Cheer Thikumporn hair style

Which style look good for Cheer?

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sarNie Oldmaid
I got nothing to do and was borning so I did this topice for fun..... :p :lol:

Hair Style

Over the year Cheer have alots of differnt hair style.......Which hair style do you like of Cheer in those pix above.

For the look



Mama Noy ♥️
I'm use to seeing cheer with a mullet type of hairstyle. But i like number 1, 11 & 15. & as for her style, i prefer the edge look, i don't think she's sexy nor cute.


sarNie Adult
Cheer is cute. Her styles are unique :p

I like her hairstyle in 9, 12 and 15 ^_^

I like her edges look ;)


sarNie Juvenile
sorry don't like her so neither, i think she looks like a boy.


sarNie Adult
I only like her Miss Teen Thailand style, such as #4... otherwise the rest of her looks has been spunky, especially those nasty mullet haircuts!


SarNie Adult
cheer is pretty and cute to me...and she is actually one of the n'ek that has so many different hair style which is great not unlike other n'ek that have the same style in every lakorn...


sarNie Hatchling
I hate when she has that tomboyish or Korean hair style. It just looks like she can join the group Golf-Mike. She's definitely better with the "sexy" hairstyle.


Expired Sarnie
3-4-5 doesn't compliment her face. And that is far about it. I do really admire her boldness to change hairstyles frequently.


sarNie Hatchling
You guys are going to say I'm crazy but I think she looks like Kob Suvanant (on some pictures only though).


sarNie Adult
Cheer has nice skin, tall body, good looking but she is not very ladylike or cute, just ok looking and good to look at, but her look appear to u because of her white skin, nice face and tall frame but once u seen the tomboy side of her u can easy be turn off, if u don't like that sort of style, I said is ok because of her nice complexion and tall frame but she is more of a tomboy than ladylike.
personally, i don't like cheer's current hairstyle AT ALL (the mullet/korean style)...cheer looks much better with really long hair as opposed to the fringed style she now has... her style is too tomboyish, in my opinion...


sarNie Hatchling
15... is the way to goo!!! all of her other haircut does not suit her!!! I heard that her mom is her stylist!! no way.... She should get someone else to be her stylist!!!! b.c it's basically her mom style and throwing it off at her... and her edgy look does not suit her!