Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)


sarNie Coma
^^im definately looking forward to this remake..p'kai can never disappoint us with the wardrobe and setting. always high quality. great cast in here. i didnt realise aom skaojai is also in this lakorn

thank youa


sarNie Tombstone
I have a feeling that this might airing in the next wed-thurs timeslot
after 'hua jai 2 park'. Hope so too.


sarNie Coma
nope its airing Jan 19th on the mon-tues slot!

Teaser 1 is out! it looks super good. dang, anne is really mean to rome. its about time he has been given a good role. thanks to pkai :D im sooo excited for this
credit to ladyednamode


life changing... watch this...



sarNie Adult
wow the teaser good look, can't wait to watch the whole lakorn now...thanks very much for the update


sarNie Coma
finally rome get to show his acting skills! hm, they should of got someone whos more mature looking for go's role. he too young especially for aom, noon, joy and anne. 11 more days to go! :D

caps from ann chinese foum

this is a very pretty cap of anne


sarNie Elites
Ann looks to old for Rome but I'll check it out. She's definitely robbing the cradle with Go Gosin! LOL


sarNie Hatchling
OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!! HYPER-VENTI-LATING!!!! Jan.19th is gonna seem like ages away now! its looks sooooooo good!


sarNie Coma
i like the way anne portray her character as a jao ying. its so different from maneed yard fah. so many crying scene in there. rome could shed tears like its nothing


sarNie Hatchling
^^ Oh yea...Rome is a very good cryer. And I agree with some of you guys about the age differences. It makes their appearance together seem a little off. BUT, I will watch the whole thing til the end because I love khun Gai's work, and Ann, Rome, Joy, everyone lol. They all make any lakorn so much better.


sarNie Coma
the age difference dont look too bad. so far, i could see chemistry between the two. plus the acting is good so it makes the lakorn more watchable. p'kai didnt mind the age difference cuz he believe these two could pull off the role.