Chances are...(complete the sentence).

So there's this really cute guy that added me on Facebook. We have one mutual friend and I've known that one friend for a few years...but the two guys happens to be best buds. So the cute guy and I have been talking on and off via FB for about a little over a month now (we never met because I just came back from overseas). When I got back, things got a little more serious where we started to exchange pictures (silly selfies). He always compliments me that I am pretty and started to call me 'babe/baby'. His best friend knows about this (I don't know how many of his friends do) and the cute guy also makes it known on FB. He has asked me to go see a movie with him a few times but I politely declined because I felt like I wasn't ready yet. He is very funny, respectful, seems like the laid-back type that isn't clingy. We recently exchanged numbers because it's more convenient to communicate this way and he has called me a couple of times but we never got to talk because my work was always in the way. I feel like I'm not ready for a relationship but at the same time, I feel there's more to this guy that I want to know about and may be a potential "significant other". You guys help me out and fill in on this. What do you think? Chances are...


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Well, once u agree to go on a date , it literally spell out u are interest in him on a more romantic level . Guys think differently from us girls , we like to move slow but they want more, if u give him an inch he will want a yard. If u not ready for relationships, I recommend u reject his offer . Relationship require emotions & skin-ship LOL , the physical part probably the easiest LOL but if u not ready for those & want to remain stress-free & focus on ur education or career, tell him so , he will stop bothering u once he know u not interested. But you said , you exchange pictures & phone # ---- girl , you had just give him an inch , now he want a yard. It up to u though, if u feel he the one & u attractive to him , go ahead b/c no matter what advice we give u , trust me , the heart want what the heart desire.


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First I think you need to meet & talk to the guy in person to be able to know more about him. Instead of agreeing to go to the movie with him, why don't you suggest to meet up somewhere to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner together because you will get more one on one time with him & vice versa than both of you guys watching a movie together. Hehe I don't think this is considered as a date. Personally, I don't like to go to the movie with a guy who I have just met for the first time plus the women in my family object it lol. For me, I learned a lot about a person through talking to them while having a meal with them too lol. Good luck!


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Take the date if he asked. You'll know if he's the one or not -- especially, when you have that kind of feeling of a possible mate. Don't let your hesitation pull you back from saying yes. It's better to go through this right now then to do later when you become too attached then meet up and break up.

But then again, it depends on where you are in life --- if you're not ready then don't push it that far. Just remain friend until you're ready (sounds like he's ready).

Anyway, I need to take my advice too ...
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if u DO go on date . i recommend to the park LOL . The movie theater seen so intimate.