China's Got Talent

Discussion in 'Chinese' started by Thookatha, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Thookatha

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  2. Thookatha

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  3. mainhiathao

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    WOW they got sum good talented people out there, the winner deserves his place. n the kids r cute! =D
  4. chubbycheeks

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    omg, thats so sad that he lost his arms. he's amazing and very aspiring learning to play with his feet. i absolutely love the third video, anyone who sings that song will win my heart.

    awhhh those little boys are good! i should start watching this now
  5. Orrin9

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    Has anybody bothered to watch this utter crap programme?

    It should really be called "i got the saddest story talent"

    It really is painful to watch people making a complete fool of themselves then to annonance that they are bankrupt or the father is dieing or there parents died or there wife has gone missing, then the judges feel sorry for them then let them in.

    in the USA or UK they would still get told too Bugger off.

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