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Discussion in 'Chinese' started by Cotton, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Cotton

    Cotton sarNie Egg

    Yu Ai / Rainie Love
    Artist : Rainie Yang / Yang ChengLin

    Qing Zhu / Celebration
    Artist : Rainie Yang / Yang ChengLin

  2. Cotton

    Cotton sarNie Egg

    Ku Guo Jiu Hao Le / Cried to be good
    Artist : Rachel Liang / Liang Wenyin

  3. pinkdisney32

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    Thanks for the music!
    I love the second one!
    It's so cute:)
  4. Cotton

    Cotton sarNie Egg

    Thanks for the comment : )
  5. Cotton

    Cotton sarNie Egg

    Yi Yang De Yue Guang / Same moon
    Artist : Lala Hsu / Xú Jiā Yíng

    Shen Qi Bai Ma
    Artist : Lala Hsu / Xú Jiā Yíng

    This song is very popular.

  6. Cotton

    Cotton sarNie Egg

    Xin Qiang / Heart Wall
    Artist : Claire Guo Jing / Guo Jing

  7. Cotton

    Cotton sarNie Egg

    Zong Suan Wo Men Ye Ai Guo
    Artist : Claire Guo Jing / Guo Jing

  8. Cotton

    Cotton sarNie Egg

    Xia Yi Ge Tian Liang
    Artist : Claire Guo / Guo Jing

  9. Cotton

    Cotton sarNie Egg

    Xu Yao Ren Pei
    Artist : Wang Leehom

  10. Annabel39

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    I have been learning many Chinese songs. I am wondering are there any good ways to Jazz these songs up. For the most part they are pentatonic or the pentatonic notes of scales are emphasized(sometimes they sound bluesy but then they don't resolve the same way). The songs don't modulate keys(except maybe to the fourth but the pentatonic notes are the same), in fact the very popular Guzheng is tuned pentatonically. Also for chords they use suspended seconds and suspended fourths very much, curiously the pipa is tuned such that many fourths and fifths are perfect, and the frets aren't equal tempered but based on 3/2's and 4/3's intervals. Traditional Chinese harmony would be considered monophonic, or based on fourth and fifth intervals, and generally they don't mark chords. Evidently Kenny G was able to do some great things with Jasmine Flower, so I think it is possible. In someways it seems like free jazz to me, without a chord form, but with heavily ornamented melodies. I am just wondering if there is anyway to adapt more familiar jazz harmonies to these melodies.Serve the potatoes alongside the puttanesca and garnish with basil and freshly ground black pepper.
  11. tippytoes

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