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The Older She Gets The More Sure She is About Herself
Woman & Home invites the readers to enjoy the meanings of 26 alphabets A-Z from Cherry Khemupsorn. Getting close to 30 years old that will make you know and fall in love with her more. Aside from liking her sweet beautiful face and her superb quality acting.

A-Acting; In love with acting
Actually, at the beginning I did not acting cause I felt like I can't do it. And I was mad at myself why I couldn't do it. But I am serious of what I do and I want everything to be perfect. At firt, my acting did not come out good. So I tried to improve, adjust until I get to the point to fall in love with acting. The best part of acting is: in real life I am not like that, I don't have chance to do that, no chance to shoot a gun, no chance to kick or fight like that. I get to go to new places which make my simple life more fun and challenging.

B-Business: Business woman role
I have a clothing store "Cloud 9" partner with an older friend, import multi-brands of local designers from aboard. The business opens about 2 years. Doing business is so much different from acting. Even though both are about art, fashion and acting. But the steps are harder. And because I want to know more detail about how to do the retail business I took fashion business course about 1 year which help me some. I can see a better picture. What about the profit and feed back? I do not emphasize too much about that which I probably not a very good businessman. But I feel that if I do something that I like then I am happy. And if I can take care of myself, not losing money I am ok with that.

C-Career Path:
What is your career? Freelance which I fill in my visa.
Today I just want to do what makes me happy. In the past 13-14 years I have chance to do a lot of different things. Now I focus on something I am good at and like to do. For things that I've already tried and didn't like to do or modeling..because I don't like to be stared at or spot light to shine on me. So I focus on acting lakorn. Because I like it and want to study more in case in the future I want to go behind the camera.

I had a chance to be a director assistant in the movie "Kwan Suk Khong Kati", helping with the acting of the actors/actresses. I like that. And I made a short movie for a project "Short movie for peace". Right now I have a lot of short movie projects. It's a try period to see if I like or don't like.

My last target of working is: not to work (laughing). I want to do what I like, to be happy to do it not a burden. I want to wake up in the morning and be 100% happy to work which I don't know what that work is yet.

D-Dad..the important person in my life
A lot of people said that I look very much like my dad. For me I think the most that I am like him is stubbornness (laughing), have my own thinking.
I think I am a good daughter but to do better I should spend more time with him, take care of his health, take him to see doctor. But sometimes because of the job that I also have to be responsible.
Now it's better before. It was like I didn't know how to arrange the time. Until one day my mom died that's the turning point. That made me realize that I should prioritize my life. Family should be the top of my list.

E-Expensive:The most expensive thing that you bought for yourself.
Car: white BMW X3 before I just used any cars at home, never had my own car. This one was my dream car. I told my dad I wanted it. I've never liked any car like this one before. But dad always criticized and wouldn't let me buy it. For a while he realized that I will not change my mind. He said let's go take a look. So I got to buy it. I put the down payment, make monthly payment myself. I think it's a habit that before I do anything dad has to give permission first. The first day I got the car, love it, drive it with love and happiness. It's the most expensive thing because I normally don't buy anything millions bahts.

F-Fail: Is it true that we should get to know about failure?
I think so because if we never mad mistake then we never known our flaw and how to correct it. When we failed and got up to fight again it'll make us stronger.

When my mom passed away. I was very close to her. I always thought that I couldn't live without her. When she's gone it was unbearable for me. It took me a long time to get over it. Cause I am sensitive and weak. I didn't want to do anything, no strength, bored. If I heard the song that my mom used to sing or anything that made me think of her, I just can't. .Mother's Day is bad for me. I was jealous when I saw other mom and daughter walked together, hugged each others. I couldn't stand it. I didn't want to see it. But about 3 years later I am stronger. I learn that time will heal. It's time to get up. Mom is not here anymore and I can't turn back time. I can't get my mom back but I still have dad. I have to take care dad better. Whatever I can do for him I'll do it.
If this is an exam I'll get 7 for passing. Because it took me too long, I should be stronger sooner. It would have been better.

G-Good Memory: The best memory in your life.
The best memory is: all 5 of us were together (older brother and older sister). I am always happy when I think about that time. When we were young, we were always together. Dad played golf every weekend. The whole family went. Mom took us swimming, eating out. Breakfast together, dad made dinner, sometimes mom did . Skating. That was a family time. But we can't go back to be like that. Everything thinking..job..but it doesn't mean that I am not happy right now. My happiness is still my family. Only dad and I are together. My siblings left and have their own families..more members. My nieces and nephews are very cute. I have 4. It's hectic and happy. another kind of happiness.

H-Hobby: favorite hobby.
Painting is my favorite. I feel with myself. I am proud when I finished. I don't want to give it to any body. I like acrylic color and I like to draw woman picture. sometimes girl..woman face..ballet dancer..

I-Idiot: the most stupid thing in your life.
When I was in college. I always drove to school with my friend who lives nearby. One day on the way back home we stopped at the shopping mall. I made a wrong turn and a policeman stopped us. My friend told me to act like tourists. So I put on my sunglasses, opened the window and started speaking English to him "What's wrong, Mr. Policeman. Did I do something wrong?" He was speechless. My friend couldn't speak English so she spoke Chinese to me and it's not even the real Chinese (laughing). I had to be pretentious in front of the policeman, can't laugh, keep turning left and right. The cop spoke Thai, I spoke English, and my friend spoke Chinese. At the end I got a ticket and had to pay fine anyway (laughing), wasting time. How could we do it? It's the most stupid thing.. exactly Idiot.

Journey makes me see a lot of new things, gives me new ideas. Sometimes it's an idea of how to spend my life..ideas of this and that..which sometimes has nothing to do with the place and time that I went. It just popped up.
And if I work hard I have to give myself a break. I like the feeling that I went away for a long long time and I want to come back to work. More than that when I travel, change environment, something good always happens in my life. Even the troubled trip, I'll feel good and refreshing when I come back. I love my house more. Sometime I went just 1 week, came back and noticed a tree in my house. It seems like I stay at the same place for too long so I get used to it and can't see anything.
K-Khemupsorn:3 words to describe Khemupsorn
Simple. I like simple, informal. I don't like complication, tricky. Simple idea, simple life but complicated (laugh). Because in my simple way I have "a lot" of getting dress..I like t-shirts and jeans. but my jeans, material has to be soft and certain style, thread on the side has to be certain way (laugh). So that makes my simplicity becomes complicated details. Another word: Considerate. Before I do anything I always think a lot..How will they feel if I do this? Will they be upset? Or what did they mean by doing this to me? I always try to find the meaning. It seems like I am complicated. Sometimes I don't think of anything at all. I am conflicted in many ways.Simple but complicates. Easy but a lot of conditions (laugh).
So If I have choose one word to describe myself. It has to be "Up and Down" (laugh). It depends on my mood, really.

L-Love: Cherry's love
Love changes along with your age. But one thing it does not change: it is beautiful. It's water of life.When we are in love, we have energy to do things. What's changed is my viewpoint. When I was young, perfect love has to be this way,that way. As I grow, reality makes me understand better that love is give and take, understand each others. And not care about outside but inside that matters.
Marriage is in my life plan, just not today, not in near future. Marriage is the biggest change of life. It's about two people that grow up differently and have to be tied together. It is hard to spend my life with that one person. I am not ready to adapt or devote my life. If the one biggest change of my life has to happen, it has be the right place, the right time, the right person,the right age. Every right thing has to get to that point. And when it gets to that point I will know.

M-Mom:What do you tell your deceased mom?
I want my mom to live to see me today. Because mom raised me with love. The day she passed away she had not seen my success. Each step..I got my degree. I work and how responsible I am or the different roles that I performed. From the acting that I used not to like. I told her before that I didn't want to do it. But today I have to thank her for pushing me to do this. And it's a good opportunity. I want my mom to see the experiences that I have gathered. I want her to share my happiness. Or that today I know how to divide my time. How I arrange my job, my family, my life, my health, and I have time to share with the others. I want her to be with me today so I can take good care of her.

From today looking back, I think you can't predict death. It can happen any time. I feel death is natural. It can happen to anybody, any ages, anywhere, anytime.

N-New Year Resolution:
I want to see the job, that I am interested in, becomes more progress. Both lakorns and movies. I have to start something like behind the scene, directing. This is something that stuck in my mind. I want to start a project, big enough for me to see if I can do it. Yes or No tell me(laugh).

O- Opinion: Topic you want to give opinion.
Buddhism: maybe people are tired of the religious successor. I used to feel like that too. I have to admit with all the news that came out pushing people away from the religious. I feel sad. I don't want them to judge anything from only one side of the story. A coin has 2 sides. If you saw a coin with a dirty side and did not want to get near that coin. You will not find out if there might be a good thing waiting on the other side. What I want to say is open your mind first. Don't look at it superficially. Try to get closer and take a serious look. Nowadays people need to something to lean on..
Buddhism is an amazing religious in teaching. I get to study closer. I realize that to be happy in this world is not to hold on to anything.
P-Privacy: What is in your privacy world?
My bedroom is my most privacy. I don't have to share with anyone and hardly anyone comes in. But if it is my ideal privacy world, it would have myself, family, friends, someone I feel safe to be with. I could do anything, say what I think, don't have to be cautious or be afraid that they want something. And I don't like strangers in my privacy world (laugh).

Q-Quote:the meaningful quote.
"Nothing is Impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible". -Audery Hepburn
I like Audrey Hepburn words that said Nothing is "Impossible" because the word itself says I'm possible. Because there is no such word- Impossible. If we believe it's possible and give our effort. I believe in effort. From the day that I never thought I could be an actress. Never thought that it's possible. But today it happens. It takes time to learn and develope.

R-Relationship: the meaning of relationship.
When I decide to date someone. I have to be sure that I know him well enough., have to sure in another level that I want to know more about this person and take time to know each others. Relationship is not something that we can fast forward. It has be step by step. Every time I date someone I want it to be perfect. I tried my best every time. I feel bad to keep changing.
The most important in relationship is understanding each other. Not just one side. Really understand is more important than being patience.

S-Shopping :Shopping Behavior.
It's not like I will die if I didn't get to shop. I am not shopaholic. But when I get to shop, my eyes light up too. It's like a way to release.

T-Thirty- Counting down to the 30th birthday next year.
I think my 30th year will happen quietly (laugh). Don't spill the beans or I'll celebrate but please don't mention the age. I try to tell myself that 30 years makes me know myself better. I know what I like or don't like And when I get older, my thinking changes to a better way, like more reasonable, less emotion or be emotion in the right situation.

U-Untold Story:
I am a sleep talker. When I was young I was a sleep walker. The worst one was when I slept, got up and walked to open the door, went downstairs. If my mom didn't hear it I might have walked outside the house. One time I opened the cloth closet thinking it was a restroom (laugh), going to use the restroom but it was a closet. Luckily my mom called me. Lately it just a little sleep talking. When I filmed lakorn, the workers said I slept talking, laughing and went back to sleep.

V-Volunteer: Volunteer for public.
I feel that if I am able do something for someone else I should do it. If I could do it by myself like collecting money or selling stuffs and donate money to the charities. Or helping charity work. There is a lot of charities contact me to donate my paintings.
Personally I am interested in family and education. I feel family is the main institution of society, makes us strong and ready to fight against anything. Education is very important. Nowadays, kids are taught to think about what career will earn them more money. They only think about themselves. I think they should be taught of how to have they own ideas. Not just reciting things and don't know how to solve any problem or never thought of others. I'd like to emphasize these topics.

W-Well Being:Secret of good health.
Food. I like deep fried food. I like dessert. There's a day that I want to eat what I want but it's not every day. You have to know what's good for you might not taste good. I have to force myself to eat it for my own good. Drink water. Exercise at least 3 times a week. When I have more free time I will do Yoga. If I don't have much time I will do cross training half hour a day. Eight hours sleep is the best. Another thing I have to take care is my mind. Meditation helps me to be calm and not to worry too much. I try to do as often as exercising. Half hour a day, 3-4 times a week. I try to do it frequently.

X-X-ray; Show us what you are thinking right now.
I am thinking that I have not written any scripts yet (laugh). I have a project to make a short film which I should have started now. But it is just the idea in my head, keep changing plots. And I have not started writing it yet.

Y-Yes:Thing that will make you shout Yes!
If one day my dad comes and tells me that "Cherry, from now on, you can do whatever you want. I trust you." It doesn't matter what, dad is always check on me. If one day he says I can do whatever I want. And he thinks I am mature, can take care of myself. He trusts me and ask me to help him make decision. Wow! that will be something Yes!

Z-Z'zzz-In Cherry's bed.
The last activity I do in my bed is applying cream, to my feet, my arms, my hands. I pray and then sleep. From my head to pillow not more than 5 minutes. I am a very easy sleeper. The most often that I dream about is I can fly.