Cherry Khemupsorn


sarNie Hatchling
here is a before issue of Volume Magazine
this issue was for last month before
the new issue featuring Joy Siriluk :)



sarNie Adult
Love Cherry very much and she look very elegant & beautiful in this photoshoot. I cannot wait for her new lakorns, especially the one with Pete.


sarNie Juvenile
Cherry and Joy both look very beautiful...but Joy looks like her character in sao noy cafe..with the wig on and the outfit that she has on...but still beautiful..thanks for sharing...=]

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
Both Joy and Cherry looks beautiful! Cherry looks sophisticated and Joy looks like she's ready to sing as she would be in Rachinee Morlum.


sarNie Elites
wow love cherry's photoshoots... i mean she has a great edge to her face... very elegant!

as for joy, ehh don't like it but it does look like from her singing lakorn sao noy cafe...nothing like to rachinee morlum..but yet she's pretty as usual. :D

Wai Wai Noodles

Egg Drop Soup ( ~ _ * )
How old is Cherry anyways? I'm not too fond of her starring as N'ek, especially that lakorn with her and Andrew was super boring! However, those pics above of her are nice, although, I think Joy looks prettier...Do remember that these are only my opinion as it may differ from yours.