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    Again since I'm typing super fast. There will be typos and grammars. Please forgive this old lady who is very excited.

    I'm going to write about the Boots Event. This event gave us so many mix feelings. It was crazy. Catching it live was so worth it. It's like a drama within a drama.. It was hilarious driving into work while watching IG live... First FYI.They cancel Cheer 2 days prior to the event, but don't know what happen they change their mind. It was Toey who told the FC member in person that Cheer is still coming to the event. So news spread like crazy that the show is still on. *Yay* Maybe the FC bugged them. Cheer went there under her own Business (Chame). At the time, no one knew who paired up with who because there was other celebs there. Yes, Papa and Mama paired up. I love their dance it was the cutest thing ever. I love the look on Toey's face. He has this expression "I finally found a matching dance partner." Cheer had an event earlier that day so she ran a little late for practice. Toey Jarin and Tor was paired up. They got to practice. Toey had to practice alone. So when she arrived. She had to get dress and get her makeup done. Still didn't get to practice. It was when she was already on the floor that Toey told her what to do like 2minutes before they perform. So that shock look on Toey's face was very genuine to me. He was amazed. Also it was Cheer who requested for Toey to Twirl her and catch her in his arm. He is always okay with anything. You can see them practice a few minute before they started dancing in one of the clip. I'll come back later to find you the clip.
    While dancing she twirl too much that her skirt flare up. Luckily.....she had extra layers underneath. Okay so after they walk on the stage and Papa grab for Mama's hand. Mama tried to hold onto Toey J hand but got rejected. can see that in the video too...So once Diow the Main host of the event came on the stage. There was a part where Mama turn to Papa and told him her skirt went up this high. Papa was shock and said he's sorry for twirling her to hard. She said no no it was her. Diow talk with some of the other guest therem skipping Mama and Papa on purpose. Papa test out his mic, it didn't work so he ask Mama to check it and Yes it didn't work. I guess it takes 2 to confirm. Their mic wasn't turn on yet I suppose. Finally they reach to Mama and Papa's couple. Diow question Papa about his attire. He said Papa wore the wrong suit for the wrong occasion. He said this suit is more suited for WEDDING. Papa tried to turn the table and Blame on Toey Jarin. He said it was Toey Jarin who told him the theme was Dreamland. Toey Jarin is right. Her couple is Dreamland. His couple is different from hers. They're theme is soulmate (Bupae Saneward). Ahahaha..... So then Diow turn to Cheer and ask about her feelings and thoughts. Mama said, she was just following her own feelings. (Mama is playing with words again.) Diow couldn't take it. Sweetness overload. You see him lose strength in his knee. The minute Papa heard her reply he follow suit. He turned to face her and ask, "What is it that you're feeling?" At this moment, all the guest attention was on the Mama Papa Bear couple. Instead of replying, she turn the table on him and ask Papa, "What's your feeling?" Papa argues and said "I ask you first." However, after complaining he still replied to her. Papa said, "I'm feeling very happy." He smiles widely while still facing her. Cheer finally replied and said "I was following my own feelings, which are feelings of joy and entertainment. This is Boots's 20th year anniversary. I'm very glad to be invited." Going by memories. I think it's something along this line. So after she finished talking Two (he is Thai singer. Love his voice) he out of nowhere said, He misses his wife. If he knew he would of drag her here. Which causes laughter by everyone. Lols so Two and Diow became more or less a couple. Two was lonely so he held onto Diow's arm. They finish talking and each couple left the stage to come to the picture taken area.

    The next part after they finished taking picture was where everyone wanted to strangle all the news reporter's neck. They requested an interview with Mama and Papa together. Gosh I don't even want to start. Long story short (for now at least because I have to run and don't want to leave anyone hanging) So instead of asking Mama and Papa about their news, their lakorn, their donation. How Toey and FC surprise her with bday cake and etc. They ask about High so Bick. The minute they ask about Bick, Toey said "Okay I guess I'll leave then." He half heartedly move as if he was about to walk away. You can tell when they ask that question both TC was not happy. For one thing is they ask the same question and Cheer answer the same thing over and over. From my perspection, Toey wanting to leave meant 3 things. 1) This is Cheer's personal matter which he didn't have to be there. 2) He could have felt jealous (not the right term here). 3) They wanted to interview TC together but yet they talk about 3rd person. Also they went on to ask Toey how does he feel about Bick courting Cheer (Cheer already said they are just friends but yet they still ask again). Toey said "This is not related to him." Cheer jump in and defend Toey. She ask the reporter to not ask any Personal life question to Toey. He's not involve so he shouldn't have to answer. If they want to ask they can ask her. I love her backbone. She stood up for Toey. He smiled at her. Both of them were being a sport and tried to answer all their question. Oh I have to run to dentist now. I'll be back. Again sorry I didn't proof read.
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    @Kkrystal Thanks for the long summary of the event they both have.

    I love their cuteness of their dance too. :love: I didn't even know that the show cancelled Cheer. That is so wrong in their part anyway glad they reconsider Cheer again. hehe I don't know what will happened if they didn't reconsider Cheer what will the fans do at the events with only Toey there. Cheer is sure a busy woman this hold month. She have like events every day. I hope she take care of her self and have lots of rest before she star filming on her new project.

    I totally agree with you Kkrystal the reporters. They so rude to ask about Big. If this is Cheer sole event just her and I'm okay they can ask about Big but this is not her sole events. She already explain so many time during her past events of her sole that they just friend. Why can't the reporters get that through their head and move on to different question and ask about their lakorn and will they be doing any other thing togethers. I feel bad for Toey when they have to ask her about that question. I just want to slap those reporters. lol

    Kkrystal do you know what did the host ask the first lady question? I hear Cheer and Toey name but don't know what she said?
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    The first question they ask during Boots interview? I believe she was asking about their FC. Both TC said they appreciate their FC feelings toward them. They appreciate the fact that the FC was there since morning time setting up things even though the event was in the afternoon.

    Yeah I'm so mad at the news reporter. In my heart I think TC match each other. If they end up together I'm super happy. If not as long as the she loves the person she chooses I'm okay. According to the FC they certain. Many of them especially the ones that follow both of them said These two have feelings for each other. They are trying to keep their relationship down low. There's so many evidence but we don't know why the News reporter don't ask instead they ask about Bick. If anything Gun (another member from DEF). He does pretty much the samething as Bick yet they don't ask her about him. TC just donated their money from the fanmeeting to the Hospital for Toey's hometown. Why didn't they ask about that!!!! Toey and Cheer donated together for that other event to help the surivors from the Flood in Esan, why didn't they ask that. Cheer use her money in Toey's name. If they are not close why did he use her money? She didn't pay for Bick or anyone else right? Another donation for the shelter animal, cheer put the donation name under TC & TC fanclub. Why didn't they ask that!!!!! Like I don't get the new reporter at all. The funniest thing was.....okay so the news reporter ask those question and then release their newspaper right.....however, I love all the TV host. They would come out and clear it for TC. They would repeat Cheer's word. Bick is just a friend so that means FC can still cheer for TC to be together. Every single Celeb and TV host in the entertainment still support TC. I mean why would they even do that if there's nothing.

    I've seen Cheer since forever. Just like others whom followed her since then til now. I've never seen Cheer give anyone those sweet eyes before. You can see it very clearly during Boots. When they are together BTS or on stage. I've never seen those kind of eyes. Even with Thanwa, the feelings I get with this couple is more like motherly love actually. She pampers him like a child. Like a mama pampering her baby cub. Cheer has said it before she was never scared of anyone. Toey is the only person that she's afraid off when he's mad. Normally it's a tooth for a tooth with cheer. However, only with Toey that she will let things slide.

    Before they would *flirt* thru social media right. You know always catching each other IG live or replying to each other's IG/Twitter. They have advance, nowadays, they would sing songs at their events. The chose of song is for the other person to reply too. So the FC are like *...* If they want to play that way okay, the FC now change the song lyrics. They would change the would "tur" meaning You to either Toey or Cheer's name. It's so hilarious. At points both Cheer and Toey can't sing properly because they loose track of their thoughts. The FC members are awesome sauce!

    Most of the other clips that you posted @dancy ...they mostly ask her about Bick. She said they are just friends. They ask her about Bick surprising Cheer's with a cake. Which I would have to argue. There was 3 female friends that was surprise at the time. Not just Cheer alone. So why are they just asking about Cheer. Gun and Friend held her a bday party at his restaurant and he even bake the cake for her. Why don't they ask about that!!!!! These reporter makes me boil. Hehehe....

    Anyone got the honeymoon magazine interview on hand for me to translate? I can get it just it's in bits and pieces. Unless someone already translated?
    Love their Kazz magazine shoot tooo....Oh almost forgot. Wedding Magazine is requesting TC to have another photoshoot sometime in December. They said this time they request for 2days 1 night photoshoot and if possible it'll be out of country!!!!! This photoshoot is a special edition to the one they just recently had. They said it won't be wedding outfit. Which I find funny since it is called "Wedding" Well they said since they already got married so the next book wouldn't be wedding outfit. I guess that makes sense. They requested TC already just waiting for both end to agree. So to be continue.

    Suer Sing Grating Sa will air September 7th if anyone is curious.

    Okay I'm done with today essay. Hope you girls enjoy it. Bye bye....
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    Thank you KKrystal.
    I can not seem to forget Their facial expressions at that time. I'm so scared that the interview that day will affect them in the future><
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    It's a gif that make my heart broken :
    I agree with KKrystal that they have feelings wỉth each other
    Sweet eyes of Cheer~
    Sincerity from Toey

    Although I don't know what I should call their relationship now but I believe It's definitely not sister - brother relationships or casual co-workers.

    1. Where and when they took that picture?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2. Did their lips really touch each other?
    See this vid:
    3. Here are some pictures taken from honeymoon magazine interview. Really hoping someone can translate it for everyone
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    How can I love you. Yeah I believe in time and Lookmi~
    Love Mommy like Daddy do~~~~
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    Waaa Junginchieze the FMV you posted is amazing!! How lovely they are! :love: but what does Toey say at 3.58, almost at the end of the video?

    Kkrystal thank you so much for your precious translations. Yesterday I discovered IG account of a girl who usually posts a lot of videos of Cheer and Toey (even during the shooting of cupids serie) and I agree with you all, this is more than a brother-sister/friends relationship, but you know...if they're really in love, I hope they don't confirm nothing for now...It's too early, and I'm already so happy to see them like that. :icon12::icon12:
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    She had her fortune read last year...before she met Toey.... He said for her love life, if she wants it to last long to keep it low key. Not to say anything against her fortune teller. He seems pretty accurate with a lot of her readings. However, she has always had her relationship on low key to the point people don't know she was even dating anyone. Yet!!! Yet, they still didn't last long. Then again he did tell her, she'll know who is "the one". She can sense it on their first encounter. They will have a little click. She mention before she did date someone without that click feeling but she wanted to give them a chance but at the end it didn't work out. I'll ship her with Toey, because they had chemistry even though they just first met. Confirm by Khun Nong and her husband. So if it is Toey....they can stay low key all they want!!! It took NY 7yrs just to come out of the shadow with their relationship. I can wait ahahaha.....

    There's some other fans complaining about TC just faking it to get publicity. These two idols are not poor. Cheer have a house in their hometown. Her dad and Champ is staying at another house. She also has a condo which Choot uses during his schooling and sometime she stays there too. There's also her current house she is staying at now. The one that is nearby Toey. She is also the co-founder of Chame. She also has a shares with Pim P. eye glasses business. Toey himself, his parents own rice business. Rice plantation is not cheap. So they are not poor. He has a house at his hometown and he also has a house nearby Cheer. Toey's family is currently starting a new business called "Wholly Milk" The store is almost ready to open soon.

    Also TC is going to have 3 events together for September.

    Sept 11th Fashion show at Siam Paragon (Uhhh...I know exactly where this is. Too bad I'm too busy in AR finding diamonds then)
    Sept 15th Technology (If you remember a picture of TC stripe/plaid outfit and Mr.Koh was playing the saxophone. Yes it's for this event)
    Sept 22th Vivo (hmm I know Toey endorse for this phone but Cheer is also???)

    If there's any changes I'll come update again.

    As for the cruise trip it should be in October. It's not confirm yet....Chame promotion ends in September.

    @Junginchieze Thanks for the interview pictures. I'll get on it ASAP.
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    :risas3: I agree!!:icon12:

    Glad to know :love:
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    Thank you @Kkrystal and @Junginchieze for the update and photos of these two. :thumbup:

    I'm happy whoever Cheer want to date if that is Toey or someone else. I just want Cheer to be happy and be in love. We don't normal hear about her love life so if Cheer want to keep it in down low that okay with me. I just want to see her act. Same here too, I love all the tv hosts that like to talk about TC. I alway have a big smile whenever they have news about TC .:cheer:

    I totally agree with you Kkraystal, Cheer never made or have those sweet eye for anyone even with Thawan or Kan. With Thawan she have to be the one that dose thing first or tease him before he dose it back to her. And Thawan is pretty shy. With Kan she dose have sweet moment but even in their events she doesn't have those sweet eye for him maybe because Kan already have a girlfriend so it be bad if she have those sweet eye for him. lol

    You know a few days ago I saw one of the clip Cheer was at events and she was sing I thought hear Toey name. 5555

    I'm super happy that Wedding magz request for TC again would love to see them do another photos shoot. I wonder what would this photos shoot going to be about if its not wedding shoot. I do hope TC think about this and agree to do this second photos shoot. :)

    I hate when other fans complaint about TC. If they not true fans of either Toey or Cheer to know them (TC) how they got to where they are at than those fans are just trolls. They just want to shut down TC so their couple will have the spotlight. Every couples fake to get the spotlight to make their fans happy. At least with TC they are generous and not over the top faking to make their fans happy.

    I saw Toey new business "Wholly Milk" on IG. I wonder will Cheer go to the open or at least congrats Toey. hehehe

    I can't wait till September. Only one day to go. So happy to see Cheer and Toey keep having more events or do other stuff together. I thought it would end and it would take them a while or long time to see each other or be at the same events. Also can't wait to see them on their Chame cruise trip.
  10. dancy

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    OMG yesterday I was surprise Cheer and Toey have a photo shoot for "Kullastree magz" also this is like the first time Cheer post for this magz company too. I'm happy finally other magz company stared to notice Cheer and asking for her to post for them like honymoon, wedding and now Kullastree...ect. Since Cheer been acting she never got to post for these companies...she only get to do photo shoot for Tv. Pool and a few photos shoot for Lisa magz.

    Here are some clips of the bts:

  11. Izce

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    Hey! Why dont you guys join us in out little TC world in LINE :) my id is izce8. Add then ill add you guys in the group.
  12. Farah

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    Hi, I'm a newbie here. I really in love with this couple too. I never become this fanatic before even though I big fan of Kdrama but I never try so hard roof for any onscreen couple to become real couple like this. I grow up watching Cheer's drama and yes I'm her big fan. I'm have been watch most of all her works. By the way, I can understand Thai language, only the write/wrote is seem so far from me. For Toey, I'm still get to know him. But its not take me a long time to fall in love with this guy. From The Cupid then I watch back all his past works. + his good personality, I'm would said yes to this guy (MaeMi just kidding)... If someone ask me, if I gonna be sad if they not become a real couple then the answer is YES. But I still will support them till the end. So for now, let my imagination run wild and dont bother to stop me.... XoXo

    Why I roof for them????

    First meets:- 12/8/2014
    BI_4cvvDjEO.jpg DBD2HByUwAAGNxZ.jpg

    Only time difference separate us apart, but only for this time

    2 different person on the way back bf knowing each other but yet so similar
    CurveText-1501497298226.jpg CurveText-1501498252270.jpg

    Their chemistry is undeniable


    The coincidence and yet another coincidence....

    The way he look at her..

    The way she smile at him..

    The world that belong only two of them
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    @Farah thank you so much for posting your csi-adventure hehehe it was very informative for me (im a new fan) makes me appreciate so many things about this couple ♡♡♡

    I hope youll post some more discoveries heheh
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    thank you Izce, as soon as I'll install line, in my country it isn't a popular app


    At the 10th place Toey - Cheer :cheer:
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    I'm so sorry that I have not been visiting this thread in a while now. Been super busy lately to post anything up on these two. I'm not sure did any of ya see this news yet. I post it here it here if ya miss it.

    It look like Cheer and Toey will not be in "Yan Thip" after all :aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa: I read from this site and they said that this lakorn have been canceled for Cheer and Toey. K'Nong will still be looking for a lakorn for these two so we just have to wait a littler longer.


    I'm super happy when I read this news. Yes they are not in "Yan Thip" after all. I've been hoping and praying ever since they were link to this lakorn. I hope K'Nong will look for a romance/slap/kiss lakorn for these two. I want to see lots of sweet moment, slapping, kissing from these two. 5555
  16. Farah

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    They still going to play together in new drama by same director P'Nong soon. Its not Yarthip but still going to be more dramatic scene according to P'Nong bc she want TC to play different character from the cupid. According to thai news they should start filming on next following month - Nov. I'm counting the day right now babysw
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  17. dancy

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    Hehe I know they going to still be pair up but I'm just happy they are not in Yan Thip any more. I've been hold out on that and is happy. 5555

    WWWHAT :eek: they going to star filming next month. I hope we can get some more update what the lakorn name is by the end of this month at least. Its so soon. Cheer just stared filming her lakorn with Andrew and she still filming her lakorn with Ken. If they going to star filming next month I hope Cheer have lot of rest its be crazy schedule for her to jug all three lakorn at the same time.

    I was hoping by the end of this year we get to hear more news so they can film next year.
  18. Farah

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    If not mistake Cheer lakorn with Kant its finishes filming/almost done. Bc Cheer told lumi that it will start on air before this year end (waiting for it, I bet it will be super funny :cheer:). So only left then lakorn with Andrew + 2tv shows (We Kid + Dr.Oz Thai).

    She nows also on holiday in London for 8days. Hope she can fully enjoy abd rest before come back to work. Happy news its Kartoon coming back with her too. So she will not get overload works from Chame' (her product brand) since her partner is back :clap::clap::clap:.
  19. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh yeah a few months back I saw a photo of Cheer and Kan on the set and it said finish filming but I didn't think the lakorn would finish so soon. I just though it was for that day. Thanks for telling me that.

    I don't know if we would get to see it by the end of this year even if Cheer said that. Look at 7 Day series 2 case, Cheer and all of the actors in that lakorn said that it was going to air soon and they keep saying soon on their ig and Toni even said it was going to air March but it never did. WP didn't air it until this month. I just wait until WP finally air it. I really don't want to keep hoping like with 7 day series2 it took that lakorn ages to finally get to be on air.

    If that the case that she only have the one with Andrew I could see it she taking on one more lakorn. I thought the one with Kan is still filming so I was kind of worry for Cheer she might be overwork with three lakorn at the same time. Now ican't wait till Nove to find what the lakorn is and what storyline is and fitting for their new lakorn. Can't wait. :thumbup: :cheer:
  20. Farah

    Farah sarNie Egg

    Actually many thai lakorn get postpone from the date bc of King Thai past away last year. They stop showing lakorn to give respect to late king. So I think maybe that why WP only able to on air this now. Its my opinion only. But for Cheer lakorn with Kant actually they start filming from Feb already. If WP not on air this year but hope in early next year. Want to watch it ASAP.
    p.s I also hope she to get some rest too. XOXO :love::love:

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