Chompoo Gaem Mam(Makers Group)


sarNie Oldmaid
yeah glad she has a new la korn but i don't like Knot. it would have been better if pra aek was somebody else. like Ta Varit or Rome.

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
I'm glad Khun Nok Jariya has another lakorn to produce. All her lakorns are amazing!! I love her. I noticed that Matt has been the chosen one for her last three projects. Khun Nok must like Matt. Glad she has more lakorns. She's pretty.


sarNie Tombstone
Man i'm not sure about these two pairing up together they look kind of an odd couple. Oh well at least Matt looks mature enough for Nott.


Lakorn Obsesser
I heard this one will be airing around the end of march Fri-Sun slot. Not sure though since Nimit Marn is suppose to take the slot o_O

Credit to FanClubCh3


sarNie Oldmaid
lol oh yea i saw da trailer. i lovvvvvvve NOTT!!


sarNie Adult
AHHHHHH!!!! NO!!!!! that picture does her no justice!!!!
I'm glad she has another lakorn coming out...can't wait to see