Channel 3 Charity Concert: Love is in the Air | April 29, 2017

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    It's easy to understand why fans are already in love with Nine despite that he hasn't made his lakorn debut. He's quite a versatile guy who can model, sing and play musical instruments. His looks are a mixture of bad boy and boyish which makes him very marketable. Those who are in Thailand who have seen him in person and talked to him knows that he's a sweet and humble guy who's always going out of his way to be thankful and respectful of everyone he works with and that shows through his actions on screen and his written interviews. Being down to earth and grateful are such important qualities that everyone should have while working in the industry because that ensures the longevity of one's career.

    Anyways, this concert was all over the place. It was pretty much a bunch of overplayed popular songs from the early 2000's and today being put together and at the end of each koojin performance, they lean into each other like they're smooching. James and Bella's segment was probably the cutest even though vocally, they were a mess. Given that none of these people are not professional singers or dancers, I'll give than an A for effort but the song selections, choreography, outfits and all was just not exciting in the least. The only saving grace was Yaya cause that girl commands the stage. You know whenever she shows up, she takes ownership of her part and puts everyone to shame. I was surprised how uncomfortable and unconfident Kim was during her duet with Yaya when she normally her acting as a confident and stuck up character in lakorn is always overly dramatic and exaggerated. She could learn a thing or two from her soul sister about translating some of that overconfidence in acting towards her performances.
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    The more I try to get away from the koo jin stuff, the more the channel pushes the actors (I adore) into it. James Ma has made it clear that he doesn't want to associate or be a koo jin with any actress (and I adore him more for that) but the heads are adamant on promoting him as somebody's koo jin! I only want the channel to let him be.

    Nine's been in the industry for a while now (since 2013/14). Personally I like him for his gentleman-ly behaviour and he has a great screen presence. He has done many commercials like Giordano, Panasonic, performs at concerts (he was one of the artists at 'What Women Worth' concert in 2015) and events. He has/had a movie with GDH 559. Graced a lot of magazines already including Elle Men (twice I guess), Around, MEN, Kullasatree, Praew, Hamburger, Men's Health, Traveller's Companion, Sudsapda and many more. He's a sweet guy. New fans may feel that his rise is sudden because the ch3 signed him recently and he was on stage for the first time officially. He hogged the limelight right from day 1.
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    I knew Nine was already popular with the regular folks, what I was wondering about was the public fangirling by the actresses lol. I also had no idea he was only 20 but now that makes more sense to me that the actresses were comfortable with openly swooning over him.

    Although once the dude gets his koojin they'll probably back off in case he attracts some crazy fans.
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    Hi jeanie1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Is it really true that the heads (elders) are "adamant" on promoting him as a koo jin? If so, do you know with which actress?
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    Wait they're for real trying to actively create a koojin? WTH that's just silly. Those things just happen, you can't force it.

    Channel 3 is so odd about it's fixation on koojin.

    Like I still find it weird that Mario and Toey were included. Cause they made that video promoting their channels "koojin" with Mario and Taew only to switch his koojin to Toey for the performances lol. I also think Chario had just as much hype, if not more, for Two Spirits' Love last year than Mario and Toey had for their lakorn this year. I guess because of Mario's popularity they feel like they need to give him a koojin?

    Sidenote: I am also no longer feeling Boy and Margie as a pairing since they don't even seem to be friends anymore. But maybe they still have fans in Thailand. Personally, I am more into Boy and Toey now.

    In terms of a young actress they could pair Nine with, maybe Pream? She was the only female who was included in that introduction who does not already have a koojin.
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    Some parts of the concert were unorganized. It feels like things were all over the place. Some koojin looks like they don't even belong together *cough* bargie lol. I don't see anything in them. Toey and Mario, for real? They have one lakorn. James Ma, poor guy. He doesn't want to be attached to anyone but here he is with Mint. They are cute but it is not the same.
    Concert could have been better plan. Too much of a couple overkill. But it's for charity so whining should not be allowed lol
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    Hey! Looks like everyone is on your Nine bandwagon lol.

    Well Nine is paired up with Ice in his first lakorn for Pa'Jaew and he seems to have an eye for chemistry so watch out if they hit it off. But I don't think he'll end up like Nadech being limited to one actress. They can spread the wealth around with him.
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    What song was Jna and Mint singing, I know the tune but i can't recall, im going crazy!

    Found out its from the lakorn Ab Ruk Online, lol why don't they make MK sing that song since they were both in there, instead of making Mk sing KC's ost.

    This also isn't JmaMint's first time singing a song from ARO, if i can recall they also sang one during the ch3 anniversary concert.
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  10. xcinsationalx

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    Yeah last year their song was an ARO Ost. I did not realize this year's was as well lol.
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  11. alissaax

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    Behind the scenes

  12. Oh dang this whole koojin topic again! I sure hope Nine won't end up like NY or MK where he is fixed on a specific actress! Let him fly high and far solo! Lol ;)
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    Finally up on the official channel!
  15. chievi4tennis

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    What is the name of the song sang by Nine's band with Alex and Bomb playing piano first. Can anyone tell me in English writing? It's from ch3 charity concert.
  16. stephanie_t_3

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    It's probably Mai Bauk Tur (ไม่บอกเธอ) by Bedroom Audio.
  17. chievi4tennis

    chievi4tennis pope and Bella are cool

    Hey stephanie_t_3. Thank you for telling me. Do you by any chance know the second song that they sang?
  18. stephanie_t_3

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    You're welcome. It's Suk Wun Chun Ja Dee Por (สักวันฉันจะดีพอ) by Bodyslam.
  19. chievi4tennis

    chievi4tennis pope and Bella are cool

    Do you follow any other threads? And do you write fanfiction stephanie?
  20. stephanie_t_3

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    Every now and then, I look through Channel 3 lakorn threads to see if there's anything interesting. And no, I don't write fan fiction. Why do you ask?

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