Ching Chang Remake

Hi there! It has been 8 years since Ching Chang aired and in my opinion, this lakorn should definitely be remade. The storyline was a bit too crazy yet it was so exciting. It's not the typical lakorn where good people behave as if they were angels, every character has flaws and depths. And the cast was good, especially for the second generation. I'm really looking forward to channel 7 remaking this lakorn. My suggestion for the casts of this version is:

Im : Jakajun Akhamsiri
Oon : Tubtim Anyarin
Bang-orn: Sammie Punthita
Aree: Min Peechaya

Yod : Weir Sukollawat
In : Not sure though, can't really see anyone to fit this pra'rai role
Ying: Aof Chanapol
Ping: Om Akapan - never see he plays a pitiful character before, want to know if he can pull off this role

Poo yai Kaew (the father) : Maybe Kelly? (Lol)
The mother (forgot her name): Khun Nusaba

So, what do you think about my suggestion cast? and do you think that Ching Chang should be remade? Please share your thoughts


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What's the story and who was in the last version?
Damn I translated this summary back then and it was long as hell lol. The cast was from the wiki

Poo Yai (Village Chief) Kaew and Tongkam of Taa Narm Oi of Nakhon Sawan has 4 daughters whom are Im, Oon, Bangorn, and Aree. All four sisters hope of having a good life, but love, greed, infatuation has the power above all. It causes the four sisters to compete and bicker amongst one another to the point where their life is chaotic like they would have never imagine. Im the eldest sister is the love of Yot a hoodlum of the village. In who is the son of a wealthy man in Ta Narm Oi also desires in Im. Yot uses trickery and black magic to make Im surrender to him physically and become his. He then takes her away on the day before her marriage to In. In then announces that he will pour his entire life into getting revenge against Yot and getting Im back.

Pim somehow gets pregnant by Captain from what I remember and she ends up living with Puri or marrying him. Ann's character marries Pepper but later has an affair and gets pregnant by the person she is having an affair with. It is one of those lakorn where the second generation don't know if they are bro and sisters etc.


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I highly doubt this will be remade any time soon lol. It would be too big of a production and I highly doubt GMM will allow the script to go to anyone else. Also, the stars that were in it were just so good, on top of that there aren't many that are good enough to take on the roles lol and not even that, but they aren't old enough.
You know, I've always wanted big channels like Channel 3 and Channel 7 to remake long period lakorns such as Ching Chang and Malai Sarm Chai. The originals were very good, but they didn't gather enough attention they deserved. And there are some parts in the originals that left me confused and unfinished. So I really want to see how the remakes will turn out, especially if they are big productions