

Prince was surprise and jumped. Liphan and Beige heard the ruffling sounds that came from the jump and eyed each other to stop their conversation. Liphan told Beige she can stay with them, but she doesn’t have room in the house and that she can stay at the old house. Beige looked LIphan straight in the eye and told her she’d rather stay with Prince and Liphan here at the house. One, she still feared Son coming and checking up on her. Two, she didn’t want the two to be alone together. She still has hope that things will work out between her and Prince. Afterall, Liphan said Prince still loves her and that they got into this marriage because of Liphan’s pride and Prince wanting to avenge for her.
End Flashback

Prince and Beige sat at the kitchen table after Liphan received a message to call her brother back from the worker who surprised Prince. Luckily he didn’t get caught spying on them.


“Mom, how are things? Did the doctor say that your blood count is okay? I haven’t been home in a month. I missed you mom. You didn’t give dad my money last time did you?” asked Son.

“No, I didn’t. The nurse escorted him out after I refused. I don’t know why you just won’t give the money to your father and I can just die,” said Son’s mom.

“No mom, you have to keep on living. I already put so much effort into helping you get better. Don’t let dad’s negative comments get you down. I’m giving you my hard earned money,” said Son. “It’s not he same money that I give dad. He doesn’t deserve my hard earned money.”

“But, he’s your father,” said Son’s mother.

Son knew his mother would say that. She’s always been the quiet wife and Son hated his mother for giving in and being so easy to his father. That’s why they are in so much debt now. His mother was diagnosed with cancer and his father decided to spill that they had no money left and that she couldn’t get treatment. That’s when his mother called him in Singapore to tell him that they needed him home to help them with business. Liphan was a good friend to him at the time. He enjoyed hanging out with her. But, he left to go home and when he arrived at the resort his mother told him she is going to move out and die in peace. Son refused her doing that and begged her to keep on fighting. She saw the tears in Son’s eyes and agreed to chemo treatments. He admitted his mother in the hospital so his father couldn’t harass her anymore. He learned to split his money between her treatments and his father’s gambling problems. He worked at the resort and saved his tips and online store selling souvenirs to himself. While the hourse he worked as acting President to his father. They got some business and was able to hold off the mafia, but now they are in a puddle again. Especially since Liphan’s family decided to open up a ranch resort nearby. After finding out Liphan owned the ranch near them, his father told him to bring them down somehow. He decided to try and work into their family hoping to get her to lend him money. But, he feared Liphan. When Beige came along, she was a much easier target. She was someone he didn’t know and wouldn’t mind hurting.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

Prince walks up to the bedroom to grab changing clothes for when he has to sleep on the couch so that he doesn’t have to bother Beige later on tonight. Every morning, he usually folds his blanket and places it back up in the bedroom so the workers don’t know about their arrangement. Now, he won’t have to hide it since they know Beige will be staying at the house and sleeping in the bedroom with LIphan.

He had thought Liphan might still be on the phone. But as he stepped in the door, she was fast asleep. Prince closed the door behind him and walked nearer to Liphan. He doesn’t know what came over him but he felt like walking towards her. She seemed so calm and relaxed in her sleep. The phone laid beside her. He walked to the foot of the bed and unfolded the comforter and covered Liphan with it. Liphan began to wiggle a bit, but suddenly grinned. Prince folded his arms and continued to gaze at her. She looked mesmerizing. He didn’t want to take his eyes off of her. Prince never looked at her so closely before. Yes, they always stared into each other’s eyes at certain moments. But, today, she looked extra innocent, extra sweet, extra naïve. She talks back to him like she’s tough, but he has seen her breakdown several times. To think of it, he has never really Beige break down at all.

Suddenly the phone rings and Liphan opens her eyes. The first person she sees is Prince. He quickly unfolded his arms and headed to the closet as if he just arrived into the bedroom and scrounged the closet for the blanket, avoiding eye contact with Liphan. Liphan grabbed the phone and answered.

“Liphan, can we talk?” asked Son on the line.

“Sure. I’ll go over right now,” said Liphan.

Liphan left to the boat dock only letting the maid know that she was leaving to Hat Khao Lak. She told the maid she’ll try to be back in the morning. She told the maid to stay if she wished to take care of Beige’s needs.

Beige sat on the patio reading a book, a form of meditation for her to forget her worries.

Prince heard Liphan say she was leaving to go somewhere, but didn’t want to bother her. She quickly sat up and ran out the door without saying anything to him. He brought his blanket down to the couch and headed into the kitchen towards the patio. But, one housekeeper told the other that one of them had to stay the night because Liphan went to the ranch and won’t be back until tomorrow.

Prince dashed out the door and looked for the car and it was still there. He got in the car and drove off towards the boat dock knowing that if she is either walking or running, he’d catch up to her.

After 2 minutes, he saw her speed walking along the road. Prince drove up to her and told her to get in the car and he’ll drop her off. She stopped and looked at him wondering why he came after her and not stay with Beige and mend their relationship. They are real lovers unlike her and Prince. Prince shouldn’t be worrying about her.

“Liphan, I’ll take you to the bay. Why are you going to the ranch? Isn’t your brother coming with Gai tomorrow?” asked Prince.

Liphan got in the car and casually told Prince that she had to talk to someone and that she hopes to act rational about it. She told Prince that she will return by noon and that he can help their guests to the rooms at the old house. After parking the car at the dock, Liphan looked over at Prince and told him that he can continue his relationship with Beige and that she will divorce him whenever Beige gives an okay. Before Prince could respond, Liphan opened the door and was about to step out, but Prince quickly grabbed Liphan’s arms. Prince gazed at Liphan as she gazed back. Her eyes looked a bit sad, but she wanted to show confidence.

“Only whenever Beige asks you to give me the divorce? How about when I want the divorce?” asked Prince.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak): Living Room-

“Liphan, I’m sorry I didn’t return your calls. The signal out at my vacation home is really bad. I saw Beige upset and she confided in me and I told her I can help her by lending her my home,” said Son.

Liphan responded, “Can you just stop lying already? I don’t know what you did to Beige, but I know for sure that you left with her for almost two months without a word! Plus, when I called your father, he told me that you found someone else. I’d be pretty stupid if I believe you now!”

Son grabbed Liphan’s hand and got down on his knees and sincerely apologized for lying. Liphan grabbed hold of Son’s hands.

Meanwhile, Maelee dials Prince’s cell number and leaves him a message of what she just saw.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

First and Gai arrives on the island and Beige runs up to Gai and hugs her.

“Oh my gosh! Beige, you were here all this time? How come Prince didn’t tell me?” asked Gai. Then, Gai noticed that Liphan wasn’t around. She looked at Prince and he looked like he faked his welcoming smile.

First asked, “Where is Liphan?”

Prince cleared his throat and told them that she went to the ranch and will be back by afternoon.

Prince hung up the phone and sat on his bed. Beige decided to get a room at the old house to clear up rumors in case the island people say she is stealing her cousin’s man when Liphan isn’t around. He slowly moved his head down to the pillow and moved his hands where LIphan napped earlier. Her slumber still stamped in his mind. Beige returned to him and now Liphan has returned to Son. He wonders what they are doing now. Perhaps they are caressing each other and enjoying their reunion. He thought about why he isn’t in a hurry to run to Beige and hold her for the night. That’s what he should be feeling. But, his heart ached knowing Liphan was elsewhere…with someone else and away from him. This is their first time apart since living together.
End Flashback

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Yeah, Prince is kinda not himself. But then maybe the person he once was isn't really him. Maybe someone is actually challenging him to step out of his safe zone.

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*Rated R - 4 u who can't stand willing drunk scenes, skip last section.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

Son and Liphan arrived at the bay two hours after Liphan was supposed to be home. Prince had put on his jogging gear and ran around the island several times before sitting in Liphan’s office to cool off. Every hour, he would run back to the boat dock to see if Liphan had returned. Gai called Prince to invite him and Liphan over for dinner at the old house. Prince told Gai that Liphan isn’t home yet.

“What the freak? Really?” asked Gai. She then looked over at Beige who was reading and stated, “Prince told me about that Son guy, hope nothing happened to her.” Then she talked into the phone again and asked if Prince is planning on going to the ranch to retrieve his wife back.

“No,” said Prince, calmly over the phone even though he is tapping his fingers on the table.

“Well, Mr. Prince, I know that you claim you’re not in love with her or anything, but she is still a woman and her safety with that guy is most important. Even though she is Beige’s enemy, she is still First’s little sister, so I do care for her you know?” stated Gai.

Beige looked down at the book she was pretending to read and her brain wandered to what Liphan and Son were doing. She hadn’t thought about Son making his move so quickly. She kind of hoped he would leave them all alone. She wished she had been stronger against him. She hoped Son didn’t do what he did to her to Liphan. If she had known Liphan was heading out to meet Son, she would’ve stopped Liphan from going. Liphan shouldn’t have anything to do with him.

First overheard Gai and rushed over to Gai and asked, “Really, you care about my family?”

Prince hung up the phone and jogged to the dock. One of the star fruit vendors called out, “Hey, anxious about your wife’s return eh?”

After she made that comment, Prince turned to look at the boat that just arrived. Son stepped out.

“Aye, what’s up with that guy? All dress up as if he is going to hit a lounge,” thought Prince. He hadn’t dressed in blazers since he arrived in Phang Nga. It was too hot here.

His eyes caught Son reach in the boat for a woman’s hand. Prince thought, “Honeymoon couple.”

His teeth clenched as the woman looked up and it was Liphan. She had put on a flowy pink skirt. She usually didn’t wear skirts on the island. Mostly jean capris or shorts. She also put on a tank top that revealed her shoulders. Liphan suddenly slipped and landed in Son’s arms. Son’s hands held her at the curves of her waist. Prince quickly paced himself towards Liphan and the overly dressed guy.

“Hey, what are you doing with my wife?” asked Prince angrily.

Son looked at the man in sweat pants and a t-shirt coming towards them. Liphan pulled away and placed her hand on her hips.

“Stop yelling out! You’re making me embarrassed in front of all these people. I don’t want to be accused of cheating on my husband,” said Liphan.

Prince reached them and Son lifted his brow and walked around Prince. “So, this is the Prince that both Beige and Liphan have been talking about.”

“What do you mean?” asked Prince.

“This is my ex-boyfriend,” said Liphan. “He helped Beige by lending her his vacation home. He’s here to tell you that I did not! I tell you, did not plan anything with him.”

“Yes, I insisted on coming to the island myself to tell you to stop doubting Liphan with the accusations you have against her. Plus, didn’t Beige tell you what happened? We all can’t be lying to you,” asked Son.

Liphan grabbed onto Son’s arms and dragged him behind her towards the old house. Prince walked quietly behind them pouting at the site of the two love birds. Beige’s heart stopped when she saw Liphan pulling Son by the wrist into the house. She had a glass in her hand and dropped it instantly after feeling a little woozy at the site of the two together. Liphan ran up to Beige and asked if she was okay. Beige nodded and began picking up the broken glass. Liphan assisted her and Prince walked into the house seeing the two helping each other. Prince walked up to Son and asked what kind of man just stands and stares as two woman struggle to pick up broken glass. Prince bent down to help them pick up the glass and Son called the housekeeper. Beige excused herself to the bathroom.

Son, quickly excused himself to make a phone call as Liphan monitored the housekeeper sweeping the floor. Prince was glad that Son left to make a call and he stood with his hands in his pockets staring at Liphan. Her hair blew as the breeze swept through the house. He had never seen her hair down before. She always had an updo or pony tail.

Beige sprayed water on her face to ease her anxiety. Son twisted the bathroom door and entered. Beige had somewhat left it unlocked; not knowing exactly why she left it that way. Beige worried about what Son would do since she hasn’t done anything to get him the money he needed. She didn’t want to hurt Liphan for the money. And she doesn’t want to lie to Prince to get the money. She planned to tell Son that she will somehow get him the money so that he will return the tape to her. She was afraid of what Son is capable of doing. He seemed like the type of guy who can’t let things go so easily. That personality of his makes her hate him, but care about him at the same time.

Beige thought, “It is sympathy. Why am I sympathizing the defendant?”

The bathroom door shot open and Son stepped in. Beige was shocked at Son’s sudden appearance. She wanted to scream in shock, but she knew better than to attract attention. Son asked, “Did you win him back?”

Beige was at a lost of words. She began to tremble and fell to the floor. Son rushed to Beige’s side and tried to snap her out of it. Son looked down at her face and wondered if he scared her for appearing all of a sudden. He didn’t mean for her to be this shocked.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

The next day Liphan put on her white t-shirt and short shorts. “This will show him!” she thought to herself.

Liphan walked down the stairs past Prince who was still sleeping on the couch smelling like beer. She walked out the door as Prince opened his eyes and saw Liphan through the screen windows wearing something he has never seen her wear before.

“She’s wearing it for her ex! “ cried Prince. He quickly got up and the housekeeper walked in and saw the blankets on the couch.

“Oh wow, Khun Noo Liphan is mad at her husband, this time not even letting him in the room!” thought the maid.

Prince ran out the door and shouted after Liphan. Liphan stopped and crossed her arms. Prince glanced at her legs and his eyes dilated. Liphan cleared her throat and Prince ran his eyes higher. She asked him what he wanted. Prince spoke and said, “I want you.”

“Excuse me?” asked Liphan; shocked.

Prince didn’t realize he said that out loud and looked to the side. He coughed and asked her why she was wearing such short shorts. She simply stated that this is what she wears sometimes. Prince retorted and told her that it is not something a married woman should wear. Liphan responded by telling Prince that married woman usually reveal more because they don’t have to be modest anymore. Liphan turned and started jogging to the old house. Son had stayed at the old house offering to help watch over Beige. Prince ran back inside the house and took a shower. He had smelled since his jog the day before waiting for Liphan’s return. Now that she is back, she is already heading back to her ex again. He had to catch up to her and make her change.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Old House-

“What, Gai and First decided to go shopping off the island?” asked Prince as he arrived at the old house.

“Yeah, Son drove Beige to the clinic ,” said the housekeeper. “They’re still not back.”

“Where is Liphan?” asked Prince.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island)-

Prince and Beige sat staring at each other on the little picnic blanket that the workers set up for them at the waterfall. Liphan didn’t understand why they had to pretend so much. The workers were too much, thinking they are in a fight. Prince unbuttoned his collar and starting flapping his shirt collar. Liphan looked at him and he eyed her back.

“What? It’s so hot,” stated Prince. “I don’t know why they picked this outfit for me to wear. Can’t believe we have to do this. But, since we have to, let’s just make the best of it.”

Liphan couldn’t believe the workers made her put on this pink summer dress. It didn’t even match her skin color. She decided to loosen up and told Prince she forgives him for last night. He looked at her and wondered what he did. That was why she was acting all upset at him this morning. Prince decided not to ask further questions. He’d rather pretend like he knew what she was talking about for now. He’ll find out details later. The two began to talk and learn more about each other. They talked more than they usually have in the past. This was because the workers had made an alcoholic punch for them to drink and they had no clue that they were both laughing and giggling and having the time of their life. Two of the workers appeared smiling and told them they’ll assist them home.

Once at home, they laid Liphan and Prince on the bed next to each other and walked out the house locking it.

“Why is love so painful?” asked Prince. He started to unbutton the rest of his shirt and Liphan helped him pull it off.

“Because love is a lie,” said Liphan.

Prince pulled Liphan towards him and slid his tongue into her mouth all the while clamping her jaw firmly as he rolled her onto her back. “I want you,” said Prince.

Prince kissed Liphan harder and they both gasped for air as seconds passed by. “You will never win my heart,” panted Liphan, unable to finish her sentence as Prince lifted up her dress.

o_O I love hoe Prince is slowlyyyy
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Slowly? haha. I had to put some sort of r rated tease in this because there hasn't been action between the two leads in this at all. scene will continue in the next chapter :) Already wrote it out & ready to post...but everyone will have to wait til next Tuesday.


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*Rated R - 4 u who can't stand willing drunk scenes, skip section 2

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Old House-

Son carried Beige out of the bathroom and called for help. Liphan rushed over with Prince and Prince offered to take Beige to the hospital. Son didn’t want to hand Beige over to Prince. He’d rather go himself. Before Prince could grab Beige, Son rushed out the door and called for the driver. Prince had no time to react whatsoever.

“Why don’t you go after her?” asked Liphan. “You just let another guy take her like that? You love her don’t you?”

Prince responded, “Why did you let your boyfriend take her? Is he not someone you care about?”

Both looked at each other and have no idea why they are okay with letting Son and Beige go together.

Gai and First walked out of kitchen and First greeted his sister. Prince informed them of what just happened and Gai’s jaw dropped.

“Why didn’t you go after them retard? Beige with Liphan’s ex? Isn’t it a little weird between the two? They did disappear together and all,” stated Gai.

“It’s alright. Son won’t do anything to Beige,” said Liphan.

“Really, you trust your boyfriend that much?” asked Prince.

“He’s my ex, okay?” retorted Liphan.

Liphan looked at her brother and told him they can go somewhere to talk. In their conversation, First brought up the gift. Liphan looked at First and told him he can take the gift if he wants it. She can sign it over to him and she’ll just move back to this house. First refused to accept the house by her feeling sorry for him. Liphan grabbed onto First’s hands.

“Look, I know we have our differences. And I really disliked you when I visited. But, you’re still my brother. We share the same dad who I’m pretty sure loves us both equally. So, just get over the whole jealousy thing. If he loved me more than you, he would’ve left and came to me earlier. He wouldn’t have suffered and lived with your mother,” informed Liphan.

“You can use the word ‘bitch’ you know?” said First.

“Woah, you call your mother that? But, she’s pretty much in that category. If she was nicer maybe we would’ve been closer and not distant and misunderstand each other all these years,” said Liphan.

First decided to put everything behind him and he convinced Liphan to learn more about each other and become closer siblings. “You’re a very reasonable person. Very much like dad. I wish I took on his genes more. You know what I have that you don’t have?”

Liphan wondered what her weakness is and First continued, “I have guts. You don’t.”

Liphan had thought she was always adventurous, but then she thought long and hard and realized she does things because of her pride, not because she really had the guts to do them. She retaliates and closes herself off because she’s afraid to admit being wrong. First had the guts to come all the way here just to talk about his inheritance with her. Liphan thought, “You have guts because of your mother. Glad you didn’t get it from dad. He’s doesn’t have it.”

In another room, Gai asked Prince what the whole Son and Beige thing is all about. Prince informed Gai that Beige ran away to hide and Son offered his vacation home. Gai thought about it and told Prince that there is no way nothing happened between he two. She also told Prince it is odd that they disappeared and then returned all of a sudden.
End Flashback

“Why are you still here?” asked Beige to Son. “Why is everyone okay with leaving us together?”

“Because, I want to do everything I can to make up for what I did to you. Especially before I turn myself in,” stated Son.

“What do you mean?” asked Beige. “You’re not going to post the video?”

“How can I do that to someone I care about?” asked Son. “I can’t ever take back what I did to you, but I wanted to come here and tell you myself that I don’t need the money anymore. I will do everything to make you happy and then I will turn myself in and you can punish me anyway you want. Just give me one week. I need one week so my mom is okay. What did the doctor say?” asked Son.

“I’m pregnant,” stated Beige.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

Liphan wrapped her arms around Prince’s neck as he fumbled to undo his trousers. Prince had seen Liphan in her undergarments before, but what she has on today is not the sports bra she wore before. The maids had laid out a strapless lace bra for her to wear to the picnic. The bra had hooks on the front, rather than the back, and he quickly unhooked them and spread them open. Her breast were fuller than he remembered from the sneak peek he had two months earlier. He lowered his tongue to her nipples, which sent pleasure to her wanting nerves. Liphan closed her eyes as she his hard pressure rubbed against her sensitive spot. Prince took his knee and parted her legs a little wider than before. He then sat up to pull his trousers down further.

“If I can’t win your heart, I’m winning your brain right now, aren't I?” asked Prince.

Liphan bit her lower lip and grinned. Prince lowered himself over Liphan again and brushed his mouth against her left ear. “This is really happening.”

Prince cupped Liphan’s breast and held it gently as he moved his lips to the nape of her neck which sent more sensations to both. Her pulse increased suddenly as Prince’s fingers reached the warmth underneath him. He gently slid his index finger into the aching entrance that caused Liphan to flinch; never before being touched there. Liphan laid quietly as she endured the stroke of his finger inside of her.

Just as Liphan began to relax, her heart suddenly raced again as his finger entered deeper into a sensitive spot that sent chills to her spine. Liphan whimpered quietly and Prince could not bear not entering her with his throbbing blood-filled erection. He spread her wider and without warning, pushed into her quarter of the way. Liphan moaned with pain and delight. Liphan opened her eyes to see Prince looking into hers. He then entered half way, which caused her to tremble. Communicating with their eyes, Prince asked if Liphan is okay and whether she can handle more. Her pleading eyes told him she wanted more. Soon, they moved in rhythmic motions, their hair wet from sweat produced from the friction between their bodies. Their moans grew louder and louder. Both in ecstasy and delight with an experience they've never had before.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Old House-

Towards evening, Gai, First, Liphan, and Prince called Son to see how Beige is doing. Son told Liphan that everything is okay and that they will return home. Beige told him that the doctor said she was just stressed.

Son and Beige returned home for dinner and Beige went to sit next to Prince. Son sat down next to Beige and Liphan sat across from Son. Beige scooped up some shrimp and placed it on Prince’s plate and insisted he eat it. Son eyed Beige and picked up shark fins from the soup and placed it in Liphan’s bowl. Liphan saw Prince eyeing her, so she also gave some to Son. Prince picked scooped up stir fry clams with morning glory and put it on Beige’s plate. Beige smiled at Prince. Prince smiled in return.

Liphan and Son eyed each other and Liphan lifted her brow at Son.

First and Gai went out to dip their feet in the pool. “Wasn’t there tension in there?” asked Gai.

“Yep. My sister told me that Son likes Beige,” informed First.

“What?” asked Gai.

First explained that Son had taken advantage of Beige. He then tried to blackmail her for money, but he fell in love with her in the process. Now, he wants a week to treat her really well and then turn himself in and accept any punishment given to him.

“Woah, the whole taking advantage thing reminds me of someone I know,” said Gai.

“Us?” asked First.

“What are you talking about?” asked Gai. “Nothing happened between us. If something did, how come we both don’t remember. Oh geez, why bring it up again?” asked Gai. “I was talking about my best friend and husband who used to be an asshole.”

“I don’t get it, I thought Prince is your best friend. He is transsexual and he married my sister?” asked First.

Gai sighed and retorted to First’s stupid comments. She told First, Kwang and Nick’s story and how everything is good between them. She explained that Nick is not so bad after all and that they are all very close now. She explained that Prince used to be in love with Kwang and how he gave her up because she didn’t love him.

“I don’t know why he married your sister though. He doesn’t love her. At least he loved Kwang and wanted to marry her after seeing her. Then, he also fell for Beige and married her. Stupid that he didn’t sign those marriage papers though. It caused him to marry Liphan,” stated Gai.

“Hey, my sister isn’t as bad as I thought she was. We worked things out and I’m going to defend her from now on. I don’t know why she married your friend. But she has some pride issues. I’m thinking she fell for him though.” said First.

Gai admits love does crazy things to people. First responded, “Let’s let them work things out between themselves. And Gai, I think you’re a really cool whore.”
End Flashback

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Bedroom-

Liphan stretched her arms and wiggled to the edge of the bed. She pulled off the covers and stood up next to the bed. Liphan felt an ache and looked down at the area and noticed she had no clothes on. Her eyes widened and turned around to look towards a man yawning on her bed. Prince pulled off the covers from his head and turned to see Liphan staring at him. He opened his mouth wide in shock A tap came at the door and the housekeepers called in to see if they should leave and come back later. They chuckled and shouted back in and told Prince and LIphan they’ll return in an hour or two. Liphan quickly grabbed the comforter to cover herself up, only to reveal Prince's naked body.

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-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Old House-

“Hey, because we’re leaving to go shopping, it doesn’t mean I support a rapist,” said Gai.

First laughed at her and told her he wouldn’t accept one either. Gai whispered to First and told him that based on what’s going on, it seems that Beige may be pregnant. The symptoms are definitely there. First continued to laugh.

Back inside the house, Son suggests they drink a bit. All four sat at the bar area and Son tells Prince that he once drank so much Liphan stayed over at his place during college to tend to him. Liphan blushed and told everyone that she’d do that for any friend. Beige confirmed that Liphan is such a person. But, inside she felt a little uneasy about the two talking about their past together. Liphan grabbed some ice cubes and put it in Son’s glass.
End Flashback

“Why did you tell me you were pregnant sooner?” asked Son. “I wouldn’t have let you sit near Prince at all.”

Beige looked at Son and told him that this baby wasn’t created out of love. It was out of rape. She told Son that this baby is hers and a baby she has to keep to remind her of the pain she endured. Son heart ached hearing that Beige is pained from what he did to her. If only he hadn’t been so crazy, so blinded; Beige wouldn’t have had to gone through that pain that he had caused.

“Even so, it is my baby and I hope you do as you say,” said Beige.

“I will turn myself in. Just six more days is all I ask,” said Son, looking away ashamed and on his knees.

Beige thought, “He should be ashamed. But, am I too cruel to do this? Why do I feel sorry for him? I shouldn’t feel sorry for him. Six days and he’ll be out of my life. No, he won’t, because I’d have to go to court and see his face.”

Beige held in her tears and told Son to keep his words. She told him she is giving him six days to treat her right. She hopes he does nothing else that will cause her to distrust him. He looked up with tears streaming down his eyes.

“Let’s go get some ingredients at the local market. I want to eat something fresh for breakfast,” said Beige with a fake smile. She wants to give Son that opportunity to do what he intends to do before being locked up.

-Sydney, Australia-

Mary closed her apartment door and locked it to head out to class, but someone’s hand reached for her shoulders. She stood frozen anxious to who it is. She turned around and it is Thomas. He smiles at her and she felt relief.

“What are you doing here?” asked Mary.

“I just transferred to a new class today and it just so happens to be the one you are in,” said Thomas. “Can we walk together?”

Mary didn’t want to be impolite so she agreed to it. Thomas was actually fun to talk to on the way to class. By the end of the day, Mary was glad she can talk to him. He is a lot like his sister. First impressions aren’t always accurate.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

“What the heck?” asked Liphan. “This can’t be. No way!”

Prince looked at himself and at Liphan, back and forth for what seemed like minutes. His eyes grew bigger as he thought about how he got in the room in the first place. This is worst than last time. This time LIphan is fully naked and she noticed something on the bed and pointed to it. Prince looked at where she pointed and his eyes grew even bigger. Liphan dropped the comforter in more shock and ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

“Oh my gosh. It really happened this time. How can it? I let him do this to me.” Liphan’s eyes bulged out. “ No, I gave in to him,” thought Liphan. “What am I to do now? He is supposed to go back to Beige. How can I have let this happen?”

Meanwhile, back on the bed, Prince got out and searched for his boxers and put it on. He is shocked that they are both fully naked this time. His head pounded with a migraine as he started to piece everything together. His dream last night must’ve not been a dream. Prince slapped himself on the forehead and fell against the mattress again.

“Can’t believe I really did it this time. What do I do? How is everything going to go now? We told Beige nothing is between us and now I had to screw this up. Why? Why is this happening? Only things like this happen to me,” thought Prince.

-Phang Nga (Hat Khao Lak)-

“Whoo Hoo!” shouted Gai after hiking with First. “That was so much fun!”

First smiled as Gai kept running ahead and looking back to smile at him. He couldn’t stop smiling. After lunch at a little small restaurant Gai told First that this has been a great vacation so far. She looked at First as he couldn’t keep from hiding his happiness. Gai lifted up her legs and rubbed it in front of First. First took a sip of water and nearly choked on it.

“Men.” Stated Gai.

The two decide to go to the boat to ride back to the island. First wanted to hold Gai’s hand on the way down the hill. But, was too afraid to make the first move. Gai decided to shock him again and stopped in her tracks. She quickly grabbed his hand and continued to walk. First couldn’t believe she is holding his hands.

“Don’t take this as if I’m easy, okay?” stated Gai.

“You are easy,” stated First. Then he chuckled.

Gai let go of First’s hand and walked ahead and turned around and pointed at First. “You best not be talking like that!”

Then, she started to feel sick. She quickly rushed off to the side of the road and felt nauseated. First was shocked and ran to catch up to hear and gently rubbed her back.

“I don’t know why I suddenly feel sick to my stomach,” said Gai. “Must be the food or something.”

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

“Hey, we need to talk,” said Liphan as she walked out of the bathroom in her bathrobe.

She peered over Prince and he quickly opened his eyes and saw her face looking down at him. He quickly got up off the bed and grabbed his shirt and put it on.

“We had too much to drink and I don’t know what came over me. It’s all my fault. I don’t remember how we got this far, but I have a feeling I led you on. So, I don’t blame you for what happened last night,” stated Liphan, leaving no room for Prince to say a word. “Let’s just try to forget about this and this will be a secret between us. I won’t tell Beige what happened between us and she will never know. If you want the divorce now I can give it to you and I can disappear to Europe or something and we’ll just tell everyone that I’m too independent and didn’t want to remain tied down so everyone won’t blame you or think it’s your fault our marriage is so short.”

Liphan left Prince speechless as she walked to the closet to grab her clothes and run back into the bathroom. She quickly closed the door and rushed to turn on the shower without getting in. Liphan took several deep breathes to calm herself down. She couldn’t believe she said all of what she wanted to say so quickly. She hoped that will somewhat still make her look like a reasonable person and not a pitiful drama queen like she sees in lakorns. Hopefully Prince agrees to the divorce and she will just swear to avoid Beige and Prince after the divorce.

Prince gathered the rest of his stuff and walked downstairs. He went to the sliding door, but was unable to open it. The workers had blocked it with a wooden stick on the outside. Prince went over to the phone and dialed the old house’s number to get someone to unlock the door. He needed to find a way to calm himself down.

-Mae Hong Son-

“Isn’t she your wife Prince?” asked Nick

“She drives me crazy!” shouted Prince after starting on his walk around the island; trying to calm himself down.

“That just means you love her,” said Nick. “She makes you feel lost and out of place. I like this new wife of yours. Not so boring. She’s different isn’t she? Unpredictable to you?”

“Nick, are you giving advice to Prince again?” asked Kwang as she peered out the bathroom door.

Nick’s eyes shot open as his wife walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. He wiped his lips and kept his eyes on her.

“Hey Prince, do yoga. Remember that’s what you told me your secret was. You probably haven’t done that in a while. I’m going to do some right now,” said Nick as he clicked the ‘end call’ button on his phone and walked over to his wife.

“You look beautiful with wet hair, my love,” growled Nick as he wrapped his arms around Kwang. “We have a while before you have to go to the shop and I have to start on work.”

Kwang pulled Nick to the bed and sat down. She tugged on his hands and lured him down to her. “Yoga, eh?”

-Phang Nga: Boat-

“Are you really alright?” asked First to Gai.

“Yes, I’m fine now that I got rid of all that poison,” said Gai.

“Are you sure nothing happened that night?” asked First.

“What, you think I’m pregnant?” asked Gai.

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-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

Liphan finished her shower and got dress. She had made up her mind to forget everything that happened last night. She got through it the first time that everyone thought they had sex, so she can get through it this time. This time is different though. This time she really had sex.

Prince had left the house and Liphan felt relieved that he did. She really didn’t know if she can pretend to be okay. Liphan doesn’t know if it would be a good idea to visit Beige either. She d break down if she did. This time she really betrayed her cousin.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Market-

“Be careful,” said Son as he grabbed onto Beige’s arm before she tripped on a wooden plank.

Beige kept a careful gaze upon Son throughout their expedition. He is a caring guy. If only he didn’t do what he did to her, it would be so much easier to let him off the hook. Perhaps she would be in love with him. Perhaps he’d be a great father to her baby. But, he took everything away from her. Everything she loved. All she could do now is let him try to redeem himself, something she’s never let a defendant do before. After meeting Son, she has become so weak.

Prince walked along the market and some of the vendors called out to him and asked how he is enjoying the island and being married to Liphan. All Prince could respond with is a nod and a smile. He really didn’t know what he could say. When he married her, he wasn’t in love with her. He in fact never thought of her as a woman. But, seeing her stubbornness and her selfless acts towards her friends and family has really made her different. She is different from other women he has met before.

“Kwang was stubborn, opinionated, and fierce. But, I was able to read her. I was able to see her weakness, see that she can break,” thought Prince.

“Beige…she was cute, polite, and just. I was also able to read her. Then she suddenly left and I pretended to…” thought Prince. Then he looked across through to the other vendors in the next row.

Son grabbed onto Beige’s hand and placed it on his arm. He smiled at her tenderly as she smiled back. She began to relax, but then a smell caught her nose and she felt nauseous. Son sensed it and asked the vendor for a plastic bag. Prince decided to rush over and see if everything is okay with Beige.

“Looks like our marketplace isn’t good for a pregnant woman’s hormones,” chucked the vendor.

Prince reached Beige and Son in time to hear the vendor’s comment. Beige looked up from her plastic bag and saw Prince staring at her and Son. Son looked up and his expression was worrisome. Prince walked up to the two and told them he wanted to know the truth. They all walked back to the house.

-Phang Nga: Boat-

“You are out of your mind,” stated Gai. “You really want me to be pregnant or something don’t you?”

First chuckled and apologized to Gai. He promised he won’t bring up pregnancy again unless she brings it up. Gai told First that she just has food poison and that she isn’t pregnant. So they continued on their way back to the island.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Old House-

Prince, Beige, and Son sat around the table and Son began to speak first. He told Prince about how he met Liphan and his family situation. He then told of how he met Beige and knew about her family. Then, he told about the night of the rape. Prince should be raged, but he felt guilty instead for blaming Liphan for all the mess. He also remembered how Nick got Kwang all to himself.

“The good guys never win,” thought Prince to himself realizing that perhaps Beige is now in love with Son.

Beige then looked up at Prince and told him that she was blackmailed by Son. But, she also told Prince that it was her fault for allowing the blackmail to happen. If she hadn’t run away from Prince in the first place, they wouldn’t be in this situation. She decided to tell Prince that their marriage was all a set up by their parents. And then she told Prince that she had fallen in love with him and that’s why she didn’t want their marriage to be a lie. She then told Prince that Liphan didn’t know anything that happened. Son interrupted and told Prince that he confessed everything to Liphan a few days ago. She helped him resolve his debts.

“She also knows that I love Beige. I asked for a week to treat Beige right before turning myself in. And now, Beige is pregnant…with my baby,” stated Son.

Beige was shocked by the love confession. She knew deep down that Son had feelings for her, but she didn’t think it would affect her this much.

“It’s just hormones,” thought Beige. Then she started bawling.

“You love him too,” stated Prince. “I know you do.”

Prince is able to read Beige before she realizes this herself. Beige is still in denial that she loves Son.

“How can I love my rapist?” asked Beige.

The two men didn’t know how to comfort Beige. One who had fallen completely in love with her and one who fell for another.

“What’s up with all this crying?” asked Gai as she stepped into the house.

Everyone turned to look at First and Gai holding shrimp and lobsters that they bought from the ranch.

“Oh, you all finally find out the truth about things?” asked Gai.

Prince excused himself and Gai called after him to tell him to invite Liphan over for dinner.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Bay-

“Khun Noo Liphan, you’re not supposed to be here until next week,” stated a pear farm worker.

Liphan looked at him and told him she wanted to work because it is boring staying at home. She walked around the bay check marking her list as she completed each task like she once did before getting married.

“Whew, what an exhausting day. Never thought it’d be this tiring returning after a break. It at least made me forget about…” thought Liphan. Then she smacked herself in the head for thinking of last night.

Liphan went to her office and sat down in her chair. She twirled her chair around trying to forget everything. After a few minutes she gave up on trying to forget and placed her head on her desk. Soon, she drifted off to sleep after a tiring day returning to work.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): New House-

When Prince arrived home, Liphan wasn’t there. He went upstairs and carefully opened the door to the bathroom. He hadn’t showered since the morning and hated that he had let himself out of the house smelling like alcohol. It was very unlike him. After stepping out of the shower contemplating what Liphan told him that morning, he decided to take Nick’s advice and do some yoga. Prince didn’t bring his mat with him, but found some cds in his cd case and ran downstairs to place it in the cd player. He began to listen to the soothing music and stretched to the beats. After doing that for an hour, Prince turned off the music and Nick’s words rang in his ears.

“I love her,” stated Prince. “I really do love her.”

The sky is now starting to get dark and Prince worried where Liphan had gone to. “She couldn’t think of harming herself…could she?” asked Prince.

“No, she’s not that type. She’s strong-willed,” stated Prince.

Prince got up off the floor and walked to the screen door and peered out. There were no signs of Liphan returning.

“I don’t want to get a divorce, ignorant girl,” stated Prince. “I want to stay married.”

Prince’s heart began to beat faster and faster thinking about what he wants to say to Liphan.

“I can’t stand here and wait for you to return. I have to go find you,” whispered Prince.

He ran to grab his sandals and opened the door and ran down the road, not knowing exactly where he’d find Liphan.

-Sydney Australia-

“Hey Thomas, where is Annie? “ asked Mary as she opened the door to let Thomas into her flat.

“Oh, she said she’ll meet us at the rink,” said Thomas.

Mary grabbed her keys and her wallet and the two headed out to the ice skating facility. Annie showed up 20 minutes late and noticed her brother trying hard to flirt with her friend. She laughed and approached the two teasing her brother. Mary looked at Annie funny, hinting that she didn’t like the teasing. She really likes Knight and she doesn’t want her friend’s teasing to lead Thomas on. Plus, she doesn’t want Nappa’s leftover. Even though, Knight sort of dated Nappa first. Even if he claims he didn’t.

-Phang Nga (Phra Thong Island): Bay-

Prince asked around and some of the workers who got off their shift told Prince that Liphan had gone to work today and they are surprised she hadn’t headed home yet. Some teased Prince of whether he wasn’t good enough to make her satisfied at home. They gave him a pat on the shoulder and continued on their way.

-Sydney Australia-

After dropping Annie off at her apartment, Thomas walked Mary to hers. Mary placed her key in the key hole, but Thomas quickly grabbed her shoulders and puckered his lips to hers. Her eyes grew wide.

“Mary,” stated Knight as he witnessed his girlfriend kiss another guy. He dropped the vase he bought for her and ran off.

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